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  • nonAx85
    22 posts

    @xrayspex_73 yeah i've tried that. tried all 3 options, no change.

  • cavveman
    75 posts

    I can tolerate graphical bugs. It adds to the charm of the game(sometimes you just look at a graphical bug and laugh and move on).
    But when the audio have bad quality it does more harm then graphical glitches/bugs. Audio and sounds are much more important for a good gaming experience for individuals with visual defects. So subtitles are usually not an option for me. It moves to fast for me to read it. I can read static text just fine, but when it changes every few seconds it doesn't help my gaming. So I rely on sound more to follow/understand the lore in the game or to know what to do next in a quest.

    So please Ubisoft, add cd quality for the sound as a minimum.

  • VanixLH
    14 posts

    Ubi just posted a news update regarding the Seer's Solace quest bug


    And they do mention this at the end of the post:

    "Since we're already talking fixes: We genuinely appreciate all of you for your vigilance in reporting issues to us and want you to know that we're currently working on our next title update. You can expect fixes for some of the reported known issues (& more) later this month. Stay tuned."

    Which sounds hopeful, but we'll see if it does include anything for the sound issues.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts


    I fear the priorty for fixing [censored] Photo Mode crab is higher than the Soundproblems.

    "later this month. Stay tuned"
    So for me no ac Valhalla this weak.

  • Shuar
    34 posts

    @raski0611 Should be: "for me, refund request!"

  • CarvalhoPT
    8 posts

    @shuar , refund requested! 😠

  • Shuar
    34 posts

    @raski0611 Nice ban Ubi! Faster than acknowledging the sound issues! xD

  • TheRealDaemon
    21 posts

    Honestly I'm starting to think that the sound quality is just going to be ignored, especially on consoles. There's 3 big threads on audio, why not make a megathread on audio too? It's one of the biggest reported issues from what I'm seeing?

  • Zorek67
    13 posts

    It will be one week since I can't play my [censored] FULL 60€ PRICE GAME because of its horrid audio and they still ditch us like there is no issues :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) love this company.

  • CarvalhoPT
    8 posts

    @zorek67 I feel you! They just refuse my refund because they say i played 2h10 minutes even tho my game say i played 1h14m.... I guess the other time i spent on the menus trying to find a fix for the sound and half that time testing for a fix. So yeah.... Great i'm stuck with a game i can't put my self to play due to the sound issues, and no fix in near future... since they just updated the Megathreads issue and again nothing about the sound....
    At least give us an answer, even if it is "we won't fix it".

  • CarvalhoPT
    8 posts

    @zorek67 I stand corrected... Audio issue has been acknowledge on the Megathreads issue!!!

  • Nounoustar
    1 posts

    Same problem here, it took me 30 minuts to realize how bad the overall audio state is. I don't understand why and how this can be in a AAA product. It's absolutely destroying devs work and immersion.
    I'm on PC / with seinheiser hd599/98. I really hope it will be improved first, and fixed. Everything sounds so low definition it reminds me of the napster / 28ko era. I realised it right from the first loading screen (steps in water). And I also got the sound stutter...
    It's 2020, 4k is nice, hd sounds would be too. Bugs are certainly something that will be fixed, but I fear the worse for audio quality.

  • Ooskars2020
    1 posts

    I totally agree with this.
    I have never had a situation when I start an AAA game and after few minutes wonder - why does audio seems so whacky?
    I even checked my headphones and connections & drivers, but no - it is just terrible, terrible audio compression & balance in the game itself.

    What a shame. I would be OK downloading extra 20GB+ only to have Crystal clear experience, because the game itself is beautiful.
    What a disappointment.


  • VanixLH
    14 posts

    @carvalhopt Yeah, I went ahead and asked if they could add the problem to one of the official issue threads just so there's some official acknowledgement on their end, since people in here are getting a bit anxious about it.

    I hope everyone keeps in mind that customer support and forum support staff most likely do not have direct contact with the devs and are in no way involved in the game's development, so please be nice to the people you talk to as I've already seen some people get banned probably because they were rude to staff. They've got little to do with these audio issues and are trying their best to relay our feedback and the priority of these issues back to the dev team. I get being unhappy about this but being mad or rude won't get anyone anywhere, if y'all are that unhappy then calmly ask for a refund instead. If you don't get anywhere with it try again a little later and talk to a different support advisor or through a different form of contact (email, chat, ticket, etc) and you will get it eventually.

  • SS2828
    1 posts

    I redownloaded the game again, this time default folder(windows ssd harddrive....). Guess what! no change, audio still shabby.

    A company which bang the advertising drums so hard for their product, but realse this beta for sale, its just outrageous.
    I wonder why no gamereviewmagazin pick this up (politics? no invitations or prerealse version for testing next time if they lose somebodys favour?), they could help figering out what hardware/software configuration is needed for decent sound.

    Warning! conspiracy theory incomming!
    Hardware/software which advertived as compatibel is not compatibel, this would make all refund legit, no matter who long somebody already played.

    I found only one online artictle about it from gamepressure

    I regret buying this game right after release, wasted to much time on changing configurations or reading this forum.

  • tfwnoqtgf
    1 posts

    I’m so truly disheartened that the game has this overwhelmingly glaring fault. I am the most tolerant of people when it comes to some things in games, so when there is something that I notice, its almost always a borderline expectation-shattering experience for me. All due to something that is universally done well in games these days. I haven’t played AC since Revelations and the preceding games, but I’m sure they sounded not too far off of AC:V’s state. You could probably argue we were just used to worse audio back then but like I’ve booted up my PS3 and played the original disc-copy of AC1 and it’s really not far off... I was concerned most with SJW-themes being near-hilariously forced down the necks of players or the glitchy mess that could plague the game as it has been described as online and for the previous AC games so much so that having an audio experience that would rival 2007’s games in quality was well and truly the absolute last thing I was worrying about.

    As I said, I hadn’t played an AC game since Revelations so so don’t know if this is the norm that Ubisoft’s player base has just been putting up with but Jesus Christ it can’t be that surely.

    Anyway, it’s the overall audio quality and not being able to hear songs on the ship at all that I’ve noticed thus far which have really come to ruin this game for me and everyone else from the sounds of things. I really hope a normal audio pack releases for PS5/XBS/PC as soon as possible as I don’t even want to continue playing the game right now given that it’s in a broken state & everything else seems good enough to warrant not wasting a first time experience due to something like this.

    I fear that if they don’t do something soon, then either they never will, or the games hype will die out shortly as a result of its audio errors and then Ubi will just say well who cares it’s too late now to bring the audio up to a standard that games have been at for over a decade now... Either that or myself and others just refund as people have already begun to do.

    Truly unfortunate.

  • azazel140
    10 posts

    @raski0611 its got to be cuz i would not like to think they missed this crucial component of gameplay intentionally....

  • zhead_
    31 posts

    @tfwnoqtgf I don't think the sound quality we are getting in Valhalla is what was planned. pretty sure it is suffering from a bug or unintended effects in the current state. It can even be something simple as merging the wrong sound files (low quality, placeholders, testing branch) into the final release instead of merging the propper ones. I can't really say why this happened but it is for sure not intended to be as bad when previous installments were not.

  • milmitt
    11 posts

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