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  • Ubi-Thrupney
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2224 posts

    Hey @ElBiggus , @BattleMaster23 , @ATF-Xeno and @BurtMack1in - thanks for your posts about this, and sorry for any confusion caused by my merging of threads. Just looking to group together the issues into our sticky thread 🙂

    This is something we're continuing to investigate, so I really appreciate you all having tried our troubleshooting steps, and reporting your findings with those. My apologies that we have no updates to share right at the moment, and for the inconvenience while we look into the issue.

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  • Agent_Stormy
    17 posts


    I think you should look more at Ubisoft connect then the game itself...

    Far Cry 6 Crashing.
    Division 2 Crashing.
    AC Vallaha Crashing.

    All with the same type of crash. (This is not player side) This is something to with the launcher. (Run Far Cry 6 with the EXE instead of going through Ubisoft connect) You get little to no crashes.

  • thorbie77
    2 posts

    The game become uplayable 😞 The game freeze and then crashes to dektop. For me only after the last update of TD2.

  • ATF-Xeno
    45 posts

    Sometimes the following prompt will appear after the game freezes and crashes,

    At this time, the computer must be restarted to enter the game again, otherwise the game will not start.

  • SuspiciousPixel
    182 posts

    Decided to load the game today. After the Bravo-04 errors which were eventually fixed I've had nothing but crashes every 30 mins with the game showing Suspended in Task Manager. Before anyone asks DX12 is disabled because that will never get fixed.

    Nice welcome back to the game.

  • Haaer
    1 posts

    Same here. Repeated crashes after several minutes of gameplay as of today.

  • Adrian-11
    862 posts

    Even the forum crashes / returns connection errors...

  • fishbite12
    1 posts

    I get about 10 minutes in - then screen freezes, then disappears. Task Manager says app is suspended

  • echolecter
    215 posts

    Just started the game, hardcore at White House. Only opened season menu then closed it again because I could not access anything other then vendor part. Game crashed to desktop after waiting few seconds when it stopped responding. But okay, if they don't want me to play I will just startup another game.

  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 631 posts

    Hello everyone. When the game freezes or crashes on you, do any of you get any specific error codes or messages? Or does the game just crash right back to the main menu with no messages at all?

    If you guys haven't already, I do recommend running through these basic steps for PC to see if they help with resolving this issue. If they don't, the next step to getting this resolved would be to gather your MsInfo and DxDiag files and submitting them on a ticket through our support site. This will allow us to get a better look at what's going on with your system and what could be affecting the game. Verifying your game files is also a good step to try as well! Please keep me posted on how it goes.

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  • relentless987
    20 posts

    this game is crashing way too much. It has crashed THREE times today. Usually, when it crashes, it's after 20 to 30 minutes of playing. The game freezes and I have to alt + f4 ir or kill the process. It's really annoying and it crashes out of nowhere (doesn't matter if it's in an intense situation or not, my game has crashed when I was browsing through my inventory lmao). Please fix this. BTW, I second what @NightRavenXII has said. There may be something wrong with the launcher. Far Cry 3 crashed way too much when I played it.

    I have verified my game's files two or three times already, it does not work.

  • SuspiciousPixel
    182 posts


    There are 2 scenarios that happen for me:

    1) Game freezes then it immediately closes to Windows desktop
    2) Game freezes and hangs then closes to desktop whilst showing Tom Clancys Division 2 as suspended in Task Manager

  • Adrian-11
    862 posts


    Similar experience here, with "suspended" being the prevalent one since the season started.

  • WalkinTarget1
    31 posts

    No messages - game just locks up. After about 20-25s, it will close completely. I've checked the event viewer and it just lists that division2.exe has closed unexpectedly. I've verified the game files 2x now (no corruption found, been running in DX11 mode for about a month (or since the update, at which point I was still running in DX12). My last workaround was to delete my DirectX shader cache (eVGA 3070 Ultra with 466.27 drivers). This had at least some noticeable effect on the crash frequency, as I went from once an hour to once every 3-4 hours.

    As it stands now, if I play for 3-4 hours it will occur without fail. Highest CPU temp is 63c, and with 7 case (Antec DP502 Flux) fans (including one feeding the GPU from the PSU shroud, I know that cooling is not an issue. I do have PBO enabled, but the GPU is at its stock settings. I HAVE had it occur as frequently as every 20-30m before I performed the shader cache 'fix'.

  • mrcassiooo
    3 posts

    @suspiciouspixel it's the 2) for me all the time.

    Last 2-3 weeks I've had a crash happen within 15 minutes basically every night. After that it can work fine for a couple of hours. Since the latest event started though, the SHD cover to cover/melee one, I'm crashing even more often! Yesterday it was four times, two mid mission and two related to menu/inventory browsing.

    Game just freezes, listed as "Suspended" in the task manager, and then after 10-15 seconds it just closes. No crash log. Nothing.

    I used to play in DX11, first month of playing I had zero issues but after that it started happening now and then (from around mid September). I then swapped to DX12 and it worked a lil better for a while. Now it's basically the same.

    I sure hope Massive is looking into this and not just generic Ubisoft support. I've loved Division 2 but I never wanna experience this crashfest again, and that makes me worried for future Massive titles such as upcoming Avatar.

  • mrcassiooo
    3 posts

    @walkintarget1 I have a 3070 as well, ASUS TUF Gaming one. Was actually thinking about wiping the shader cache too.

    My hunch is that it's related to shaders or Easy Anticheat. The fact that the crashes never generate any logs files must point to something right?

  • mrcassiooo
    3 posts

    @ubi-mushy Good to hear Massive is working on a permanent fix. Can you tell us anything about what the cause is related to?

    About error messages we don't get any, that's the thing. Game just freezes randomly on the last frame and 15-20 seconds later client closes silently. If you peek in the task manager before it closes it says "Not responding" if DX11 and "Suspended" if DX12 (my experience).

  • BurtMack1in
    9 posts

    Update: At the behest of the support ticket I disabled all non-Microsoft Services and all Startup items to see if I could replicate the error. I played a good three hour Summit session without a single issue tonight, but I had unlocked a shoulder patch and a backpack trophy. I went into the patch gallery and started looking at the different ones and reading their descriptions and within a few seconds crashed to desktop with no error. Booted back up, straight back to the patch gallery, cycled through them again quickly and again within a few seconds CTD with no error. Third time - same thing, straight to the patch gallery, quickly cycled through a few and CTD within a few seconds. Fourth time I loaded in, stood around for a few minutes and fought a few hostiles on the floor. I cycled through every menu in the UI including the store with previews enabled with no issue. I headed back to the patch gallery for the fourth time and let it sit for a few minutes - no problems. I then slowly cycled through patch by patch every other second and made it about halfway down the list before the game CTD.

  • ElBiggus
    7 posts

    @ubi-thrupney Update for my experience: it seems that it usually crashes within the first few minutes of launching, and if I can get past that point then it's usually stable for a couple of hours at which point it becomes more likely to crash again - sort of a bathtub curve, I guess. Crashes early on are usually (but not always) triggered by opening the menu, whereas later on I just get a few seconds of stuttering, then it seems to recover for a minute or so before locking up. At this point it's 50/50 whether it'll do a CTD with no error after 10-15 seconds, or whether it'll just sit there indefinitely (Task Manager shows it as "Suspended" and it requires a force-close). Early crashes are almost (but not quite) every other time I try to play (i.e start the game, early crash, start the game, late crash, start the game, early crash, etc.)

  • bdr1984
    1 posts
    Since 2019 I suffer from crashes on TD2, I stopped playing for over 1 year because of this. When I got back, the crashes remained unexplained. I researched a lot about it and never found an effective solution. But recently I saw a possible solution in a comment I don't remember where, but I decided to try. I suffered from crashes every 15 minutes, but I'm on the third day playing without any crash events. Go to energy options, put balanced, then in advanced settings and put at 85% the maximum power for the processor. For me, for now it's resolved. Let's see how long. I decided to share because I know how frustrating this problem is and this Ubisoft doesn't care a bit for us! Until the day this company is boycotted by its customers.

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