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  • Adrian-11
    800 posts


    Yes, there are hundreds of similar reports on this forum alone. Been bad for months, got really bad lately.
    They are saying that it's high priority and working on it...

  • An0n0p
    2 posts

    Why does the game keep crashing and why is nothing being done about it? The network is full of reports and nothing happens. Why is that ? Do you care as a gamer and should I uninstall the game?

    I don't have these problems with any other game!

  • The_Vig1lante
    71 posts

    @grumpy181155 I just posted about losing my hard core too. This has ONLY BEEN Going on for 6 months now...

  • xSkullownerx
    1 posts

    I come back after 1 year and a half of break of this game now am getting a crash on desktop game suspended W T F is THIS [censored] what you were doing for the last 365+180 days seriously stop messing around and FIX this nonsense NOW

  • Agent-Chaos-UK
    2 posts

    Game keeps freezing can play for an hr straight then freeze log back in 20 minutes later freeze again.

    I did DUA 4 times trying to farm TP the first 3 I replaced my team 2 times over with people constantly losing connection (Im guessing freezing) then on the last run my game froze right at the end seconds before the mission complete. I've given up as its been like this the for the last 3 days I've returned will probably come back when the new stuff drops next year 😞

  • Nymexia
    1 posts

    Having the same issue for the last few days. No error, just crash for no reason. I'll be playing and then bam, all I see is my desktop. Haven't had this issue since last year. Oddly enough, it's only happened on my lvl 40 characters, not my level 25.

  • LeftyLebrandt
    3 posts

    @burndoubt This worked! It’s been nearly a month of crash, restart, crash, restart….. Ubisoft take note something is up the D2 and EasyAntiCheat. I will note that the friends that I play with do not crash and the only real difference is that my pc is a little older with a Pre-AVX intel CPU (first gen i7) but since beta and launch the game has run so smooth for me so I was very frustrated until this work-around was noted by @burndoubt

  • TimesLostArc
    1 posts

    I had this exact issue at this same point in the season last year and at the same point in the season this year. Honestly it seems like they are recycling bugs...

    The way that I fixed it was actually fully uninstalling the game and reinstalling it. It still has a crash every now and then but it is far less often. Maybe once every 2 to 3 weeks.

    Also, last year there was an issue with Ubisoft Connect and the Division 2 as well. Remember when a lot of us had that day or so when we all had to go to the Division 1 because Ubisoft Disconnect would keep crashing on the Division 2? I do. Eventually a lot of us also had to uninstall and reinstall then.

    Despite what their people say on Twitter, Ubisoft's own DRM seems to be the actual culprit. At some point Ubisoft needs to take a hard line with their vendor or DRM people and admit that since 2011 their Uplay/UbiConnect launchers have been a disaster. They may have prevented some piracy, but it has often made their games unplayable and degraded performance. Also, if Ubisoft is so annoyed about Discord, etc; then they need to introduce a better in launcher alternative. The VOIP in the Division 2 is a mess, and pretty much the only way to even create a pick up group for raids in Div 2 is Discord. So the company discourages MM and pushes people to discord, but then gets annoyed when Discord breaks their already broken DRM system in their launcher.

  • ATF-Xeno
    19 posts

    @burndoubt Although I don't know the specific principle, this operation is really useful to me.
    It did make my game no longer freeze and crash.
    Thanks, bro~! !

  • JoueKillah
    2 posts

    I've recently meet this problem on The Division too. There're many reports about game crashing but nothing has been done

  • Agent-Chaos-UK
    2 posts

    I just went against my word had everything switched off no discord no game mode no overlays, jumped into first mission game froze after clearing first area

  • Level_37
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • ttv-GD_42
    1 posts

    Same, I tried everything I possibly could and still get crashes while having the rec. specs

  • Yankee_LT
    9 posts

    That's Ubisoft for you.

  • hypersenator
    2 posts

    I suppose its impossible to see a solution or even see an answer from the devs that saying that this game is unplaybale POS?

  • UbiSushiVamp
    Ubisoft Support Staff 630 posts

    Hello everyone! My sincerest apologies that you are all encountering crashing on PC with the Division 2. Our teams are aware of this issue and are currently investigating to work towards a fix. I sincerely appreciate everyone's patience in the meantime!

    Official Response
  • UbiSushiVamp
    Ubisoft Support Staff 630 posts

    Hello everyone! I am sorry to hear that you are encountering crashing with the Division 2. Our teams are aware of these issues and are investigating. My sincerest apologies for the frustrations this has caused, however I appreciate your patience in the meantime!

    Official Response
  • apsingh1
    34 posts

    @chuck-bee Absolutely right. This is the only game which embarrasses me in front of my subscribers.

  • Agent_Stormy
    17 posts

    @yankee_lt lol yep 🙂 and that response above ^^ The amount of times I have heard this... Oh my god! 😄

    Doesn't help that all Ubisoft titles are doing the same thing..

    6 crashes with process suspended today... Damn... You guys are accually allowed to keep this on your store with it being this broken. lol.

    38 posts

    @ubisushivamp Almost 10 months of patience to date and it took 6 months in 2021 for the issue to even be acknowledged formally. I feel for you having to deliver the same canned message over and over.

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