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  • HaywardGG
    106 posts
    Hey @Frank_Drebbin, thanks for sharing this and I'm glad you've managed to resolve it 🙂 .

    @haywardgb - I am really not sure as to where does such sentiment come from, as we have a dedicated thread regarding this, where the very first post highlights key dates of when issue was anticipated to be resolved. This is there to provide you with transparency, as well as shows that the issue has been acknowledged a while back.

    As it stands, I can assure you all that the matter is continuously being looked into. We do understand the impact of it and will try to provide you with the update as soon as we have one.

    Thank you for your continued patience, apologies if this has been taking longer than anticipated and if you do have any further queries, feel free to drop us a message at any time!

    XMdead sums up everything nicely here:

    """ I think the "sentiment" comes from the fact that the freeze+crash to desktop continues to happen. That thread mentions March 2021 and that the other crashes "were being investigated". It is now mid-November and the problem is still happening with no ETA for a fix."""

    It does feel from where I'm standing that you have just stopped looking into it, or that you don't even care (genuinely care). This bug re-introduces itself over and over again with every other update. So, how long does "it" take to fix and why after you fixed it once does it keep coming back in future updates?

    Put your sentiments where your mouth is and fix it already. It's almost Christmas!

  • HaywardGG
    106 posts
    Hey @haywardgb, thanks for your input and sorry to hear about this.

    The range of potential causes to the issue is rather broad therefore sometimes certain sometimes may help some, but may be ineffective to others.

    To those of you who have completed all of the troubleshooting steps mentioned in thread yet to no avail, do mind that we have a dedicated thread regarding the matter. This particular issue is something that our team has been aware of and are continuously working on.

    Thank you for your continued patience and as soon as we will have further details to share, information will be posted here, in our official forums, so keep an eye!

    This is the first time I've seen you acknowledge that it's a known issue when replying to new reports on here.
    Usually you just say "try these fixes and open a support ticket" or words to that effect.

    I look forward to seeing a fix before the new year 😛

  • HaywardGG
    106 posts

    It's important to note (ubisoft support) that it's only Division that freezes and crashes. No other Ubisoft game or any of my games on Steam etc are crashing or freezing like this. So it's very unlikely to be a problem with the users machine. Making a bunch of changes to your operating system for the sake of one game is lunacy!

    The amount of people I know (including over a dozen Streamers) who have uninstalled this game due to the crashing and freezing is crazy.

    Thank you once again for acknowledging this is a known issue, but please can we get this fixed already? It's been months.

  • H0PE_Zer0
    8 posts

    @malamadre75 There probably is an error. In log file under Division 2 game directory and also in event viewer. Check it, you could post it here also...

  • alecus84
    4 posts

    5 crashes so far tonight, never encountered a game this unstable, some days we lag & micro freeze every 10 steps, the next its fine, some days we crash to desktop after 2-3 mins, others i can play for 2-3 hours with no issue, but by far my favourite is the one where it hard locks the frozen screen, cant tab away, cant get to the task manager, cant exit, cant right click close the tab, just hard stuck requiring a full system shutdown via the power button, and before you ask this has only ever happened in this game & one other "early access alpha" so that should give you an idea of the stability level we are dealing with

    some bugs are to be expected, but the game being like this for MONTHS with no solution even seeming to be worked on,

    and now they are working on new content to sell us, here's a revolutionary idea, FIX the thing that's broke before you build on top of it.......

  • HaywardGG
    106 posts

    Still constantly crashing and freezing. ALL my friends have had enough and won't play this game any more. ALL the regular Div2 PC Streamers I follow no longer stream Div 2 or haven't been online in weeks. I tried to complete a couple of missions today and the game froze both times, right near the end of the mission but when I log back in I have to start again. This is getting ridiculous!

    Where are the updates ? If I was taking this long to fix a software bug at my job I'd have been sacked months ago!

    Unacceptable. At this point they must know what the issue is..

    FIX the dam game or give me my money back.

  • HaywardGG
    106 posts

    This is why I will never pay full price ever again for a ubisoft game. Ever. I get all my Ubi games on sale through CDKeys or giveaways.
    They are not worth full price, not even half price!

  • guz75
    2 posts

    Had a couple of weird crashes today, blank screen with the usual glitching audio, then fans went crazy had to power off. I'm used to the random freeze and CTD but it's never crashed like this, bit worried it's an issue with my PC, the only change to my system was windows update KB5007186. Anyone had anything like this?

  • Boothen
    34 posts

    @ubi-karl Here's a tip. why not stop treating your paying customers like [censored] by constantly fobbing us off and lying to us and simply tell us the truth? This issue has been ongoing for two years now and all we get is the same condescending cut and paste replies saying 'we're aware of the issue and are working on it'. Well I guess you're not working on it very hard are you, or is it a case of the dev team simply not being competent enough to track down and fix their mistakes?

    I recently came back from 6 months away from this game due to this issue, and imagine my surprise when in that time literally nothing had been addressed.

  • HaywardGG
    106 posts
    Had a couple of weird crashes today, blank screen with the usual glitching audio, then fans went crazy had to power off. I'm used to the random freeze and CTD but it's never crashed like this, bit worried it's an issue with my PC, the only change to my system was windows update KB5007186. Anyone had anything like this?

    It's not your PC or the Windows update.
    You can verify this by playing any other game and noticing you don't have the same issue.
    It's Division 2 , not your system.

  • guz75
    2 posts

    @haywardgb I kind of got used to the normal crashes, was just a bit worried about my screens going blank and the fans in my PC going mental forcing me to power off quickly, just wanted to see if it has been crashing like this for others. Thanks.

  • Vykyng666
    68 posts

    @guz75 "got used to the normal crashes"
    Please DO NOT.

    2 posts

    Has been working almost flawlessly for me since i bought it not long after it came out, aside from the occasional crash. But last two weeks ive been getting freeze followed by CTD with no error after a few mins of playing, in menus, or after an hour of playing... on the Division, the Division 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and almost reached the point of pulling my hair out.

    Today i came across what seems to have fixed it for me in the Division 2:

    Disable Fullscreen Optimization and enable High Scale DPI scaling override (application) on: EACLaunch.exe, Division2.exe and theDivision2Launcher.exe

  • Steinforth
    1 posts

    came back to game after a couple of months off, experiencing freezing in main missions, have run a verify on files - it did find some corrupt so thought that was it NOT....just playing kenly college timed mode it just froze again.
    I have ryzen 3600, 16gb ram, running game on nvme drive with 173/500gb free, rtx 2060 6gb (I have turned down settings to high just to try that too), NVIDIA 496.49 driver, windows is on 10/0/19041 Build 19041.

    Game is currently unplayable for me.

  • Kam-fr
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    there is no support for this game?

    Icône de validation par la communauté

  • mickpich
    8 posts

    the problem is not solve , crash again

    2 posts

    I tried the same on the Division, this time i had bought the game on Steam so there was only thedivision.exe in the game directory. After disabling fullscreen optimization and enabling high scale dpi scaling override on the game exe, i havent had a CTD on this either. I dunno why, but it seems to work for me.

  • BattleMaster23
    29 posts

    @w3st3rninfid3l Hmm, I will give it a try. I have stopped playing this for a while (over a month) as I got tired of the constant freezes. I will report back with my results in a day or so 🙂

  • Killorio
    116 posts

    Nice too see to ongoing plaguing problem is happening to ther people too. For me this issue has been going on for at least 3 months or so. I tried to reach Ubisoft Support, with no avail, giving those generic tips to "update graphic drivers, update windows 10, verify game files, uninstall and reinstall" and such. This is so maddening that if not for this rerun of "Faye Lau Hunt" I would have uninstalled this game already for indefinite amount of time. Ubisoft people MUST fix these freezes, it is too frustrating to often restart the game.

  • HaywardGG
    106 posts

    The community is more active at trying to find a solution for this issue than Ubisoft.

    I did try the DPI scaling and Full Screen Optimisation fix the other day, it crashed 2 hours into gameplay, then after restart it crashed less than 5 minutes into gameplay. After that it was good for another hour, but froze again. Saying that though, I have a great deal of respect for everyone who's put their own time and energy into looking at "workarounds" for this bug. Meanwhile, maybe Ubisoft can put the same effort into fixing it so we don't have to constantly be playing around with system settings. System settings that aren't affecting ANY OTHER game btw!

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