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    To let everyone know here, I have posted a more comprehensive write-up covering the sound issues across the past three Assassin's Creed games.

    I'm trying to raise awareness of the issue, to educate, and to hopefully prevent this problem from becoming a trend within the gaming industry.

    Please take the time to read through and contribute any feedback that might be useful.

    Thank you to everyone for speaking up!


    It's a lengthy post, so I would advise having a cup of tea at the ready.

    Best regards.

    Excellent post mate! Sadly weeks will go by and Ubisoft won't do nothing about it 😞

  • Raski0611
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    Iam not a audiophil person, related to asscreed thats a blessing, but not to notice theres something wrong with AC Valhalla, someone has serious hearing damages.
    I started my long planned second round Odyssey, since i was so hyped. I dont want to ruin first playthrough with this Beta of Valhalla, but if
    they dont fix this issue, it stays unplayed.

    Thank you CaptainStarPaw for the analysis and backing up our whining with science✊

  • spycewhale
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    That detailed write up on Reddit was absolutely amazing! I can hear the difference, but lack the technical knowledge to figure out why. Thank you for all the effort you put in.

    I really think some kind of proper audio package should be provided as soon as possible. It’s a bad look regardless of what the decision making process was in the background.

  • OwO_Wubble
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    @shuar If it keeps getting talked about, it may get picked up by the gaming journos and may force Ubisoft to correct it.

  • A_Gallant_Goat
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    @captainstarpaw Congrats for hitting over 6K upvotes on r/Games ! Ubi has recently acknowledged some issues with Valhalla audio, but it seems that they were referring to bugs (stuttering, footsteps, etc...), I saw nothing about the overall sound quality of this game. Hope the success of your post on one of Reddit's main subs gets their attention.

  • TheRealDaemon
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    @a_gallant_goat Whereabouts did they acknowledge the issues? I don't seem to be able to find anything 😬 Was it on this forum?

    It's been 10 days since I got this game and I still only played for 3 hours 😕

  • A_Gallant_Goat
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    Well I saw a screenshot online a few days ago, can't remember where, perhaps somewhere around here, of a Ubi official stating that the team was aware of sound-related issues with Valhalla.

    Furthermore I contacted the support about it on monday, providing links to this post and several others on the Ubi forums and Reddit, and the person I chated with told me that the support was aware of "sound issues with this game". I tried to emphatize the overall poor audio quality of the game, but I don't know if support workers have any influence on it, since it's probably not considered a bug by Ubi. That's why posts here and on subs such are r/ AC and r/ Games might be the best way to make Ubi aware that many players care about the sound quality of their games.

    If Ashraf was still in charge I'd recommend sending him a little tweet with some links, but he doesn't work for Ubi anymore, so I don't know which dev we could contact to make sure the team is aware of this issue.

  • xrayspex_73
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    F12 screenshots crashes this game very often... it's a known issue that Ubi has acknowledged. I think it's an issue with the Ubisoft connect client.

  • Detail-
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    The current audio quality is unacceptable. The main character's child version in the opening portion of the game sounds like he's talking through a tin can with a string tied to the end of it. You went through the effort of creating a huge, immersive world for us to explore. Don't short-change that with poor audio when you can very well do better.

  • GregBeattie
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    Just bought it on ps5 and I noticed the poor audio quality straight away, at first I thought it was my headset but I tested it on other games and they sound fine. Basically everything that has been listed i have experienced and girls a £60 game that just isn't acceptable. Its a dam shame as well since I actually enjoying it but the poor audio just destroys the immersion.

  • azazel140
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    Has someone finished the game and has access to the credits..so we see who worked on the audio ...so i can politely and respectfully suggest they quit their job???

  • FaSkiL.css
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    @azazel140 Any news about this ? I'm dying for a fix 😞
    (got the same issue)

  • UbiKoality
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    @hunterr12 Thank you so much for these additional details!!

    Official Response
  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 440 posts

    @tyfighter4567 It is completely understandable how dealing with problems like these could have a negative effect on your gameplay experience and break the immersion of the game. I really appreciate you providing these additional details for me, this is truly helpful! I've passed this along to the team. Thanks for your help!

    Official Response
  • Calibrated_BOT_
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    UPDATE : (No improvement at all. As creating a support ticket is "down" Can someone contact me? I want a refund for this falsely advertised product ASAP.)

  • Shuar
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    UPDATE : (No improvement at all. As creating a support ticket is "down" Can someone contact me? I want a refund for this falsely advertised product ASAP.)

    Have you played the game for more than 2 hours? If so, no refund will be done!

  • Dworkin_CZ
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    I can't believe they haven't even updated the list of known issues, yet. Are they trying to hide it, somehow? If the support says dev team is aware of the issues, I can't find a single reason for not acknowledging it officially.

    Do they hope we will eventually let this one go? Because I sure won't. If anything I'm getting more determined to see this resolved.

  • ChihaSeed_
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    It’s very annoying going from playing a game like Miles Morales, or any other game for that matter, to this... the sound is horrible. It’s bad enough I exchanged the series x version for PS5 due to screen tearing and audio drop outs. Now, I’ve good a better looking version of the game with just as bad, if not worse, audio.

    I’m parking this game until it’s resolved. And I’ll park every other UBI game until they address audio and overall QOL in their games... disappointed.

  • zhead_
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    @dworkin_cz There's a pinned thread on the support forum where they list all the reported issues, including this one.

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