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  • Schother12
    63 posts

    So are we back in the big silence and ignore mode?

  • Schother12
    63 posts

    It seems we are unfortunately.
    They can release content after content, patch after patch but don't feel the need to just implement a simple "off" menu option to their menu.

    I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with this company but it's just an immense disappointment.
    My assumption is that either the devs or managment are just a buch of arrogant ignorants which just don't give a **** about their customers.

    The support here probably doesn't have any influence or power at all to make them change anything.
    So they can tell them but probably get ignored and therefore they just ignore us aswell.

    That's just an assumption..but no matter where the problem is..this company is just the opposite of customer friendly and a disgrace in their behaviour.
    If I wouldn't like their games so much apart from this crap their doing here I guess I wouldn't even grab their future games in a sale anymore.

    But I guess that's what I will do..wait for their future games to be heavily discounted before buying instead of buying them on release or preordering (like I often did).
    Atleast unless they change their attitude and finally decide to listen.

  • FGXraven
    16 posts
    @schother12 It seems as if the official feedback from ubisoft at the time was only made out of necessity to appease the troubled, angry fans. I am 99,8% sure that they will never implement the TAA off option ingame and  in future titles will be the same thing.
    I am so dissapointed and really sad. I was a very big Ubisoft FAN...

  • FGXraven
    16 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • FGXraven
    16 posts

    You can hardly definde how disappointed I am on Ubisoft. With their false promises and the controversial direction of their new games. Assassin's Creed in particular has lost its origins, authenticity and originality.
    Also to rush the games on the market full of bugs and really bad optimizations.
    They lost their gamer hearts. Their true intentions are in my opinion only based on profit, profit, profit...

    but still.. I still really hold hope for the future.. to be a game studio by gamers for gamers.. but this hope and thoughts are very very low...

  • Schother12
    63 posts

    @Ubi-Borealis @Ubi-Mark
    So, finally any news on that topic after almost a year?
    Or just keep going release update after update while ignoring the community?

  • Schother12
    63 posts

    @Ubi-Borealis @Ubi-Mark

    Finally any news on this topic?

  • Schother12
    63 posts

    @Ubi-Borealis @Ubi-Mark

    Any news now?

  • Vykyng666
    62 posts

    Hard to believe that it is still an issue. Thank you Ubisoft for covering such beautiful graphics with vaseline and pi$$ filter.

    Guys what worked best for me are two things (I am playing on native 2560x1440):
    1. Setting Anti-aliasing to low and resolution scale to 110%. Most of the jaggies are gone. If you have powerful PC you can pump up resolution scale further. I tried editing game's executable to disable TAA (https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Assassin%27s_Creed_Valhalla) but there were too many jaggies.
    2. If you have NVIDIA cards enable Game Filter through Geforce Experience overlay. Choose "Details" filter and set it like this:
    Sharpen - 20 % (or whatever looks best for you)
    Clarity - 100 %
    HDR Toning - 0 %
    Bloom - 0 %
    Vaseline be gone !
    I use the same filter in almost every game since almost every modern game have this blurry, yellow filter even when you disable bloom in options like there were some worldwide conspiracy among game developers to stop us from appreciating good graphics. 馃槢

  • Schother12
    63 posts

    Thanks alot for your tipps.
    I use mostly Reshade as it offers quite many different sharpening filters..depending on the game one or the other can lead to better results.

    However you could also try to use Nvidia Filters or Reshade with smaa / fxaa to reduce jaggies..I don't know if its enough at 2560x1440 but at 4K it counters the jaggies well enough even without TAA while it doesn't destroy the image quality with blur and vaseline 馃槈
    Unfortunately it sometimes really feel like a consipiracy as one developer starts with such a stupidity like suddenly after years of years providing options suddenly remove a disabling Anti Aliasing option..

    Just see also some other games like Cyperpunk 2077 and Days Gone, all suddenly in that short amout of time were released without an option to disable it similiar as AC Valhalla.
    In the case of Valhalla its tough even a bigger shame as the previous games had probably almost the same engine and an option to disable it and this game suddenly for whatever nonsense reason doesn't has it anymore.

    I don't know who is reponsible for such idiotic and plain anti customer decisions but I hope they get replaced soon. Can't stand this ignorance and arrogance.

    I just hope Ubi manages to find their way back to listen and actually care to / for the people who pay their salary instead of just pushing their nonsense ideas on people and destroying their experience by doing so.

  • satanovski
    1 posts

    Until Ubisoft finally adds an option to turn AA off in the graphics menu, one might try this workaround:

    1. Open the game's executable (ACValhalla.exe) in a hex editor (e.g.聽HxD).
    2. Search for聽C7 42 38 33 33 33 3F C6 82 A0 00 00 00 01
    3. Replace it with聽C7 42 38 33 33 33 3F C6 82 A0 00 00 00 00
    4. Save the changes.

    聽(!) You need to set Anti-Aliasing to Low in the graphics menu for this to work

    By changing only one Byte(actually one Bit) the game looks definitely better than the blurry mess it is now, which leaves you wondering why Ubi isn't willing to implement this in the gfx-options...

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