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  • MisterFibble
    72 posts

    Personally I don't like this new format, suggested topics at the bottom are from last year and not even topics related to the thread or game you're currently looking at.

    Far too much wasted space on screen meaning more scrolling up and down with less text of screen at any given time. It looks like a reddit knock off done by someone who's seen screenshots but never actually scrolled through. Seems more like change for the sake of change rather than a proper update to a forum system that worked as a forum. But given the modern climate the ancient concept of a forum being somewhere to discuss things in some kind of rational manner is an aberation that the antisocial media generation is being programmed to rage against.

    If it ain't broke don't fix it or poke it until something bad happens.

  • POP_King_Delica
    18 posts

    It is massively buggy for me. I have to refresh the browser literally every page change to get the list view to work. It is slow to load anything. For some bizarre reason it displays the Valhalla forum by default when it loads and it between pages. Link clicks only work every 2nd or 3rd click.

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