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  • cap.cla
    Original poster 86 posts

    What I wanted to say, but I couldn't say clearly because of problem with the forum,is that if the part of the story of Valhalla that will have an impact on the lore and the future of the series will be mythological,the story of Eivor can continue,without any important impact,in new and free missions about his life in Ravensthorpe.So we can evolve our headcanon,also making a family.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts


    You said it.

    A lot of players, whom I believe to be new ones jumping in since AC Origins, do not seem to realise that AC is not a pure RPG, and there is an important setting: the Animus. We are relieving the memories of someone, rather than creating our own adventures. As a result, there are limitations in the choices players can make since they are living the life of someone else, not their own. If the Animus subject did not actually do something in their life, then the players cannot force that to happen.

  • bielik01
    820 posts

    @imaginaryruins I'm actually mad at this that we're given multiple dialog options and the outcome of each one may be different
    we may end up with different endings, which is too RPG-y for Assassin's Creed (like those choices were within Animus limitations, but the past is the past - there's only one version of it)

  • cap.cla
    Original poster 86 posts

    I agree with you and with the other two people who have written something in this discussion, because I am too a fan who began to play the Assassin's Creed games through the first ones.And because of this reason,I'd like if Ubisoft put less RPG elements in the next games.But,if they want to continue in this way,they should reveal clearly what is equal for everyone, because of the fact we can't change the memories of the protagonist,and what we can choose.For me,if what I'm proposing was impossible, because maybe Eivor canonically doesn't want a marriage and children,it should be clear.There should be dialogues to explain why the romance relationship that we choose to have can't evolve in that way,also if it would be normal in the viking society of that age.So I think that or Ubisoft,

  • cap.cla
    Original poster 86 posts

    through the next expansions,has to explain why Eivor choices not to have a family,even if it was possible,or it has to make a feauture to evolve the romance,letting us choose what really Eivor did and not changing what he really did.If they don't care giving us some informations about the characters,they should simply let us choose what it is right and what not.I am too one that would like to have again a game as the first ones and a protagonist as Ezio or Altaïr.But,if this doesn't happen,there will be need to find a way to make the new game better,not only about the family argument.I hope that Ubisoft will hear the requests of the old fans and will make better the next games.If they don't do it,for me Assassin's Creed is dead.

  • cap.cla
    Original poster 86 posts

    Just something to try to convince the Avengers and Fast and Furious' fans,like me,to vote yes.undefined

  • cap.cla
    Original poster 86 posts

    Surely you can't vote no after seeing this.

  • hydrogenmissle
    25 posts

    @cap-cla play mount and blade 2 dude u can do this stuff. having a family isnt really what assassins creed is all about. i mean if ubisoft just adds it for... whatever reason yeah cool great but like i can think of a million other aspects to the game that demands attention before we even think about starting a family.

  • Karmachaositgp
    90 posts

    @cap-cla There too worried about offending the lgtb community. Look at the fit they threw aver the blood lines dlc...Thats how you make a baby people lol. But it was ok for the game to force countless same gender situations despite someone playing a straight character? Where was our choice in that? There wasn't one. 5 complete playthroughs of odyssey 3 with alexios and 2 with kassandra and every playthrough you are forced to endure regardless of your choices that ubisoft claimed had meaningful impact. Assassins creed pretty much has always been about the blood line since Altair, it's still present in this pre Altair trilogy just not as pronounced I feel.

  • katzenkrimis71
    162 posts

    Evolve our relationships and,if we want,have children?


    No bloody way.

    This is not a role-playing game, it's an action/adventure.

    They need to focus on putting the Assassin back in Assassin's Creed, not turning it into Sims 5.

    Starting a family and having babies in this series would be as dumb as putting one in Far Cry 6. Or any of Ubisoft's other games.

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