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  • noooob023
    4 posts

    @merphee A sharpshooter buff.

  • lav253
    1 posts

    Things I'd like to see

    *Cluster bombs updated,
    We're able to choose how many we throw or all of them are used.. Because I find it really annoying when I have 7 clusters and 3 mobs I throw 7 but only 3 track a target, the others dissipate(even if they all hit can be diminishing returns after the 1st one but at least it's a higher chance that they hit. Could have it like the technician rocket launcher but for cluster mines. Can choose how many we throw. and refreshes like the hive for the ones used.

    *Flame turrent..
    Been said many times.. somehow find the technology to revert the flame turret to Division 1

    *Special Ammo
    Ability to buy, or make it.

    Can tell me there are supplies in an abandoned building a click away, but can't warn me that mobs are coming in from behind in a fight.

    *skills reorganization
    To many overlapping ideas.. should just be (yellow)skill damage, Heal, haste, and duration. A new Category (green)Enviromental, status damage/effects/buffs/. And you still have your blue, protections related and red for weapon damage.

  • xcel30
    263 posts

    @lav253 Refunding some of the cluster seeker mines that as cooldown could probably help alleviate some of the frustation of having high skill tiers but low enemy counts in that encounter

  • RichardOshea
    167 posts

    A Legendary Open World.

    Cost for failure

    Dynamic engagements


  • SuspiciousPixel
    44 posts

    @merphee For Trick Dempsey to take control. I feel she has some wild ideas for the game.

  • Adrian-11
    562 posts


    1. Extend the difficulty scaling to classified assignments (very low hanging fruit, I think); currently, they are locked to normal (I guess), which makes them not appealing once you get to higher SHD levels, and some of them are quite nice.
    2. Time lock for rogues in DZ; people turning rogue should stay rogue for a while, 30 min, 1 hour, or until death, this flip-flopping every two minutes is unfair and kills any immersion.
    3. Provide more than one path to obtain the rarer items locked in raids or DZ.
    4. Change the Hunters to hunt the players, not the other way around, and saddled with silly triggering BS (saluting graves?!).
    5. Black Tusk CPs.
    6. The Summit... Ugh, not sure it can be fixed, so could we have The Underground back in NY?

    I'll stop here.

  • POP_King_Delica
    18 posts

    I want the old DZ back. The map at the very least or something the same size.

  • YodaMan3D
    0 posts


    It's a matter of perspective. I played in a group where a player with a shield dominated every room with only a few shots. I don't hate those players and I don't want their builds nerfed. Best part of the whole situation, I don't have to play with those players again, if I choose not to. That is part of the issue with the haters. You don't like SBs, then make the choice not to roll with them. It doesn't require one's hate into nerfing every build that one dislikes. Simply put IMHO, for every "I Win!" some are claiming SBs have, if you take a moment and realize. The other side is doing nothing but defending their "I Win!".

  • ColHathi
    1 posts

    Being able to "pick up" more gadgets. It always irked me how instead of recalling my good boi drone or seeker mine to be picked up, it just explodes 😞 Takes me out of my immersion every time.

  • xcel30
    263 posts

    @yodaman3d I mean balance is a long discussion and no one here has the final say, i'm mostly remembering comments devs made regarding previous SBs in division 1 PVP + their comments in multiple SOTG in div2 regarding some nerfs and buffs. If one thing makes others too irrelevant then how do you balance content around that? were cluster seekers too useful? were other builds too weak? I mean some stuff were failed experiments like shotgun melee damage (they said that melee damage on shotgun was just because people complied about stagger in D1 PVP) so shotgun were [censored] in this game and they had to go back and buff them multiple times until they gave them armor damage.

    Should everything do the same thing but it's just personal prefference what weapon skin you want, or do you make things have good parts with some downsides? The answer devs got from seekers spam was that it was too free and easy to do negating all the gameplay so they nerfed, i'm just playing armchair gamedevs since my experience regarding game dev was not on production but in other places regarding changes

  • DisgruntledJedi
    3 posts

    Survival DC

  • RichardOshea
    167 posts

    It's pretty easy to pump out a list of things that are clearly overpowered, but overpowered in relation to what? The enemy. So instead of rebalancing weapons to race to the bottom of the difficulty curve rebalance the enemy instead. Of course we'll get the instant flood of: "Too hard" etc etc and the equally predictable: "Lower your difficulty level" reply but the bottom line is the devs caved to those complaints the first time around and likely would again.

    We have a bunch of OP stuff. Meh, when was that ever not the case in this game?

  • Metal_Greg
    78 posts

    @richardoshea The enemies have OP stuff so therefore we need OP stuff too, simple as that.

  • RichardOshea
    167 posts

    @metal_greg I wish that were true. Blinder, Foam were the go to win buttons in Legendary when it launched but they nerfed the crap out of those too. Whatever 'we' might think about balance, the dev's have always stuck to thier concept of that over ours. The game is over two years in now. Maintenance cycle and not much else. If anything does change it will be part of new payed for content (I'd imagine) so I see these types of wants and desires as moot really. Welcome to ask I guess but I, personally, won't be holding my breath for anything radical to occur.

  • tcarlisle2012
    72 posts

    My wish for the new content?


    Anyone that knows me knows.... I had to say it. LOL

  • Metal_Greg
    78 posts

    @tcarlisle2012 man, how long has that thing been broken? I started playing the game just after WONY and after all this time I STILL can't get down that freakin rope.

    2 posts

    No more nerfs to PVE builds. Let them nerf the PVP builds if anything. Certainly more open world activities as well.

  • tcarlisle2012
    72 posts

    @metal_greg It got broken early on. Not from day one, but not too far into updates and patches.

    IMHO experience, as a professional developer (not in the gaming industry.... or actually any industry at the moment) something like this should have been fixed if for no other reason than to show they pay attention to bug reports, etc. and to keep their image from taking a hit. You see something like this, and it just makes you think "they either don't know or don't care", and they can't not know.

    To quote Kelso, "alright, alright..... stop embarrassing yourselves" and have one of your noobs take 5 minutes and fix the incorrect definition on this one object.

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