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    Another big patch. Another can kicked down the road. I want to play this game so bad but the audio is atrocious.

    • I started playing before patch 1.0.4 was released
    • Playing on PC, with a MSI Z370 GAMING PLUS LGA 1151, Nvidia 2070 Super, Intel Core i7-9700KF
    • Headphones: HyperX Cloud II

  • tomjfm
    2 posts

    The reason big companies allow all of us to post negative comments on their own forums is to keep you from complaining in public. It's a shrewd and tactical measure to keep the complaints as quiet and corralled as possible. If you really want to get Ubisoft's attention, get the word out everywhere else besides this sheltered forum. Send messages to game review sites - get somebody's attention. Every gaming website craves content - especially controversial content. Tell them all about your frustrations. Ask them why they didn't include the atrocious sound quality in their reviews. Question their integrity. Maybe one of them will latch on to this story. There's no point in complaining directly to Ubisoft - this applies no pressure - it just makes them giddy that we are venting here where nobody is listening instead of telling the gaming world what they are really doing.

  • HieromAlex
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    it's a shame because the game is kind of getting better and better after each patch
    they even implement the transmog feature
    but the low quality audio ruin the experience, and makes the game unplayable
    and considering the patch size and all the changes, no need to hope that the audio will be fix tomorrow

  • BoBaggs
    4 posts

    So Ubi, I just want to understand: you won't fix this audio issue, but you're adding more cats to the game...

    So glad I returned this game. Never buying Ubi games again.

  • CarvalhoPT
    8 posts

    @bobaggs Who needs audio when we have cats? Good Job Ubi! Thanks for the cats! Much happier now....

  • Bayul1984
    1 posts

    I give up. After 40 hours with bad workarounds listening to low quality audio and missing music I have to uninstall this game. I waited for months for a major patch to fix this. Ubisoft still ignores this immersion breaking problem.

  • mad2989
    1 posts

    On Series X with headset too

  • Avenoul
    2 posts

    why do they refuse to fix it?
    or even acknowledge it?

  • Avenoul
    2 posts

    @raski0611 really my cyberpunk also had echoes issue too

  • revengefire
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    To be clear, the problem here isn’t that the game launched with bugs. Like some other wonky parts of Valhalla—low-quality sound effects in some areas, and cutscenes where character’s lips don’t move—there are concessions to be made for the fact a big AAA game was released in the middle of a global pandemic.
    But also, there’s a point where we have to acknowledge that this game was released in November, and it’s now almost April, and many of these major bugs are still there, trapping and frustrating players months later. Which sucks!

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Not fixed yet? So there will be no fix ever....
    Maybe i reinstall it someday, i just have to imagine i play as eivor, the great gay hearing impaired vikingslayer.

  • HieromAlex
    35 posts

    no, still not fixed yet. maybe it will never be. the hope is dying every month a little more after each new patch.
    not even a statement acknowledging that the quality is bad, due to the covid situation or watever

  • Jolly_Smells
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    Just reinstalled the game today, played for about 10 minutes and then remembered why I uninstalled this game a week after its launch. I've played this game for a total of 10h 40m 29s. I really hoped that they had fixed the audio issues in this game, but alas, nothing has changed. Uninstalling the game now lol. Maybe someday I'll get to play as a great viking warrior assassin.

  • Shuar
    34 posts

    And Ubi won the war! Congrats Ubisoft, u managed to silently silence everyone! Clap clap clap

  • HieromAlex
    35 posts

    yeah. I think people have hope no more. they either uninstalled the game, or played it despite the bad audio.
    I will wait. I'm not hurry. and maybe one day I will play it without audio

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Hello, where patch? I bought game november 2020, i want to play it but with normal sound, maybe next year?

  • Attanno_
    35 posts

    @hieromalex I still have hopes for this game but it seems like this forum has been abandoned by the devs.

    This game is flawed in so many ways that I don't think the audio will be fixed this soon (even tho it's been half a year since this problem was brought to the devs ears).

    I think that we need to bring our complaints on REDDIT aswell as on this forum. Last time I saw a topic about broken stealth that received more that 2,6k likes (which is a lot compared to the other topics) and it's very likely that the devs heard about it.

    We can only hope that by being publicly loud the devs will be obliged to do something about the state of the game as it is now.

  • Raenith
    10 posts

    This issue appears to be listed under tech issues here: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/81608/reported-issue-megathread-list-please-check-here-for-your-issue-updated-12-04
    Does this mean its actually being investigated?

  • ThreePinkApples
    1 posts

    @raenith Sadly, no. That list is for issues that Ubisoft Support is "looking into", but not officially acknowledged by actual dev team (yet). The "Known issues" thread is the one that lists issues the dev team is working on

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Hallo? Wo patch?

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