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  • Adrian-11
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    Care to give more details?
    What do you mean by EAC included in Connect updates?
    What are the "new" and "old" versions?

  • gkt60
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    'Ubisoft Connect' update this morning reinstalled version 4 of EAC, current version is 5. Followed this fault through searches and EAC has a few options to resolve with updating the exe to version 5 working for 2 days prior to this mornings update. When I checked EAC after the crash it was version 4 again. EAC support page gives a link to the current version and I saved a copy to copy into the EAC dir in program files.

    EasyAntiCheat is installed via the \Tom Clancy's The Division 2\EasyAntiCheat\EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe, this setup.exe needs to be updated to the current version because it obviously runs on each update.

  • Adrian-11
    897 posts


    I'm intrigued, this is something new... I will try it.

  • gkt60
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    @adrian-11 '\Tom Clancy's The Division 2\EasyAntiCheat\EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe' needs to be a ubisoft fix, just download the current 'EasyAntiCheat.exe' from the EasyAntiCheat site and replace it in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyAntiCheat' dir

  • ElectricSquall
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    @adrian-11 - I will do the same.

    For those wondering how to perform the update, the requirements and the instructions are here: https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/game/guides/service/: (https://easy.ac/en-us/support/game/guides/service)

    I'll try it now.

  • ParadoxNgo
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    Quit HWiNFO64 if it's running. I freeze every 5-10mins before I shut it down. Now I've never freeze and crash a half day playing. Ubi seems can't fix this problem

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3305 posts

    Hey @delimanic7203 ,

    Sorry to see you're starting to see performance issues!

    If you haven't done so already, could you please refer to Ubi-Nacho's post to contact us if you've already attempted our troubleshooting steps.

    Thank you!

    Official Response
  • lees921
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    @Adrian-11 am testing right now.. if i manage to play for more then 15 minurtes without a ctd you sir will deserve godlike status..

    ctd 15:01 minutes from enterring actual game.. gutted..

  • Adrian-11
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    Sorry to hear it... chances were quite slim to begin with. This points again to the game itself, something in the PC code is messed up (most likely the "unofficial" code associated with the seasons' re-run).
    Haven't had the time to try it, seems to be just another "placebo", driven by randomness of the error.
    BTW, it wasn't my idea or suggestion, I just pointed out that it's a new "maybe this is the problem", so that wasted credit goes to someone else.

  • Gio21stri
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    SOLUTION FOUND (THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO DO) - Delete config folder (path is Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division 2). Today played 3.5 hours straight first time (since i started playing the game full week ago) without problems. Hope this post helps somebody

  • lees921
    5 posts

    @adrian-11 either way mate i realy apreciate the brief hope i had to be able to actualy play a ubisoft game again.. thanks man.

    Ubisoft take note although you guys arent telling us anything at least some public people out there are still trying..

    Also take note this forum has been linked to a select few publishing companies that deal with tech/ tech companies..

    I qoute " Thank you for your reply, we are currently very interested in select software companies given the ongoing issues a certain other is having."

    Seems as though this problem may well soon be in certain publications. (Im sure Ubisoft shareholders wont be amused..)

  • apsingh1
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    After having crash to desktop every time I try to login. Came here to check on updates or solutions. Seems still no solution.

  • lees921
    5 posts

    @apsingh1 send a email to these guys..

    If you’d like to comment on a PCWorld article or video, or otherwise reach a PCWorld editor, please send an email to letters@pcworld.com: (mailto:letters@pcworld.com).

    lets get the story out there..

  • Alchalide
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    @gio21stri The real trouble starts once you finished the DLC and come back to DC.

    Edit: dont buy the DLC till we get a patch.

  • Adrian-11
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    If you really want to do some well-deserved damage, write to Paul Tassi at Forbes.

  • mickpich
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    hi, everyone
    i came back for the freezing problemon TD2
    i've played last week during many hours and NO FREEZE 😊
    yesterdeay too playing during 3hours :ok
    i don' t known if a patch solve the problem but for me it's seem to be ok

  • Gio21stri
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    @alchalide im not planning to buy it cause i remember it took me a week to find anyone who would play with me "clear sky" in first game (and its in the original game) . and you talk about paid content - (so maybe a year of waiting other players)

  • Delimanic7203
    15 posts

    Hi thanks for your response.
    Yes I have done most of those tips. The only one I didn't do was the C++ config.
    So bottom line is game is working again.. for now.. played about 5 hrs yesterday without crash.
    I believe it may be due to malware or some virus. So I bought an Antivirus program, it didn't find anything significant but who knows in the future.
    One major step I took was to move game from 😄 to 😧 drive.
    When these crashes started I had 80 GBS FREE space (after game installed). I cleaned drive to give 110 Gbs .. still crashed.
    I moved game (reinstalled) to 😧 drive which has 210 Gbs Free space (after game installed).. since then no crashes.
    I honestly don't think free (well this much) space has anything to do with crashes but what do I know.
    The only other issue I could think of is an 'Epic Games' to Ubisoft glitch.
    I bought the game thru Epic and used to launch it there, but recently I have been launching it just thru Ubisoft.

    I'm just glad to be back online... for now.

    Edit.. [censored] why does it show goofy faces for (c and d drive)

  • Alchalide
    11 posts

    @gio21stri You can solo about the whole game so that isn't a problem. The thing is that the "seasonal" stuff is broken and that only starts when you finish the DLC. So if finish the DLC you will get the CTD issue that everyone is having. If you just play the base game, you should be fine and have no/little issues.

  • Jimmy_DA
    41 posts

    The game is broken and no matter what fixes we (the players) implement or do will make any difference. Ubisoft actually posted a message on this a while back within the announcement of the new big update coming circa January 2022 - all we can do is hope the developers / programmers sort this issue out within the next major update.

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