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  • nomadsad89
    1 posts

    @bali-dancer-idn Yep, mine crashed/froze even in the equipment mod window.

  • T.H.U.D.D.
    139 posts

    Well, I had a feeling I spoke too soon. I've just had a freeze after clearing a control point. Now I'm going to uninstall the Servicing Stack and see if anything happens.

    I don't think this is connected to the Windows updates now.

    Event Viewer says this: File System Filter 'EasyAntiCheatSys' (Version 6.1, 2021-09-08T05:42:18.000000000Z) unloaded successfully.

    This was the most recent event in the System log and it occurred at the same time as my freeze. Maybe EasyAntiCheat is causing crashing and freezing.

  • T.H.U.D.D.
    139 posts

    I searched this message on google and it seems like this message causes many crashes on many games. There was some instruction to repair EasyAntiCheat:

    You open your Division 2 game folder, open the EasyAntiCheat folder, then right-click on EasyAntiCheat_Setup and select "Run as administrator", answer "yes" at the prompt and select the "Repair Service" button. It will uninstall and reinstall EasyAntiCheat. Then select "Finish".

    Tom Clancy's The Division 2 should be automatically selected in the window above the repair button, but if it isn't make sure you select it.

    Fingers crossed that this fixes the issue!!

  • T.H.U.D.D.
    139 posts

    Just had another freeze while clearing a checkpoint. Event viewer shows the same message for EasyAntiCheat under the system tab of the Windows Logs in event viewer logged 9/18/2021 8:57:20PM

    In the Applications tab of Windows Logs, I have a Windows Error Reporting Event:

    Fault bucket, type 0
    Event Name: AppHangTransient
    Response: Not available
    Cab Id:0
    Logged: 9/18/2021 8:57:19PM

    Problem Signature: P1: TheDivision2.exe
    P4-P7: unknown

    Since the Division 2 AppHangTransient occurred 1 second before the EasyAntiCheat event occurred, could this mean that there is something in the game causing the EasyAntiCheat event to happen?

  • N0vaN00b
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    @sfc-holland Having the exact same issues. Uninstalled and tried re-installing from a backup folder. Of course, with Ubi not having a proper backup system like Steam, it wants to redownload the full 70GB file again (yes, I've mapped it in Settings after copying it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games, even though I have it on another partition, backed up and labeled.

    The crashes have gotten so bad, it would make any type of game (pvp, manhunt, darkzone, freeplay) completely unplayable, with either the game freezing and locking up my pc, or just an outright crash to desktop. I've already downloaded the game twice (150gb in one month) and same f---king issue again and again.

    I've uninstalled. Until Ubi can show me how to restore the game from my backup folder, I won't be playing this game again.

    Agent out...

  • Aktkrediktov
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Aktkrediktov
    3 posts

    @fs_slacker I confirm. After completing the above steps, the game began to work stably. Many thanks for the help!

  • BattleMaster23
    31 posts

    @nastykh Thanks for the information here. Currently while playing The Division 2, I get these freeze/crash issues quite frequently and it is very random. At times, I can play three hours without a single problem, other times, it will freeze after 15 minutes and will do so again when I try again. I cannot use DX11 as it it too unstable for me, it has terrible stuttering.

    My PC setup is CPU - i9 9900K, RAM - 32GB DDR4, GPU - AMD RX 6900XT, Mobo - Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master, PSU - Evga Supernova 1000W, SSD - Samsung 970 EV0 NVME.

    Next year I plan to go full AMD, with an upgrade to an AMD Processor, new Motherboard and DDR5 RAM. I cannot warrant it just for the Division 2 as it would cost probably around £2000 in total for those three parts. Plus my system is fine currently. Next year AMD should be releasing the Zen 4 and Ryzen 7000 series, so depending on the benchmarks I may upgrade. Currently the performance boost isn't worth the money with what's available.

    I do hope that Massive can find a fix for this never-ending issue, but until then I have decided to play other games. I am excited for Far Cry 6 though, so Ubi shouldn't worry too much lol 🙂

  • OF-2
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    @t-h-u-d-d Worked for me. Many thanks for the tip.

  • o_Robbe_o
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    Having a similar issue as the above people. Game would freeze and go into windowed mode. I did recently upgrade my SSD, but new drive is cloned from previous. Was running fine for the last few days. Working through the troubleshooting steps mentioned above as well.

    Same here. Game drops to window mode and locks with a black window. Termination is only via task manager possible.

  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3274 posts

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for sharing the steps you have tried. If you come across this thread, please give the steps @T.H.U.D.D. and @fs_slacker have mentioned above and update the thread if they also worked for you like they have for others.

    Official Response
  • T.H.U.D.D.
    139 posts

    I'd just like to add that in my own arrogance, I did not verify my game files via Ubisoft Connect because I have never ever had file verification find anything no matter which platform I was playing on (Steam, Epic, Ubi, etc...). However, for shiggles, I verified my files via Ubisoft Connect after reinstalling the windows update and it did, in fact, find corrupted files.

    It then uninstalled and re-downloaded and installed Direct X files, so I think that fs_slacker actually has found the issue (Direct X files). Maybe the recent Windows update has messed up the Direct X files in some way.

    I think the EasyAntiCheat fix is good to know in case there ever is a problem with that program, but maybe a verification of game files might actually be beneficial this time. I am running the game fine now, though it has only been about 2 hours. I have a feeling that I might have another issue since I have once again said that everything seems fine now ( the irony of life ), but the corrupted file discovery gives me confidence that the problem has been resolved.

    TLDR: I reinstalled the windows update, then verified files via Ubisoft Connect-which found corruption in the Direct X files and reinstalled them, and everything "seems" fine now.

    Fingers crossed again!! 😉

  • V4MPiR1
    357 posts


    Yeah. The chronic CTD issue is back with a vengeance, consequent to the latest Windows update.

    A clanmate advised me to manually install Feature Update version 21H1 from Windows Update (should appear directly below the "Check for updates" button).

    So far, this seems to have eliminated the recent chronic CTD issue consequent to the latest Windows update.

  • spla5hdmg
    7 posts

    crashing a couple times an hour now since monday 13th Sep, doesnt matter if its dx11/12, fullscreen, windowed, overlays off bla bla... soon to be uninstalled!

  • spla5hdmg
    7 posts

    Also there is something broken with the resolution modes.
    In "fullscreen" mode my mouse cursor is still able to move to my second monitor and the screensaver activates if Im idle.

  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3274 posts

    @t-h-u-d-d Thanks for sharing that with us too and fingers crossed you didn't jinx yourself too 🙂

    Official Response
  • Enemy83
    2 posts

    Pc Freeze toady within 5 mins of the game also my Gear,Patches are gone as well as a mask but just came back today after the 2.83g update

  • MichaelCZ79
    11 posts

    @t-h-u-d-d it looked good, but now it froze again and I just stood in the white house and clicked on the points of specialization ..

  • kreemkrackered
    4 posts

    Well, after a month or so of no issues whatsoever, after an update this evening I'm rewarded with an instant freeze - only killing it in task manager could close it - well done Ubisoft!

    Your company is pretty much synonymous with incompetence and garbage customer service now.

    For me personally, I'm not bothered about this game anymore (and haven't been for a long while now) - the constant replaying of the same missions over and over again became tedious very quickly but I had hoped you would introduce more missions or add-ons but I guess you thought it would be easier to just throw the players a bone in the form rubbish 'upgrades' for your already rubbish skills.

    It doesn't matter how amazing the next Ubisoft game looks - I refuse to pay another cent towards a company that shows this kind of contempt for it's customers.


    87 posts

    @rage_therapy Another week, another maintenance completed and The Golden Bullet Event results is hard game freezes requiring a complete app kill from the Task Manager. So much for CTD.... now we can look forward to hard in-game freezes for the balance of the season.

    I've been playing most almost 4 hours now and I've had two freezes and my fellow players have as well. It doesn't matter what your system configuration is - this is a Snowdrop Engine issue whether you are in DX11 or 12 too.

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