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  • Adrian-11
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    Let's give it some credit... "unofficial" word stamp for the version is new (at least to me).

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    @ubi-milky Just finished a ONE hour gaming session with 6 freezes, suspended app, crash to desk-top between me and a fellow Agent. The Easy-Cheat affinity core suggested setting by another user did zero in terms of resolving the issues, as expected. Hopefully with the entire team at Massive Entertainment now able to work on-site at their offices they can RESOLVE a 10-month long issue.

  • relentless987
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    game is still freezing and crashing, after doing a million workarounds to make it work. Crashed 2 times today. Fix your [censored] game people

  • echolecter
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    Not really, disabling the overlay does nothing... It's just the random nature of this crash.

    Well it did on my system, played for many hours today and not a single crash. But it's also worth mentioning that I never had big issues with crashes before, only after the infamous Connect update but was solved again rather quickly. And the crashes that started two weeks ago where game stopped after 5 minutes, which doesn't happen anymore with overlay disabled, it simply keeps running. Only thing I notice is that sometimes when I complete an activity or league achievement for instance there is huge hick-up of 2 seconds.

    If the in-game overlay really is causing the crashes (or suspended state) it does make sense to me because you get regular updates for Connect, not the game itself. And if the launcher is not compatible with game anymore it doesn't surprise me that there are issues. None the less this should not happen but luckily for me I could find a way to stop the game from getting stuck.

  • Nifol
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    Well, I'm back from a 6 month break because I got sick and tired of this bloody random CTD issue and your empty promises. So today I log-in for the first time in months, fast travel to Foggy Bottom safehouse, open inventory to equip a loadout and BOOM, crash to desktop. Re-load, run outside to do some Dailies and BOOM, crash to desktop! How the hell have you not fixed this yet? You keep saying you're going to, but you never do.

    Oh, and these new forums are horrendous.

  • Nifol
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    This issue has been going on for years. It's the reason I took a 6 month sabbatical from playing this game. Came back tonight, fired the game up and BOOM same bloody crash to desktop issue. No doubt we'll have more Ubi employees coming along and telling us 'they're looking into it', but they've been trotting that old line out now for years, and nothing ever gets fixed.

  • Nomad_Star
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    The same problem here. [censored].



  • H0PE_Zer0
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    I'm havint game hanging issue since ... I can remember. Sometimes it is very bad, it freezing after a few minutes, then sometimes I'm able to play, start some mission, and I get the game hang issue between 5-15 minutes playing the game.

    I honestly haven't figured this out and if this occurs I just stop going back and play something else.

    Tried the workarounds:
    -Giving Ubisoft laucher admin permission - Didn't help
    -Uninstalled GPU driver, cleaned Windows in safe mode with DDU, reinstalled latest driver without internet connection (to prevent windows downloading drivers in the background) - didn't help
    -Set nvidia driver profile to default for Div2 settings - didn't help
    -Changed graphics to default, DX11, DX12, whatever - didn't help
    -Tried to change nvidia driver performance to use normal power consumption vs. Maximum performance, to make sure the game don't crash due to some 3090 related OC issue, so I don't max out the card to 100% voltage via driver - Didn't help.
    -Tried to reinstall game (bought new M2 disks and had to reinstall windows and games anyways, tried repair on Division 2 - Didn't help

    Game stops working, application hangs, not responding OR it stops for a few seconds, then crashes to the desktop and Ubi Launcher appears.

    Most important to note:
    I got Borderlands 3, Diablo 3, Warframe, Genshin Impact, Apex and some other games I play regularily. To be fair Apex does freeze sometimes but we all aware how buggy that game is, so we can argue that the two issue is unrelated. However Borderlands 3 I can play for hours and that game barely maxes out the gpu utilitzation, just like Division 2. So I would argue this is not a utilization issue, not driver issue, not windows issue (or else other games would freeze too), not DX12 issue.

    This is a Division 2 Graphical Engine issue strictly.

    I7 8700K, 32GB DDR4, 1TB Raid M2 Disks, MSI 3090 (1st generation though), Asus tuf z370 Pro-gaming mobo, so I think I'm good hardware wise. 🙂

  • Agent_Stormy
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    @ubisushivamp ...... Sigh is all am gonna say now.. Same response over and over and over and nothing is being done at all.. I can see we are going to wait till next big update till this is fixed "GL having a playerbase left if you keep this up for another 4months" :P..

  • SuspiciousPixel
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    @adrian-11 okay I crashed again after 2 days. Suspended to desktop [censored] again

  • Adrian-11
    799 posts


    Really bad today, crashed 3 times in 20 min, so I can't really play it.
    Probably the global event...

    By this time it's clear what Massive did here - an inept and unannounced rollback to make the season work again, clumsily hidden under the "unofficial" version.
    We are basically playing an unmaintained game version from a year ago or earlier.

    And Oh, GOD! they want to keep this crap up for how many more weeks???!!!

  • The_Vig1lante
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    @nightravenxii At this point, I'm not really sure there is going to be a next update. TBH, I am hoping IF there is an update, that they just fix the "been broken for a long time now" stuff. Not really sure that there is going to be a new villain to introduce. SIDE NOTE - I always wanted them to let us find Vikram Mallik! (from the Odea Stores) and give him payback!

  • Habugii
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    look at this, Hollywood event makes the thing from worst to CRIMINAL, tonights log:

    Despite all self-made semi solutions (remember my thread..?) and all other community solutions, with Hollywood.., i cant even play [censored] 20min in a row.

    (The green segment is a PC restart & AFK period, i didnt try to play at that time period, thats why i wanted to separate it on the sshot.)

    Dear Massive, WOULD YOU [censored] MIND to Turn OFF/Remove the whole ****ing season and give us back the last Offical & patched version on the game?!

    This "unoffical" tragicomedy of absolute prgramming incompetance is reached the breakpoint, its CRIMINAL. Get rid off it, NOW.

  • Ubi-Viral
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1400 posts

    @kraziagent Hey! Sorry to hear that the game keeps freezing for you. Thank you for verifying your game files and reinstalling the game.

    We appreciate the images and error log you have provided. There are some additional troubleshooting steps to try here.

    If the issue continues after this please reach out to us on a support ticket with your system files. These files help us identify any possible causes of these game freezes and are really useful when it comes to troubleshooting.

    You can find how to generate and send them here.

    Thank you for your time and apologies for the frustration that this issue has caused.

    Official Response
  • Habugii
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    Due to the fact some of us trying to play this game for months, others maybe just installed it (back) yesterday, i have a friendly advice to all of you.

    IGNORE every Ubi-employee answer at the whole forum in the CTD topics, every single one of them if you see THESE error codes in Windows Event Manager:

    ( If you see other codes you can give a try to their troubleshoot, bcos in this case it might be helpful, and after you fixed that different problem, I'll welcome you in this thread again, bcos your game will continue crashing with these error codes sooner or later..)

    Few weeks ago i made my own thread with a semi-solution to the issue:

    For now, anybody can walk up to the moon at the player made CTD topics, sooner or later an Ubi employee will show up, link their absolute useless troubleshoot url, asking you to follow the steps or send them data.

    If you think the game runs just fine without this issue on any of these Ubi-employee's PC, or EVEN any of the devs PC.., well i have to tell you something, you are wrong!

    As the season gets close to its end (thanks god..) the issue is now getting criminal from worse.
    Hollywood just hit the spot, tonight i got more CTD's in one hour than the whole last week, i was unable to play 20min in a row.

    If you read my thread in the past (or not), the issue isnt at your side.

    Its the game itself, came from the "unoffical" version, lauched when they made the season restart.

    All of these employee's on the forum, EVEN devs are KNOWS where is the problem. Spamming the troubleshoot url is nothing more, than appearance of careing.

    All of us lose enough time with game restarts and those ****ing unskippable intro's, dont lose even more when you think following troubleshoot will make any difference, it wont.
    Not even sending them data, this one is the biggest bullsh1t, they dont need any data, just treat us like stupids bcos they got this order from higher above them.

    Their tactic is nothing more than "survive" until the season ends and when it does, they can switch back to the last offical & patched version of the game, in which one the issue already got fixed at the first quarter of this year.

    Im sure its was a have-to-do / forced entry move to release this crap "unoffical" version to be able to rerun the Season (for some reason..).
    They has no resouces, manpower, time, whatever to patch the issue for this "short" time again. Yeah, its them, Massive. Suprised? I dont think so..

    Well, stay on topic.., to all of you, dont waste time trying to fix the issue, especially NOT with troubleshoot advices from offical's on this forum, its all bullsh1t and they knew and know it.
    Skip the remainig few weeks of the season and dont play the game or try to live with the issue, but you can be absolutely sure in one thing, they wont release any magical patch or fix while the season runs, dont expect anything like that.
    (The game is in their basement actually, they dont even bother with weekly maintenances anymore..)

    Just keep in mind, do NOT change anything on your PC, its pointless, waste of time.

    Forget to say.., dear white knights and trolls, you can also save some time for yourself, i wont answer.😊

  • dagrommit
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    Its the game itself, came from the "unoffical" version, lauched when they made the season restart.

    Correlation is not causation, especially as the crashes happened just as frequently before*** the last patch.

    The "unofficial" text is just a red herring, and likely down to someone forgetting to set the version string in their build pipeline.

    link their absolute useless troubleshoot url, asking you to follow the steps or send them data.

    Games crash for all sorts of reasons, many caused by the game, others due to issues with hardware or unrelated software. Following basic troubleshooting steps is always a good idea, if only to eliminate common causes of such crashes. Sending them data gives them a chance to identify if there is anything in common across all the machines that are crashing.

    [edit] *** before the usual muppet shows up, yes, I am one of those who've been having crashes throughout the reruns.

  • XiNzeRy
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    have a same problem after buy the dlc..

  • Sgt-Clubba
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    @ubisushivamp If easytocheat didnt arrest the MS debug process then you could have fixed it months ago. It doesn't stop cheats but it stops answers to crashes go figure.

  • HaywardGG
    87 posts

    I'm getting fed up with this now. The game hangs then crashes to desktop every few minutes to half hour or so. I'm even seeing this happen to team members, as they go offline one by one, then reconnect and tell us all in sidechat that their game just crashed. This is every single game session, it's not just me. At least 1 more others in the team crash periodically throughout the session.

    This is making solo play almost impossible as everytime I am about to finish a mission or am in the middle of a control point takeover, the game crashes and I log back in to find that I'm dead and have to start over. This only started happening since the recent update, before that everything was absolutely fine.

    NO other game crashes and my system is up to date. I've tried rolling graphics drivers back, running game in admin mode etc. But the game still hangs and crashes to desktop. There are no error messages or log files to send.

    A few of my team have stopped playing because of this bug and I'm almost ready to quit too. It's obvious this is a huge issue that is effecting lots of players, so why are we still being asked to submit support tickets? I've done that already and it gets me nowhere!

  • Adrian-11
    799 posts


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