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    @xbccfuture same and without new game+ you cant even run trough the game

  • El-Kashi
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    @ansgar9791 same i have about 150h+ i'm not motivated to restart the game....pfff i can't understand how they fixed the problem without taking into account player who already open Supply chest ....

  • guitar_console5
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    @hidden1ne If you upgraded your settlement to level 6, you can buy some fabrics... at least to offer in Yorkshire, where you need 5 units...

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    Fasho, I figured as much now I can grab the supplies, I was just curious to see if those chests got fixed too or not, thanks though 🙏

  • BlachSheep-
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    I'm in the same situation. I need 2400 supplies and only have 100, each chest gives you 100 so I need 24 chest but there's no more gold dots on the map and if I found one is the chest that gives you iron and leather. Would be nice if they gives you the option to restart the chests or buy the supplies for at least one weak , I don't know, something like that.

  • Ematt5733
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    @valkarty same problem..i have no more chests to open and im short about 5000 supplies. I opened a support ticket..hopefully it helps

  • Vaelnir
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    I just had a chat with the support. They said we have to wait until we get an official announcement to our problem. He couldn't promise it but he said he does not believe that Ubisoft doesn't give us those supplies that we deserve. I really hope so. I mean yeah like 140 hours of playing that game is not a thing you want to replay just for 1 or 2 trophies I think.

  • soulsurviva007
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    @danipips thank you!

  • McLovin42X
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    @vaelnir Thanks for the update, I'm afraid and bummed to discard 180+ hours of gameplay just for this bug. I will keep the hopes up that there can be a fix for us players that had opened every chest without knowing about the supplies glitch. I'm short 3,300 supplies, perhaps we could recover them somehow through river raids?

  • soulsurviva007
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    Can anyone confirm if fabric is in chests again?

  • soulsurviva007
    46 posts


  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 377 posts

    Hello @soulsurviva007 ! This issue with fabric being missing from chests should now be resolved. Would you confirm for me if you you're still missing any from chests you may have opened since the most recent update?

    Official Response
  • soulsurviva007
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    I haven't gotten any fabric from a single chest in jorvik....only chests with silver and supplies or leather and iron ore...

  • Khf73
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    It looks like I won't have enough chests to get needed supplies. Can we get confirmation that a real fix is being worked on? Could be as simple as allowing players to buy supplies from shops after they finish the main story and until they have a lvl 6 settlement.

  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 377 posts

    @soulsurviva007 I'm sorry to hear that! Would you confirm for me, if possible, which version of Valhalla you're currently running?

    Official Response
  • enol99
    Original poster 7 posts

    THE BUG HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. Okay, if you have looted a few supplies chests, while the silver bug was still on the game, you can not actuallty improve the settlement beacause they have not been replenish.

    And there is another bug caused by this "fix". I have grinded a couple hours of opening small supplies chests (triying to upgrade the settlement completely with the remaining chest that i left on an older save) and it worked fine for the first 16 or so. Then, the supplies teorically received from the last 5 small chests did not add to the inventory (some kind of capp).

    So we have waited a month for it to be solved, and neither we got an actual functional fix nor a compensation for the problems, so please, remove the "fix" from the patch notes. Also like this post so it can be read by somebody from ubisoft, thank you.

    Is surreal to actually spend time writing this posts just like an essay from third grade, just to make the game we actually paid for to work properly.

    And i know that this is offtopic, but to put microtransactions to support this "service to the game" , actually adding bugs, is at least shady (i can not express how would like to, due to a potential ban).

  • su6431
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    @soulsurviva007 Me either!!! I haven't received any fabric for almost a lifetime

  • soulsurviva007
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    1.3 the latest one

  • p938777
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    and I thought Bungie was bad. I didn’t know there was a bug until I tried to find the last 100 of supplies. So all the perks that come with level six are just lost. What a load of crap. Plus I don’t know how many times I was told to restart due to corrupted files. What’s the use of finishing the game? And certainly what’s the use of purchasing the DLC’s. Talk about bad faith from a company that doesn’t care enough about their product to publish and/or correct issues in a timely fashion that they can be proud of. I’m ashamed to admit how many hours I put into this game because I wanted to take my time and enjoy. Just plain sorry Ubi…….

  • Hugoferis
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    Me too, only receiving iron ore and leather not fabric in high level areas chest

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