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  • Vykyng666
    65 posts

    Yesterday it crashed after 5 minutes of gameplay. Started again and it froze when loading. Started again and played for about 2 hours with no crash.
    Today I started a game and played in peace for more than an hour than it crashed and two more times after a few minutes.
    This is laughable and makes absolutely no sense.
    "Suspended" in Taskbar Manager every time. What does that even mean? Usually when something crashes of freezes you have nothing in Taskbar or "not responding". It is the first time I have seen "Suspended".
    Fix it Ubisoft so we can play the game we payed for.

  • Adrian-11
    878 posts


    I don't have a Realtek sound card, I use a plug & play USB headset (actually I tried with 2 sets) and still crashes.
    And it's totally random. I have days when I can play for hours without any issues, and days when it crashes few times every hour.

  • Habugii
    23 posts

    Since the main post doesnt let me edit.., quick and important UPDATE:

    Instead of a fixed pagefile value, use a ranged setting, for example, here is mine:

  • Adrian-11
    878 posts

    BTW, the game version still shows as "unofficial"... all I can say is LOL!!! 🤡

  • Adrian-11
    878 posts



    Just tried this and it gets suspended while loading, not even making it to the game proper.

  • Adrian-11
    878 posts


    So, your recommendation re. page file actually made the game 100 times more unstable, basically got crashes while loading or just browsing through the inventory, didn't even make it into the game.
    This points again to something deep into the game, EAC, or how the two work together. Could be also the ensemble of EAC and the game not keeping up with Windows updates (the same way can't keep up with Nvidia drivers), because no one is looking after it.
    There was no meaningful update since almost a year ago, and the attempted updates made things worse. Remember that the current game version is still "unofficial", whatever the hell that means.

    Bottom line is that these crashes are random, and some workaround may work for some, may make things worse for others, and all seem to be temporary, sooner or later you still run into crashes.

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2408 posts

    Hey there @khaelon ,

    Sorry for our delay in getting back to you!

    Following these suggestions, are you still having issues?

    As I'd also recommend the additional steps in our PC troubleshooting guide as well as verifying the game's files.

    Please let us know if there's anything more you need any help with!

    Thank you!

    Official Response
  • Vykyng666
    65 posts

    @ubi-theberry We have been there before. You're just spamming the same "troubleshooting" stuff. We all tried that already and IT DOES NOT WORK.
    Freezes / Crashes are completely random. I just played for 3 hours straight with no crash. Sometimes there are like 3 or 4 crashes one after another after just a few minutes of gameplay. Other times the game is stable for hours.
    Apparently there is a memory leak. We want to know what are the DEVS doing about that and when we can expect a FIX.

  • hralex1951
    118 posts

    The game is freezing and crashing worse than ever. I just had a third crash in the same session. This has been going on for months.
    In addition to my own freezing, every match making game I am in has 1 player crash or more in every game. This is totally unacceptable. Nothing is being done. Shame on all of you.

    72 posts

    I think the player base is tired of the canned Troubleshooting links when the hundreds of posts from fellow Agents make it pretty clear this is an ACTUAL application and/or server issue that has only worsened in the past several months.

    The lengths in which players have gone to self-troubleshoot and provide feedback is commendable, but the SILENCE from the DEVs regarding an issue that makes the game UNPLAYABLE on PC thanks to multiple freezes, crashes to desktop or the latest suspended app issue the past month - is a disservice to the entire Division Community that has paid for a live-service game.

    Honestly, enough is enough. Please provide an update to either the Community Manager @Ubi-Lucipus to share or finally break the silence and have an actual State of The Game and perhaps show some positive goodwill towards the player base that supports this franchise day in a day out.

  • BurtMack1in
    9 posts

    @adrian-11 I don't have a sound card either - its a driver for the sound controller on my motherboard. I'm also using a USB headset

  • Grumpy181155
    1 posts

    @rage_therapy I just lost my SHD 800 Hardcore toon to a random freeze. I was running around in the DZ, not in combat and had a freeze. When I restarted the game I was dead. Come on Ubisoft you have our money now provide a proper service!

  • Vykyng666
    65 posts

    @ubi-orion @UbiStorm
    Game crashes after a few minutes or gameplay, sometimes after half an hour. Very rarely we can play for a few hours without a crash. It is completely random.
    Game suddenly freezes with "Suspended" status in Task Manager. Players suspect memory leaks and Anti Cheat Software causing this issue.
    Could you kindly let us know if devs working on fixing this bug?

  • khaelon
    19 posts


    Aye this suspension of the game executable is happening constantly when it crashes it is always the same error - thankfully at least I am now only getting this stupid SUSPEND division executable file so at least its not totally willy nilly randomness or connectivity which I fault the UBI cra p software for - I still do not know why this program has to run at all...just have Division 2 run itself and nothing else....get with a competent company that KNOWS how to program ANTI CHEAT program and have them show and explain how their program works and get them to integrate their knowledge so your anti-cheat program if its ubi related then works properly

  • Vykyng666
    65 posts

    My today's sessions summary:
    5 minutes of gameplay - crash
    20 minutes of gameplay - crash
    3 hours of gameplay - NO crash
    20 minutes of gameplay - crash
    5 minutes of gameplay - crash
    3 minutes of gameplay - crash
    10 minutes of gameplay - crash
    2 hours of gameplay - NO crash
    Can you guys do similar statistics of your experience and post it?

  • XMdead
    144 posts

    I am puzzled by people thinking that crashes to desktop is related to a specific PC. It is very clear to me that it depends on what server I get connected to.

    If I get connected to US-East I almost never crash. If I am on a session with a friend in Europe but we are on US-East it is very rare for me to crash. If I am with the same server on a EU server, crashing is a little more common. And when we are on Asian prime time... we typically don't see a server name, we see a lot of chinese symbols on chat, and a lot of crashing.

    What all of that tells me is that the issue is either with the specific servers, the network of the server farm, or (most likely) the latency of the connection to a particular server farm.

    I am sure that there are specific players that have issues with their hardware or windows installation, but it is quite obvious that for the vast majority of game crashes the issue is not on the player's PC.

    I do wish the server location was *always* listed and we could select a server to play on (with the closest server farm as the default, but changeable in the settings), then we'd have nobody but ourselves to blame if the game crashes.

  • khaelon
    19 posts


    So far I have crashed maybe 3 times all day....a couple of short logon and then a longer one.....now the biggest issue is that the game no longer completes my missions....so I finish them and nothing gets updated.....I just finished the Bank Mission on Challenging killed Roach and was supposed to get my Gunner Research 1 but got BUMPKISS.....nothing updated at all....the mission is still showing as needing to be done. This is getting fu cking ridiculous....nothing in this game is working properly - whether its the actual game that keeps crashing or stuff inside not working properly - can we stop with the adding of more bull sh it and fix the current issues of bugs. It appears there are more bugs than they know what to do with and all I keep seeing and hearing is lets add this doodad or yeah the new DLC.....seriously? You are going to keep adding to this monstrosity and add onto the host of bugs already???????? You need to find this weird memory leak or whatever that issue is....you need to figure out this suspending of game executable as well....those two bugs are probably the most rampant....then its off to why are missions NOT COMPLETING????

  • Agent_Stormy
    17 posts

    I say everyone should just boycot all Ubisoft games right now..

    They are doing nothing about anything anymore all you get is constant ingame store item updates. They have not even released a fix patch for Far Cry 6 yet. All you get is "SORRY" your having problems "Dev teams is looking into it.." 4months later still the same thing..

    Seriously this company is turning worse then EA for updates nevermind there constant making games that can sell junk in the stores..

  • Johnny.D
    11 posts

    My sessions summary, over the course of an hour:
    20 minutes of gameplay then crash
    10 minutes of gameplay - crash
    20 minutes of gameplay - crash

    So bad.

  • relentless987
    20 posts

    @khaelon I have a similar problem. After finishing the missions, do the mission icons on the map stay blue as well? In my case, the game acknowledges that I have completed the missions, but the icons NEVER stop being active. That means, when I am free roaming around the map and I walk through the interactive icon or whatever it is I trigger the missions, all the time, which is super annoying. At first, this only happened to a few areas on the map. Now the whole map is bugged, except for one or two missions which become gray after completion. The same problem applies to strongholds. I have done Grand Washington Hotel multiple times already and it won't "gray out" on the map. Plus, every time I start the game the GPS is telling me to go there lmao, like I am supposed to rescue Eleanor Sawyer AGAIN to progress in the story, even tho I am at WT5.

    Another issue I have is that the game does not register my conquered control points. Every time I log out and then log back in, the control points are red again. This is painfully annoying. And the alert levels reset, too.

    I have even opened a ticket about this issue, and support told me the dev team would be looking into it.

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