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  • MassiveVijayjay
    6 posts

    and? we're still averaging two crashes an hour here.

  • MassiveVijayjay
    6 posts

    another crash. at least it went a whole 42 minutes after restarting from the last crash.

  • jonnythefrank
    2 posts

    Not only crashes, but now the server latency spikes every 5-7 minutes. I've tried to play this game over and over again, but it either crashes or the latency spikes make it unplayable. You guys made it online only and a good number of your customers can not play your game. This is beyond ridiculous now.

  • Father-Jack
    22 posts


    I think this *might* be down to a problem with communication with the TD2 servers. One time TD2 froze (yet again), my modem had just dropped sync with the DSLAM, so I had lost the Internet. Right after that happened, TD2 froze.

    It may have been a coincidence, but perhaps worth mentioning.

    For me, sometimes TD2 may freeze 2-3 times during a day's play. Not good, but I guess I can live with that knowing a fix is on its way(?).

    Some other days, very problematic, a freeze every ½ to 1 hour or so. Very frustrating.

  • Father-Jack
    22 posts
    Our June Update (TU13) should have improved the crashes happening on PC

    Where do you see which version the game is patched to? For me the in-game Patch Notes only go up to 1.12.

    6 posts

    @father-jack My experience with freezes vs. crash to desktop has also been the quality of the internet connection. I too experienced many freezes which ultimately I could tie back to either high packet errors on the modem, dropped sync, etc...

    My crashes to desktop however seem to driven by the actual game application and driver support. I don't have a single other game on my PC that crashes to desktop like The Division 2 does consistently day after day and year after year since release.

  • jonnythefrank
    2 posts

    Tried to get on to complete some bounties for some SMG farming. Game crashed twice, then 4 consecutives deaths thanks to latency spikes.

  • roninatlas
    1 posts

    My game will crash randomly but consistently while in the inventory menu. I've tried verifying, reinstalling, disabled installation drive page file, changed driver api and disabled any 3rd party OSD overlay.
    My setup:
    cpu: r5 3600
    ram: 16GB
    gpu: 6800xt
    os drive: 256GB nvme (windows managed page file)
    installation drive: 2TB HDD (page file disabled)

  • Moutro
    2 posts

    Have people tried to open a ticket regarding this? Just in case this can be heard. Because apparently this forum has no result as it seems...

  • Jimmy_DA
    4 posts
    Have people tried to open a ticket regarding this? Just in case this can be heard. Because apparently this forum has no result as it seems...

    Hi @Moutro I think many have submitted tickets - this issue is months old and still hasn't been address by Ubisoft. They have "supposedly" been investigating this for months but have not provided any feedback or a single response to the issue bar the usual PR spins, which does not help anyone.

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