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  • Chuck-Bee
    2 posts

    JESUS CHRIST I just finished my work week and THE SAME FKN CRASH that was supposed to be fixed is back again. I start my stream and the game crashes AGAIN. I'M TIRED OF YOUR [censored]. FIX YOUR FKN GAME. I bet it's the same stupid fix with OBS. Double click in (Game capture) in OBS ... uncheck (Use anti-cheat compatibility hook) while the game is open for 15 - 20 minutes then check the box again for the OBS to capture the game. I'm so sick of your s%!t. Your game has been out for more than 2 years for F@$k sake. WAKE UP.

  • Jimmy_DA
    39 posts

    @ubisushivamp - inform the developers the issue lies within the game code. It seems to not be able to handle DirectX 12 or Smart Access Memory or a combination of Smart Access Memory and DirtectX 12. The issue is not client side and affects many players.

    I've found running the game under DIrectX 11 (DirectX 12 option off) prevents the hard lock freezing. Every now and then it produces micro freezes for a second or two but after this the game will run fine there after for the remaining of the game session.

  • Solon25
    9 posts

    Hello guys,

    i thought i found my solution. I play 3 sessions per day of 2-3 hours and in every session i had a freeze and crash to desktop with the game. Had only 1 time an error report.

    On YouTube i've searched for "The Division 2 crash" and there are some solutions. Sorry if i can't explain it right i am from germany.

    1st i have set the removal data for every partition to System managed. Saw it in one video (have watched 3).
    2nd from a video i set the automatically fullscreen option to off and there is a 2nd thing you must click, something with DPI. Hook it. Must be done on all 3 executables in game folder.

    Have played just 3/h without a crash. Please search on YT for the Videos, best is one with a Japanese or Chinese guy who talks english. His picture has Lara Croft with orange background.

    EDIT: Played just my 2nd session without a crash. I highly recommend to set the removal data for your partitions instead of c to system managed. At first i set them for d: + e: to the recommended settings for SSDs where you should set it to the same as your RAM is. Have 16GB, so i set them to 16k and had a crash. As i sayd, with system managed no crash in 2 sessions 🙂

  • khaelon
    19 posts

    The saddest part is I have a brand new computer now:

    i9-11900KF @ 3.50GHz
    32GB Ram
    2TB SSD primary
    nVidia GeForce RTX 3070Ti graphics card

    I am still getting weird issues and this computer can easily handle this game without any issues - my settings are pretty much maxed out

    Also am noticing that UBI has the same issue on their website like when you go to the shopping area the graphics is garish and very bright/sharp and it is hard to watch for long due to that....noticed that within Division 2 I am seeing sometimes the same issue...the graphics go haywire and all of the sudden the crispiness goes to crap.....it looks like 800x600 sort of graphic but at the same time its the same issue....very sharp and and bright which makes playing the game incredibly hard....but when I had that happen to me...the game all of the sudden would stop responding...I could not click anything and eventually I have to hard shut it down in order to bypass the issue.

    I tried to drag and drop some F12 screenshots of the atrocious graphics but website keeps saying issue with the server (something went wrong while parsing server response....go figure I am screwed no matter what.

  • A Former User
    0 posts

    I have the same issue , ive notice when in game play with a group any player disconnect will freeze and AI will freeze too sometime firing do not cause any damage
    if it happens to me my guy will freeze forced to close the application relaunch again i end up half the road get my bounty
    UBI please don't fix helped me a lot to boost faster

  • MeS.187
    5 posts

    Hey guys just wondering is there anyone crashing on AMD ryzen 3900x? Changed my cpu, motherboard and memory 1 week ago and I remember reading some guy saying the crashes could be intel only. I dont want to reinstall the game just to play a random amount of time and crash again. So anyone in here can play crash free on AMD or after a big hardware change??

  • DamcaCz
    2 posts

    Ubisoft can you please fix division2? it crash everytime! I am getting really upset!

  • DamcaCz
    2 posts

    @chuck-bee true

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1244 posts

    Hey there folks.

    If you haven't already done so as advised by UbiStorm in the post above please submit those system files to us on a support case when you can, those are very important for us to investigate any potential cause of these crashes for you all. If you've already submitted them to us and you're yet to receive a response feel free to post your case reference numbers here and we'll take a look. Thanks.

    Official Response
  • khaelon
    19 posts

    I have noticed that when my game goes to idiot mode and starts crashing.....just now I was turning around and the graphics stopped working...then a few hesitating moments of what appeared to be some stuttering in the graphics and movement but then absolutely nothing else. I checked to see if I could close the game and noted as I do most of the time that my task manger is showing that the game decided to take a frigging tea break and suspended itself. I have also noted that in other messages on this board that this seems to be a not so rare occurrence...might be something to look into I would assume.

  • Profile79_SG
    1 posts

    @mes-187 Definitely not Intel only. My rig's not too old at 11 months and i am running 3700x. Same issue. Crashes randomly with the game showing 'Suspended' in task manager. Didn't face this issue prior to the previous golden bullet patch if my memory's correct. After that patch it started popping up. Got even worse with the recent 2+gb update.

  • Habugii
    23 posts


    Few weeks ago i decided to play this amazing game again after a long break. As many of you, for the first 20minutes of gameplay i faced this CTD issue, made almost impossible to play this game so i decided to "fix" it or at least investigate what causes the issue.

    First things first, my post is written in timestamp, things i tried in order.
    Second.., all of the tests and results are made in DX11 mode.
    Third.., from the very first moment, i tried the mentioned methods without any ingame overlay (uconnect, RTSS OSD etc) and because i had no clue at all at the beginning, i removed my CPU and RAM OC, also didnt use my dVGA undervolt profile, only the base clocks and speed on everything.

    This post will be long for a reason, i only want you to save your time fellow players.

    My config:

    i7 9700K
    16GB of RAM (XMP 3200)
    Win10 on NVMe SSD (950Pro), Division2 is on a separate one (860 EVO).

    So.., where should i starts. Well for first, just like many of you i thought it must be a driver (NV) problem, so i tried 6 ( SIX!! ) different NV drivers, from the newest (466.77) to the oldest (442.59 - 2020.03.10) without any result.
    The moment i experienced my 2-3rd CTD with the sixth NV driver, i did start to ask my clanmates about their VGA's and drivers, it gave me an instant result, this issue has no contact with any VGA or CPU manufacturers (AMD, Intel or NV), because two of them had the very same issue, one with second gen Ryzen & RX 580, another config is newest Ryzen with 6800XT. NV's users had 2060, 2x 3060 Ti, reported the very same issue.
    So.., consequence one: ignore and/or skip every VGA driver version or driver setting advice from anyone, came from offical source (this site & forum) or from unoffical source, its simply doesnt matter, bullsh1t.

    Since the moment i decided to play Division 2 again was the next day i did install a clean Win10 (2021 H1) with MCT, my second suspect was the operating system itself.

    I had an idea to check the Win10 Event Manager, maybe i find something useful there and ohhh ladies and gents, i did..!
    Every single ****ing CTD of the past days had the very same ID: 0xc0000005

    Its a memory access violation code.

    I can guarentee.., 90% of you get the very same error code after CTD, how do i know? Well let me continue..
    (remaining 10% shares on hw & unstable OC etc.. errors)

    You all know EAC.., the thing that doesnt let us change the game priority to High without regedit usage, but at least its worthless as an anticheat, its only there in the background process list to make our life harder.
    Well.., in the "operating system investigation" line, my first step was to disable every single built-in Win10 security "features" from Defender across firewall, DEP and other program behavior "analyzers" that can molest EAC and/or Division2 & uconnect (exe's and folders), i thought the problem came from here, maybe any of them insult these the game files while we playing.. NO. Turning them off changed nothing, but i kept them OFF to maintain the step-by-step method.

    (To keep alive the main reason i write this post i can tell you, there are many, i mean MANY solutions on the web how to "fix" this error code, NONE of them works for Div2, i tried them all..)

    After i realized i get this very same code every ****ing time, i asked the same clanmates who did share their config and driver version infos with me, to check their logs, what error code they recieve when/after CTD occurs..?!
    Well dear readers, i hope all of you sit, they recieve the VERY SAME. c0000005.

    Okay.., i thought its a progress anyways so i made a bigger step, i did clean install TWO other, older Win10 versions, 1909 (19H2) and 1809 (Redstone) with NV drivers from the same era.., hell, time throw out of window. No positive result, same CTD frequently, same error code.

    Please note.., at this point, we are easely can separate/lock-out two main factors, hardware (& their drivers) and Win10 from the possible suspects list.

    Whats left..?! Well, software anomalies and the Memory itself (RAM or whole virtual.., i wasnt sure at this point.).

    To continue,, i did clean install the 2021H1 Windows 10 back and made a quick check what software dependencies the game has.
    I find out, when we install Div2 it uses & install a bit old Visual Studio versions, so i took them off and replaced them with the newest ones of each (2012 & 2015).
    Also installed NET Framework 3.5 next to the already installed newest one.
    Result.., yeah.., for now you can guess..🙄

    Then i turn my attention to the folders the game hold its files, installation dir and the one in D&S/Username/Mygames and the rules/permission & ownership settings of those dirs, no result at all.
    After this point.., i felt i ran out of ideas..

    I made a bootable USB drive with Memtest86, ran a 4phase full memory test & scan, it took almost 3 hours, nothing, zero error, my 2x8 kit is perfect.

    Ok, then turned my attention to the page file, and ****ing finally, here starts the story..
    So my first step with the page file was to took it out of windows "manage" hands and i did set it manually to fix 24GB (min-max 24).

    The frequence of the CTD's seems slowed down a bit, sometimes i was able to play 30-40 mins in a row (dont you dare to laugh..! 😂 ).

    I felt im on the right track, my next move was to minimize the page file size, so i did set it to 1GB and jesus christ, the next hour gave me the long waited "heureka" moment.
    Yes-yes, believe or not, from this moment i could reproduce the CTD and the same error code ANYTIME i want..!!!!

    How..?! Simple.., OSD with RAM usage. The game crashed everytime i reached 60-62% of RAM usage, god damn, its a memory leak! 🙄

    Google is our best friend they say.., so the Div2 & pagefile search leads me to this thread, back to January:
    https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2316158-Division-2-memory-leak-issue: (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2316158-Division-2-memory-leak-issue)

    A player.., AltairCreation discovered this issue almost a year ago.

    (Btw.., no matter of how much RAM you have, 16 or 32GB, you can test it with this method above anytime you want.)

    So here we are, at the past few months you can read different promises and bull****s here, asking you to send dxdiags and other reports to help "investigate" the problem, all of you can be absolutely sure, there is NOTHING to investigate.
    Its only acting for the reason to get some time, why?! Well, I think i started to understand this one too..

    This memory leak in the game code introduced itself in January.., then at some point they patched it.., how the hell could it came back?
    Remember what happend not too long ago, when Massive restarted the seasons, "to give us the opportunity to play it again" they said?! 🤡
    It started with a hell of a lot bugs, even the maintenances had their own mainteneces #2 sometimes #3 at the same days, they had a very hard time to keep the game on its legs, and here comes the thing!!
    It was the very same time, when the game version in the menu went from numbers to "unoffical".., remember ?!

    Whatever this "unoffical" version is actually, an earlier dev & tester version or just a modded version to be able to replay the seasons, the base of the code it operates has the memory leak issue and once again, you can be 100% sure they knew and know it !
    They just simply cannot do anything with it, maybe fixing again doesnt worth the time (to them^^) or who knows, but they know if the season ends (soon) they can return to the last offical version & release, and same moment the "unoffical" version will disappear from all of us, last (patched) version of the game will represent again, and this CTD madness due to the memory leak will disappear aswell. I cant wait to read that "patchnote" where they will proudly tell the CTD thing has been fixed, lol..😂


    If you read my post to this point, i have good news too.., until they restore the game version from this crap, i have a "semi-solution" to prevent a memory leak hit & CTD, sometimes for hours, few things:

    Due to the nature of the memory leak, you have to minimize the game RAM consumption, there is one simple way to achieve this, extra streaming distance in the graph menu, set it to 0, it has huge and instant impact to extend the time between CTD's..

    Before i decided to make this post i read many others and some of you seems like think "everything is okay" when you able to play Summit for example to an hour.
    The game's memory consumption is the lowest in Summit, most of us can play it long enough but.., for example if you go back to Washington and start to do anything in OpenWorld, CP's and other activities, the game RAM usage will skyrocket and you will hit your desktop very soon also.
    Another good exmple is the RAIDs, very low memory consumption compared to OpenWorld, only those can CTD while playing RAIDs who has other RAM hungry background processes running at the same time, like browsers with open ~YT tabs, etc.., so keep these things in mind.

    Set your pagefile to fix value, at least 24GB (SSD), and search for the Win10 setting where you can set every restart or shutdown delete your page file (type "secpol" in start menu).

    (It takes about 30-60sec to delete, not a drama..)

    Finally, there is a great and well known 3rd party software called IntelligentStandbyListCleaner

    These are my settings

    The key setting is the "free memory is lower than.." it helps you to prevent the system & game pass the game's memory leak erogen zone and keeps you (hopefully long enough) under ~60% of RAM usage.
    For peoples with 32GB RAM.., i would say 12000-14000 instead of my 6144 value with 16GB, some of my clanmates already use these values.

    So.., with Extra Streaming Distance setting to zero (ingame), fixed and big enough pagefile size (& auto delete when restart) and ISLC with proper values can greatly boost the time windows between CTDs, i can play Openworld activities often for hours!! Give it a try..👍

    Things you can ignore/forget/skip bcos zero connection to the game's memory leak (0xc0000005):

    VGA driver change & settings
    Win10 reinstall & update
    Division 2 reinstall
    Verify game files/integrity
    DirectX refresh/diag
    Any Overlays (UConnect, RTSS etc, use them calmly)

    etc.., the list of the bull****s are long, whoever mentioning these.., he/she just acting like she/he knows whats shes/hes talking about. They dont.

  • Adrian-11
    896 posts

    Thanks for this, really appreciated it.

    Unfortunately, the (0xc0000005) could have so many causes. But it's pretty clear that it pertains to the game itself, not an external cause. Could be the game using the wrong C++ lib, or getting bad instructions from the servers, or whatever.
    One thing is clear: trying to fix it at your end does nothing.
    And you are right, this got much worse since they decided to rerun the season. It all feels like a sloppy patchwork, with many apparent issues, from increased instability, to random audio files triggered. The "unofficial" label tells a lot.

  • Adrian-11
    896 posts


    You would assume, but no... this is almost a year-long issue and they are still "investigating". Just from players' investigations, the problem should be clear by now.
    The sad reality is that the game is on life support and there is no one do fix it.

  • Vykyng666
    65 posts

    I bought it a few months ago. Started playing a few days ago.
    Sometimes I can play for hours and sometimes it crashes every few minutes.
    No errors or anything, just "Suspended" in taskbar manager.

  • RCViper047
    17 posts


    I bought the game last month and had in the beginnging of the freeze/crash period the same error. Afterwards, with starting game in Admin mode, my Division2.exe made errors + AntiCheat spammed errors all 5 minutes (kernel error).

    Currently I have a working solution - at least for my game - starting the client in admin mode and afterwards the game exe itself also in admin mode. start the game not in ubisoft connect.

    Do this since last thursday and had no freezes/crashes - also no anti cheat spam.

    My hope...it's not just luck....

  • WimpMiester
    17 posts

    I've never had crashes in this game but recently had some random game freeze then it exits to desktop without error. I've also found out it only happens when discord is running. So, no discord, no problems.

  • BurtMack1in
    9 posts

    Update - going on 9 days with this current support ticket. Have tried every single troubleshooting step with Tech Support. Still happening on a fresh install, on a clean boot of windows, no startup items, no non-microsoft services enabled. I got through the entirety of the Warlords of New York campaign with not a single crash. Once I hit DC crashes happened randomly - minutes or hours between; no sort of rhyme or reason. I love this game but it's insanely frustrating that it's basically a time bomb.

  • Pethus
    5 posts

    just wondering ubisoft is the money I gave you for my game dose it keep crashing when you try and spend it?

  • khaelon
    19 posts

    So today for some strange reason Division 2 is crashing me out of game constantly - server keeps disconnecting during middle of gun fights, taking CPs...just randomly - I can only play for a few minutes or a few seconds before the tosses me out of server. It is very unplayable at all at this point. I ended up trying just about everything to restart computer, restart router, etc. seems Division 2 does not want us on their server.

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