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  • khaelon
    19 posts

    I have been trying for the last 4 hours to get this stupid game to work.....updating, reinstalling....nothing is working. My last attempt to play....I was originally crashed at a control point....log in and do a quick move to the WH.....sure as crap....its taking forever to load and then crash....never saw arrival at WH only got the boot from the game.

    What the frig is wrong with the game? I have had ZERO issues with this game about 4-5 days ago and now I cannot keep this game working past a few minutes at a time...constantly crashing for no apparent reason at all.....I have run out of things to do now from website help on the subject.

  • SkifterTheBird
    2 posts

    Half of my team start crashing constantly after this so called "tu13". Nothing changed in software and either hardware. We just can't even finish half of the boss, nor we can't finish the raid itself. And no,there was no issues before tu13,only after it released

  • antourar
    7 posts

    It keeps crashing for me every hour or so too.

  • echolecter
    393 posts

    Whatever has been changed with last weeks update is causing my game to crash after 3-10 mins, without exception. Yesterday and today I tried again to see if something has improved, well it didn't and I would even say it has only gotten worse. Been playing another game for last week and did not encounter a single crash or any (annoying) bugs, so yeah I'm going to stick with that one.

    The WONY expansion will be the last product I bought from UbiSoft. It has clearly proven to me that always online games simply don't work unless proper services are provided that can handle the capacity required at all times. I really don't care what is causing the issues after having spent 2900 hours in the game without having such severe issues, it wasn't perfect but certainly a lot better as it is now.

    Now Massive wants me to explore their brand new upcoming games, presumably at the same level of quality as this one, no thanks! You can send me an email when the new expansion will be on sale for EUR 3,- and I might reconsider my statement not buying anything.

  • Rustyhawkes
    1 posts

    Tom Clancy's The Division 2 keeps crashing. There is no error code, the game just crashes. Most of the time it's with the Windows window saying that the program has stopped responding/working. Sometimes the screen just freezes with a still frame from the game and the only way to close it is via the task manager. I've already verified the game files, re-installed the game and updated my graphics drivers. 

    90 posts

    @ubi-lucipus @ubi-smash ...Zero responses to this thread since it looks like August 19th and pages 5 through 9 as of today (10/01) full of fellow Division Agents continuing to experience game-breaking freezes on PC. Dead silence from the DEVs for 9+ months and not a SINGLE stable build released maintenance after maintenance, week after week. *sigh*

    Fellow Agents our feedback is pretty much pointless and while @Ubi-Lucipus and the support team can only pass it along to the DEVs, well look where this has gotten us... nowhere even after 4500+hrs of gameplay and feedback in my case. Respectfully, this is not how to manage a brand, franchise or support the community that ultimately generates the revenue to make it possible for The Division to exist and all the jobs connected to it.

    The Division 2 on PC is a crash-fest and unplayable in its current state and there is little goodwill from the Golden Bullet extension when you can only expect to experience an in-game freeze, crash to desktop or app suspended status.

  • Hyperion4u
    1 posts

    Same here. Three crashes in a row - can't play anymore.

  • A Former User
    0 posts

    My games been freezing all week and frozen 4 times today after updating to latest nividia 30 series driver.

  • Level_37
    6 posts

    Even after patching and deleting KB5005565, the freeze is the same symptom.
    Rather, the game itself does not run. In the end, I reinstalled win10 and the game itself.
    No response for 3 days now.
    I checked the game files and the symptoms are the same
    All settings are initialized Overlay virtual memory value
    Permissions in the initial state....
    Works well with dx12 dx11 is rather stuttering
    This problem is serious and there seems to be no will to the problem.
    I hope you are doing well....
    No response, I feel like I'm alive
    Cursed life for almost 2 weeks
    P.S. There is no reply to my post.

  • ClauYPC
    2 posts

    Another day, another round of crashes and freezes, time to uninstall and forget this game. If the devs do not give a flying poop about us, time to move on as well.

  • jonnythefrank
    19 posts

    Tried to play for about 15 minutes, but 2 crashes within that timeframe... moving on.

  • Level_37
    6 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • The_Silencer_TM
    1 posts

    3 freeze screens and crash to desktop in less then 1 hour. Guys - [censored] happened ? Why did you broke a game that was WORKING - I do not understand? Stop that buls***t Avatar game and get some good devs to fix the problem you caused. What is wrong with you ppl ?

  • Dr.DevilsAnus
    2 posts

    on legendary roosevelt island on my own game crashed so i restarted and got to the 3rd section and crashed again game is getting worse

  • Vice2k
    1 posts

    How can "UPLAY" interfere with games??? Please stop UPLAY !! Please just stop!!!!

  • DraCleave
    7 posts

    @ubi-lucipus well sorry but you havent fixed it at all im still having the game stop working problem since 29th june tu13 patch so you clearly havent fixed it

  • strekib
    2 posts

    Yes game crashing always. 5min and crash. Long crash. On my PC is very unstable.

  • ReNoVaTiO_TURK
    3 posts

    the same problem continues, your games are unfinished ubisoft

  • wiltermerh
    1 posts

    Same here - game keeps freezing every few minutes making it UNABLE to play.
    It's been running smooth and stable till 21st of September - since then every few minutes game freezez and crashes. There was no change on my side - and based on numerous replies in this post I'm not alone.

  • rbarbioni
    1 posts

    I was playing normal, in the last week the gane started to crash and stop responding after 3-5 gameplay minutes.
    Please Ubsoft help us!

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