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  • igrvks
    55 posts

    It's the very definition of "fixing something that is not broken". What a confusing mess.

  • Ale-SC
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Ale-SC
    3 posts

    it's all forcing with these "mobile phones" web pages that are just bad. The old forum is clearer.
    ALSO, i just wanted to vote the poll for NY traffic off but the other forum is closed and all the past topics never fixed will be just forgotten. What counts are new emojis, of course.

  • Ale-SC
    3 posts
    Oh that's a bit dirty, you can only edit your own post for 10 minutes before it gets locked?

    Just embarassing really..... i have to wait 60 seconds just to quote this message plus i have to learn points too! Grinding no stop. So much time to lose. [censored]

  • VulgarOne
    13 posts

    This looks like it was made by a 4 year old art student that has no business knowledge or comprehension at all.

    We get enough graphics in the game itself. The forums should be modeled for readability & usability. No need for putting all the graphics first. This is a perfect example of what I have had to deal with all the kiddies getting out of school. They think flashy is better. But all it does is interfere with conducting business. Who ever Ok'd this crap. Needs to be sent to business 101, or better yet start with business 100.

    Every single rule for providing a clear & concise place of business has been broken. Leave the selling the game to the website & the game itself. The forum is for people that already have the game, that need help with the game itself. Start supporting your paying customers. Paying customer retention should come first. We do not need to be sold on the game with a flashy crappy forum. What we need is a place of business that can attend to our needs, and help improve the game. This crap only distracts from the intended purpose of the forums. I suppose it is not surprising, Ubisoft has never been intelligent about anything it has done. The immensely buggy 3 year old game speaks for itself.

    To much over educating to little free thinking, no common sense. What is most appalling, is that this sort of crap is commonly known in the business world to NOT work well in a place of business for a good 25+ years. Gives the impression Ubisoft is run by a bunch of 4 year old's. All 4 year old's are idiots.

  • OBu42
    Original poster 110 posts

    There is no way to enter tables in a post (or I was unable to find it which would transform it into one more usability issue).

    One more: If you press on undefined </>

    You are getting this code box 

    which can not be properly deleted. You'll have to use Cut and Paste to delete it or even to write behind it (by pasting it in a different text part).

    Third one: Once more the pasted image is shown as a link "undefined", even though I see the image in my editor correctly.

  • OBu42
    Original poster 110 posts

    The tags are just working globally on the forum. So e.g. when I'm in the TC2 forums and click on a "Tips" tag, I'm flooded with tips regarding other games, but it is impossible to find the ones of interest (namely the ones which are TC2 related). Furthermore, Tags can not be combined, so I e.g. can not search for all "PC" related "bugs".

  • mr_law_9019
    9 posts

    New forum is so confusing to navigate.

    Just switch back to the old one. It was much better.

  • r0n_r
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • r0n_r
    3 posts

    My respect to the topic starter to sum it all up.

    Who in god's name gave the go ahead on this new design???

    From the first moment I visited the landing page I was confused as hell:

    1. My fist thought: Am I on the forum?
    2. My second thought: Where are the categories?
    3. The topleft button is really confusing, it doesn't give the information that the categories are found there.
    4. Why can't I immediately land on the main categories.
    5. The visual distinction between the background and foreground (info, actual content the user needs), is really bad.
    6. Too much wasted space
    7. The whole page looks disjointed, no cohesion, to confusing, what the user really needs is either hidden or made difficult to spot, you don't have to be a UX expert to create a USER FRIENDLY forum but what you have now has zero sense of direction.

    I can keep giving major and minor points on how to improve, but if a giant company like ubisoft comes up with this ... and then expects the user to "feedback it back into the right direction" ... naah you should be ashamed... and I repeat... this...is...bad.

    The old forum wasn't perfect but miles better then this convoluted mess.

    And what genius gave the go-ahead for this posting limit (no edits for 300 seconds after posting...) ....for christ sake give a little bit more "breathing room"...

  • Annoholics
    5 posts

    I see black text on a dark gray background. That seems not how it is intended. This is in dark mode.

    In your profile you can set your signature but I don't see it under posts. What is de point in the option of having a signature and then not showing it?

  • Annoholics
    5 posts

    I also noticed that the link to the forum on the English anno-union site still points tot the old forum. On the German site it is already pointing to the new forum.

    P.S. Indeed extremely annoying to only get 10 minutes to edit your post.

  • Rootimus
    4 posts
    I know i complain sometimes around here but wow, the new forum is bad, not the bad of type "ooh is new i hate it reee", it is genuinely bad.

    Unmitigated Charlie Foxtrot is an accurate description. There doesn't seem to be any visual distinction between the thread I'm viewing and a bunch of random posts from other threads below that. I'd genuinely love to hear why they didn't go with XenForo or IPB (I think the latter is still a thing). If a few hundred bucks for a licence is a bridge too far for a company with a licence to print money, even SMF would have provided a normal forum layout for free. Yes, everyone has their own ideas on which forum software to use, but still, literally looking at what they've got here should have given them serious pause for thought before they went live with it.

  • S5yn3T
    32 posts

    Looks like something broke.
    Now whenever i get new notifications, it ends up being stuck at loading.

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