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  • Jimmy_DA
    50 posts
    For me, crash happen only when I was playing in a mission, after 10 minutes the game freeze completely I have to kill the task.

    Same for me, except the freezing crash can happen at anytime any where within the game and at random. Sometimes within 10 minutes other times not till 2 hours of gameplay.

    @ubi-smash - I have submited the troubleshooting files and currently have a open case. Most of the crashing / freezing issues primarily occur for PC users, I'm on PC also for Division 2

  • jonnythefrank
    19 posts

    Crashing continues. 90% of the time I'm in my inventory screen. Crashes at least 2-3 times a day. Does not CTD, just freezes then I can open Task Manager and force quit.

  • Giantholepunchr
    101 posts

    did an entire week of filing tickets which resulted in absolute zero. and no surprise another crash. perhaps ubi should stop developing games and go into data deletion.

  • Father-Jack
    35 posts

    For me, where TD2 *hasn't* crashed has been the Summit. I have been playing this extensively for the past week and am now at floor 61, and not a single freeze while in the Summit. When I exit the Summit and return to DC or NY, the random freezes return.

  • Adze.
    12 posts

    Hello everyone.

    If you are using NVIDIA cards please try debug mode to see if your graphics card is clocked too high by factory overclock:

  • Jimmy_DA
    50 posts

    Issue seems to be with the games handling of DirectX 12. In the games video options, disable the options of DirectX 12. Has worked for me so far and been able to play without the random freezing. Whilst this isn't an ideal solution, rather use the DirectX 12 API, it has at least allowed me to play without the crashing.

  • harr0w.
    7 posts

    Is anyone at massive trying to fix the dx12 freezing issue or is it a merry go round of script reading

  • Jimmy_DA
    50 posts

    @harr0w Think the Massive developers just love Merry go-rounds!

  • TunaNoCrust
    8 posts

    Still happening for the past 2-3 months.
    Updated NGreedia drivers, disabled Ngreedia overlay, Ubicrap overlay, verified files in CrapPlay, still crashes.

    Win 7 4790k 32 GB DDR3 512 Crucial SSD GF 1660ti, wasn't having this issue a few months ago.
    You broke it. Gj.

  • greymouseUK
    5 posts

    @ubi-lucipus Still crashes to desktop right in the middle of 'Manhunt'. error report is as follows....again! Game Security Detected (#000000D) Ledkeeper2exe. It' beginning to annoy me! Come on please fix this issue soon or I can see many players leaving the house. Shame really as it is a very good game.

    90 posts

    Crash to desktop continues, even with the latest maintenance on 09/07/21. Not sure why Massive Entertainment can't get this game as stable as Division 1 with DX12. I play both games and Div 1 is rock solid stable for hours and hours of gameplay with no freezes or crashes. Two years plus after release and The Division 2 continues to disappoint in terms of game instability and bugs.

    If Yannick, the Associate Creative Director for this game is to be believed - they are STILL working on it, but there is little credibility at this point and time on PC.

  • Father-Jack
    35 posts
    If you are using NVIDIA cards please try debug mode to see if your graphics card is clocked too high by factory overclock:

    Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately this did not help. Even in debug mode I still get random crashes.

  • Kabal81
    27 posts

    I was able to stop the crashing.
    The annoying stutters and frame drops are still there.
    Here is what I've done. Maybe one of you guys have luck with the same settings.

    First: Video Mode on Dx11. The Dx12 Mode is still too buggy.
    Second step: (found this in a very old reddit post, from the first days after release)
    Switch to Balanced Power Plan. Then go to change settings of the plan and go advanced settings. Search for Processor Power Management.
    Reduce Maximum Power from 100 to 85.

    I'm also running Ubi Connect and the game itself on Admin.

    For me it works. Playing weith this settings for almost two weeks now and not a single CTD since then.

    Hope this can help some of you guys.
    Good luck agents.

  • Bali-Dancer.IDN
    1 posts

    i had experience in last 3 days, my pc crash all the time. need help

  • MichaelCZ79
    11 posts

    Also newly the game on PC is crashing! Worked for several months stably... Without any changes or updates on me side...

  • OF-2
    5 posts

    I am having the same issues. When firing a weapon the game suddenly freezes and the screen goes black. The game has been running without any issues on my machine until 3 or 4 days ago. Now it is unplayable.

    90 posts

    @ubi-lucipus 10 Days since my last update and the game this week is only getting worse and worse. Multiple crashes desktop and/or freezes for me and several friends today over the course of an hour or two of gameplay. It seems like whatever build loaded for this week's League Event has only created more problems. And as usual, I can move over to The Division 1 and play for hours and hours with zero issues. The Snowdrop Engine in Division 2 seems completely unstable.

  • T.H.U.D.D.
    143 posts

    I'm not crashing, but I'm getting freezes now. The game randomly locks up during gameplay or loading. I have to close the game via Task Manager. This started happening yesterday for me.

    Edit: Because I have to close via task manager, the game cannot create a crash report.

  • zeromercy4u
    1 posts

    @bali-dancer-idn Ditto! I've been trying to play for two days now, but I crash directly to the windows desktop after 4-6 mins. every time.

  • alientookmybeer
    19 posts


    Same, had 3 crashes yesterday each within the first 10 minutes of launching the game. Checked on here for any similar complaints but none at that time. Today had another crash but in a longer session. These 4 crashes in 24 hours is about the number I had in the first 500 hours of playing the game.

    Each time the game window minimizes and becomes black without a visible error popup window and I have to end task through task manager.

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