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  • Sir_0v3rk1ll
    167 posts

    @haywardgg I have to agree on that 100%. In dz in TD1 when you kill someone it takes them time to go find you, if they ever do. Kind of like Dayz. You might not see them again. Map is big. This DZ in TD2 is garbage. Too small. You kill anyone and withing 2 minutes they are on you again, feeling like I accomplish nothing by killing you. That's why when I want to experience pvp I go play Planetside 2 or Squad.

  • HonestlyOK1986
    208 posts

    Having just taken 2 level 19s into the dz to do a bit of new players to the game give them a taste of it i can guarantee they need a geared up experienced player there for protection. We ran into 5 different rogues within 30 minutes. Fortunately they were all solo rogues as anything above that and I'd have been in real trouble for keeping them both alive. You cant extract without rogues showing. Time of day used to matter, now it transfers you into a server with others regardless. Either go in geared up or dont bother, because around every corner is someone so desperate for pvp they will go rogue on guys who havent even made level 20 yet and think it's good play.

    4 posts

    @dagrommit ....need a tissue, Karen?

  • dagrommit
    Original poster 894 posts

    @death-_dealer-_ I see you're still working on getting to DZ Level 50 and double-digit rogue kills. Good luck, I'm sure you'll make it eventually! ✊

  • GhostAgent14
    203 posts

    So, I was reading about the OP PvP build in this thread:


    I was wondering if that build could be used as a defense against any rogues showing up while one is simply tying to farm DZ resources.

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    @dagrommit hahaha, I pvp on fps, not Division. I know going in ppl live in there and will jack ur sht....if I choose to go and get my stuff taken, I don't cry about......it was my choice to go in chief ✊

  • matta3310
    8 posts

    @skys01_ Invaded DZ gives 2 per box instead of 1.

  • matta3310
    8 posts

    @death-_dealer-_ Haha, sure ya do. Gets called out and has convenient excuse. You must be one of the Karen's people that actually pvp complain about.

  • TxDieselKid
    412 posts

    @ghostagent14 It could but I would suggest something with 2 Golan and 1 Belstone for armor regen, and that way you could just run though the streets/landmarks and not really stop for too much if NPC's are shooting at you.

  • AgentRyzen
    9 posts

    @xmdead LIKE i said we need a Pve Only DZ with Story Missions, so much they coud do here but they Jsut WONT do it!!!!!! so screw it!

  • Avalanche81
    36 posts

    My Experience with the DZ is a lone rogue agent that runs away like a wuss and gets his full group of friends and then grows a spine to fight, when they know they will win.

    In the end, PVP is boring, predictable and pointless in my opinion, all it shows is how lame these players are (the ones that only have a spine when they have friends to gang up on a solo player) and to be honest, i like the idea of the npc rogue agents, so it would be interesting if they added in an option for the DZ to be pve only or pve/pvp and the pve version will have 1-4 rogue agents depending on difficulty and i would love to do a pve version of the DZ knowing that i will not encounter pvp players who only care about winning, no matter if its a fight they know they will always win.

  • KingTUMMAN
    2 posts

    First off, Thanks alot for the guide.
    Second, I thinks I can't have fun in DZ hahaha

    I just came back from a long break and find something to play while waiting for next FFXIV Patch
    I finish Manhut and level to 100 then getting some reward here and there then I thinks I should try DZ because I wanna build another build with some Named stuff in there

    I got in, having fun fighting stuff just like normal PVE and the PVP kick in on Extraction.
    2 Full PVP Rogue rush in to my Extraction right after I finish my Stuff and then kill me.
    I Thinks ppl coming in DZ to kill noob anyway and my Gear that I drop mostly got Sabotage and Salvaged xD
    At this moment I thought, why I can't Enjoy these DZ Content when I also paid for a full game.
    The Concept of DZ is already obsolete right ? Since PVPer in DZ should be Max on everything already.
    And what the point of Killing Noob and then salvage their gears ? (I Assume getting salvaged because what's the point on pickup useless loots right ?)

    I don't mind Invading in DS because atleast I can fight back eventho Invader mostly got Advantage but I like that Odd.
    Compare to DZ now, I don't thinks I can find a good Impression out of it hahaha.

    I like the Zone tho, it's new to me since I don't go in DZ like AT ALL because I know this kind of stuff gonna happen.

    Maybe Dev. can Make PVE DZ As Super Hardmode or something so PVE Player can enjoy that zone too
    Oh and before PVPer come and [censored] on me, don't worry, atleast on me I farm gear just to have fun doing PVE Content, I don't bring my Stuff to fight you in DZ anyway so no worry about that XD

    well, I just want to enjoy all the Content the game has to offer that is, Peace !

  • Viking_Jarl
    100 posts


    When you enter DZ and get jumped by a group of four that only play to troll other players, it's not fun
    I could easily enter DZ just to explore and play PVE, but PVP , forget about it!

  • StuckindaDz
    8 posts

    Haven’t played in while. Went back in the dark zone and it’s 90% of the same players. Still get the hate mail when I kill them or they kill me (I ruin pvp cos I killed them or don’t seeker mine as the damage is too high).

    I would say they’re teenagers, but sadly having chatted to few of them they’re in their 30’s. Bless.

    hope to see you in the dark zone soon. (I realised that invaded dark zones are less rogue infested. If you get killed a number of players tend to group together to take out the rogues which is good).

  • Viking_Jarl
    100 posts


    But you know that people that go rogue on you are complete A-H-OLES!
    The rotten apples of the bunch!
    So you can not blame them for trying!

  • ntto154
    25 posts

    Finding friend for farm dark zone xp by switch killing each other
    I need 8 more time to do "Operation Retirement" core challenge
    we can do 25 times if u want
    this is fastest way to farm dark zone xp
    my Id : ntto154

  • EvilskyDemon10
    12 posts

    @XMdead also depends on your time frame and location. I'm west coast so if I wanna farm the dz with no rouges for a solid 3-4hrs. I'll go in around 1 am real world time. I'll come across others doing the same and then we all end up farming together. Bout 430amish is when you will see rouges start up looking to get a manhunt. That's if ur on d2 and just dont wanna deal with them. If they kill you gg them, if they take your stuff go back and hunt them down. I've meet a lot of rouges in the dz have truces with some and others it's kill on site(especially for the sweaty rouges with no respect) just depends on them.

    But then again I do love me a good rouge fight.

  • Yacov8903
    7 posts

    Hello The Division 2 forum

    Sorry for writing this question here
    But I could not write the question in the forum

    my question is
    how to accept call for backup in the division 2 - pc
    I've been trying for a long time to do this and it doesn't work for me
    I looked for information about it on the Internet and YouTube
    And I didn't find the answer

    Good day

  • Kamikaze-TMX
    24 posts

    lol crying about dz that is supposed a pvp zone.. its pvp so no rules on how they kill ya.. you enter pvp area and pve player cries he gets killed by a pvp player in a pvp zone... well in the devision 1 you got hackers in those zones.. dont know how it is in this game... i ones was trying to get some good loot in the dev2 zones dz. and what ya know i killed some players and i dindt even notice... now i know that i killed some players because they were freaking hard but i killed a group of 4... and i wasnt even on lv... lucky me and got some good stuff from it 😛

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