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  • topic_unsolved [Feedback] Add the option to disable Anti Aliasing

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    I hope that Ubisoft proves us wrong in that regard.

    After all it's not something new for them to add an option to disable. It was there in all previous games and I don't think that the engine is that different to the one from Odyssey.
    Also, it's not like they are indie's or amateurs lacking ressources or knowledge to do it. So there is no good reason to not add it.

    It should be an easy and probably quick thing for them to add it and I really hope they do it.

  • Lotan_
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    Unfortunately it's as you say, they are not amateurs and as such, this is a desired state and not an oversight on their part.
    I would suspect something similar to Cyberpunk. Where by default you cannot disable AA as well and if you do force it, you see that many of the effects are not optimized at all and are using the AA as a crutch to look good (it's way easier to look good when everything is blurry).

  • tjtkl
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    Would you consider an option to turn off anti-aliasing? (As in Origins and Odyssey - currently just high, medium and low is possible)
    Any smoothing of the edges results in blurred textures, which is very annoying.
    Unclean edges, on the other hand, are hardly annoying, especially not with the high resolutions that are possible nowadays.

  • Schother12
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    While I think much of what you say is quite reasonable I still hope you are wrong in that regard that they indeed just didn't realize or expect anyone to want to have an option to disable anti-aliasing completly.

    Regarding Cyberpunk it's a pitty that there is no option in the menu too, I didn't play and test yet, so I can't judge the result if you disable it..but that there is (even if not perfect) a way to disable it is already better than here where we don't have any way to do it at all.

    In this case here the engine seems to be the same like in Odyssey maybe with some slight changes. Since it was available to disable there too, I can't figure any reason why it should be a big deal to implement it here too.
    So again I really reach out to the devs and urge to please add an option with a future patch that all of us can play the game the way they can enjoy it the most.

  • Schother12
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    Any reply on this topic from someone from Ubisoft side please?

  • Schother12
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    Any word on this topic from official side please?

  • Slevexz
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    Thread from november and no answer, nice job ubisoft

  • Schother12
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    Another patch and still no word about it.
    Why is it so hard to just implement a simple option to turn this off? I really don't get it.

    It's not like anything which needs alot of investigation or effort..all we ask for is a simple option to turn blurry options / effects off as we always could in the past.
    Simple as that.

  • Lotan_
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    Well unless this comes with a DLC update I guess I won't be ever playing this game 😞

  • YazX_
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    have you tried to override it in nvidia control panel?

  • Schother12
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    @yazx_ This doesn't work. Even in the config file you can only change to low settings and not disable it.
    It's just forced and until Ubi decides to give us an option there is no way to get rid of it.

  • Schother12
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    Any word on this Ubisoft? Or remaining silent and ignoring?

  • FGXraven
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    @schother12 more and more game goes with TAA forced nowadays. One of the first was for me with gears of War 4 and after that with gears 5.
    some games I could manage to disable TAA trough Engine.INI File.
    I have the feeling is all about Profit. You are forced to buy a higher resolution monitor with stronger graphics card to get a sharper image. 1080p is with TAA so blurry I cannot gaming very long.
    I wish there are people who knows how to disable TAA with mods or special software.

    I always thought PC is the only Platform where there are no limits and you can change all the things on your own taste. The times are almost over. It goes back as a console port PC. We dont get any special treatment.

    Hope more people join our issue with anti aliasing forced games.

  • Schother12
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    Unfortunately you are right.
    I'm not sure who started this "trend" but there are indeed some other bad examples which do the same like the Mafia Series (Mafia III and Mafia 1 Remake) or Twin Mirror.

    Others force Depth of Field (Detroit Become Human), Black Bars (Read Dead Redemption in cutscenes or Beyond: Two Souls).

    I'm not sure if it's about the money tough.
    I have a 4k Monitor and even with this one I'm not satisfied with the result I'm getting here. ACO looked so much better just because of the fact it was not so blurry.

    I don't see any good and valid reason to not provide such options.
    Maybe it's just lazyness and the thinking that they know better what we need to like / enjoy (blurriness in this case).

    It could also be not knowing that anybody could dislike blurry graphics as they enjoy it so much, but I doubt that as always some people complain about it.
    Unfortunately not the masses and that's probably also the reason many devs going for it just plain ignore the feedback.

    Why care much for some fans not being able to enjoy their games as long as they get their money. As long as there isn't a big ****storm - many just don't care.

    I still hope Ubi is different and doesn't maintain an ignorance mentality like others but since none of the threads even got a single response from any of the moderators I fear they just like to wait till nobody says anything anymore that they can burry and forget this topic.

  • Krzycholek0007
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    Please give option "ANTI ALIASING OFF " that all we want,like in Origins and Odyssey. i
    i dont like txxa, even in 4k game is blurry i dont like sharpening,i just want to have aa off option


  • Schother12
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    Another patch and..of course still nothing changed. Yet not even nothing changed they still pretend this topic doesn't even exist.
    But how can I expect anything different from a company which doesn't even manage to fix the fps drops issue for many people after the patch which is "investigated" for months but nothing happend.

    This company and their attitude is just a huge disappointment. I was probably one of the most loyal players (buying every AC, Far Cry, Division, Watchdogs) in the past. But with this behaviour and not giving a **** attitude I seriously don't want to support this company anymore.
    I hope also other people will consider to not preorder or buy any Ubi Games anymore or only in sales until they change and start caring for their customers again.

  • Schother12
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    Unfortunately this game is very blurry and no way or option from Ubisoft itself to counter it as they don't even allow us to disable anti-aliasing (which is most probably one of the main reasons) anymore.

    Some smart guy at Ubi must have thought if others give more options in their graphic menus these days let us downgrade it in our case and offer our customers a super nice blurry "cinematic" experience.

    You can try to use Reshade or if you have an Nvidia Card the filters from them to sharpen the image and make it look a bit better. However sadly the image stil doesn't look that great as it lacks details which got removed by the blur.

  • Schother12
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    Same here, I still wait for this option too. Asking for it since a long time (see several other threads) and they still ignore as this is all they can.

    Honestly this game looks just like such a big downgrade to Odyssey due to this blurriness, it's just plain ugly and makes an otherwise good looking game look much worse than it is.
    It's ruining the experience for me and even Reshade and all kind of sharpening filters are not able to make the image look as good as Odyssey. Resolution scaling doesn't help either even if put very high.

    Only way might be a very high resolution in combination with Reshade, however no current pc could manage the resolution which would be needed.
    I tried with DSR and from one Resolution below 8K it started looking decent..everything below still doesn't look proper.

    I spent alot of time trying to figure out a setting or any solution to make it look nice but no chance.
    All this just due to lazyness or just plain ignorance from devs at Ubi. It would probably be such a little tiny thing to just add a little option. But nope, they don't even feel the need to reply or anything.

    But I shouldn't be suprised give that they didn't even fix the fps drops issue after patch which so many people here in the forums complained about.

    This company is a joke and a disgrace. Worst customer support. Really disappointed.

  • Karloz1995
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    @grassgrowth badly optimized game.. made by very lazy developers..

  • FGXraven
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    @schother12 I am so happy that are still people out there who doesnt support this TAA only method in games. We PC users and gamers deserve all the options and decide on our own if we want it or not. I wish there were a modder who could find a way to release a software which can change the AA on all games for example Helix Mod who helps with 3D Vision and other stuff. The Devil May Cry 5 Helix Mod helped me to disable TAA.

    continue to stay on this topic
    stay safe stay strong!

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