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  • Slick8791
    3 posts

    Even worse, I wasn't crashing but now I am after today's update. (Trying) to play with D12 enabled. No issues until today's patch. Running the benchmark a few times will freeze the game.

    Matter of fact, this is the first time I've ever posted on this board since playing D1 and D2...that's how bad it is.

  • AggressAffect
    3 posts


    I haven't had a hang / crash in several hours of play today which is much better than *average* over the last few months.

    But I did have one crash where it went from fullscreen to windowed then crashed to desktop and the bug report tool appeared - never seen that before.

    However, given how random the hang / CTD was, it's going to take a few days before we can judge if the problem has been fixed for most / some of us.

    NOTE - I cleared DX cache and game cache after installing the update.

  • WrecK3rr
    325 posts

    Only if they could share how they fixed it? Or what did they fix?
    Like what exactly did they find which was causing this issue?
    Was it the anticheat? Shader Cache? Dx files?

    IMO that claim they made in the patch notes is very vague and doesn't confirm anything.

  • Adrian-11
    897 posts


    There seem to be some changes... Instead of "suspended", now the game freezes to a window and "not responding", and looks like there is more time between crashes.
    Tried all the other workarounds with the same result.
    The last one I will try is to manually install the latest EAC version.

  • MassiveVijayjay
    65 posts

    was about to reinstall but now i see people still are crashing even after title "update" 14. huge let down. cancelling the download, fix your [censored] and give out refunds.

  • Blackridge-
    3 posts

    You didn't fix anything with your update. Crashed after 25 minutes of gameplay. Same issue for, what, nearly a year now?

  • echolecter
    310 posts
    IMO that claim they made in the patch notes is very vague and doesn't confirm anything.

    Whatever they intended to say with that line, one thing is for sure. It isn't fixed ... at best they changed something in a failed attempt to fix it.

  • RizecekCZE
    9 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • its_John.Wick
    6 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Zebedee_73
    35 posts

    Crashes to window view and hangs. Nothing reported in Event Viewer and in task manager - not responding.

    I would imagine with each crash there is more chance of corrupting files and the situation getting worse.

    It's a faulty product!

  • Colonel.Klink.
    6 posts

    My Windows 10 PC just installed a Windows update last night and now the game freezes regularly where I have to Alt+Tab out and end process in Task Manager (maybe once every 30-60 minutes or so. I came back to this game just over a month ago and at the time the game was crashing once a day during hours of gameplay. One of my friends regularly has crashes and I see teammates going offline in the middle of gameplay constantly.

  • Grumskull
    4 posts

    @grumskull I would like to make notice of the current patch and say that I have been having zero crashes as of last fix. I´m glad the devs took their time and made the game work again.

    Happy holidays agents 🎄

    82 posts

    @grumskull That was my experience from the Tuesday update until today (Friday). Now multiple crashes to desktop with most instances requiring the task manager app to terminate the game. No longer a suspended app, simply frozen.... the devs haven't taken the time to complete a proper QA on their fixes. I game on three different systems, so a variety of component brands etc... and my fellow clanmates are finding it crashes MORE now.

    If Massive Entertainment needs some ACTUAL end-users to actually test their proposed new game builds, frankly they could pick hundreds of users from this 700+ post thread alone.


  • Darklite_x
    12 posts

    My game doesn't 'crash', but yeah, it completely freezes up, forcing me to kill the task. It's been getting pretty GD annoying.

  • MassiveVijayjay
    65 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • HaywardGG
    106 posts

    Game didn't crash once after the initial update (recent patch), then all of a sudden over the past few days I've had CTD every 10minutes to an hour into game, starting again. What the hell is going on at Ubisoft with this game? They keep saying they're going to fix the issue, that they are aware of it, but we're literally NOT seeing a single fix or update on the issue since almost a year now.

    Yes, as mentioned in my previous posts (Ubisoft support bot) I've tried all your suggested fixes and workarounds, even the ones suggested by other members of this forum. Nothing works. Some days I'll have no crash for hours, then other days it will crash every 10 minutes or so. Freezes on me then requires a full system reboot. I mean seriously, are you even trying to fix this ? It doesn't look like it.

    If there was a petition to sue Ubisoft for our money back, I'd sign it in a heart beat.

  • Saqiw
    21 posts

    @haywardgg Dont worry mate, they will try to fix the game every 3 year, so you just have to wait a little bit, like around 2030 😛

  • Grumskull
    4 posts

    @rage_therapy I agree with you. It seems to be a mixed experience for everyone after the patch. I still haven't gotten any crashes though, but I still get random slow texture renders where my character slows down and cant run. After a couple of seconds of waiting and letting the game catch up, does the trick, but its annoying.

    I wish the developers would take their time to adress all the issues stated by the community.

    Merry christmas agents.

    EDIT!: Oh well, my game starts to crash again. After 11 hours of gameplay... I don't understand the underlying issue anymore.

  • HaywardGG
    106 posts
    We consider this our top priority at the moment and appreciate your assistance as we continue to investigate.

    If this is what your top priorities look like, I'd hate to see what your medium to low priorities are like. 10 years for a medium, 15 years for a low? lol

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