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  • Avenoul
    2 posts

    @raski0611 really my cyberpunk also had echoes issue too

  • revengefire
    9 posts


    To be clear, the problem here isn’t that the game launched with bugs. Like some other wonky parts of Valhalla—low-quality sound effects in some areas, and cutscenes where character’s lips don’t move—there are concessions to be made for the fact a big AAA game was released in the middle of a global pandemic.
    But also, there’s a point where we have to acknowledge that this game was released in November, and it’s now almost April, and many of these major bugs are still there, trapping and frustrating players months later. Which sucks!

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Not fixed yet? So there will be no fix ever....
    Maybe i reinstall it someday, i just have to imagine i play as eivor, the great gay hearing impaired vikingslayer.

  • HieromAlex
    32 posts

    no, still not fixed yet. maybe it will never be. the hope is dying every month a little more after each new patch.
    not even a statement acknowledging that the quality is bad, due to the covid situation or watever

  • Jolly_Smells
    1 posts

    Just reinstalled the game today, played for about 10 minutes and then remembered why I uninstalled this game a week after its launch. I've played this game for a total of 10h 40m 29s. I really hoped that they had fixed the audio issues in this game, but alas, nothing has changed. Uninstalling the game now lol. Maybe someday I'll get to play as a great viking warrior assassin.

  • Shuar
    34 posts

    And Ubi won the war! Congrats Ubisoft, u managed to silently silence everyone! Clap clap clap

  • HieromAlex
    32 posts

    yeah. I think people have hope no more. they either uninstalled the game, or played it despite the bad audio.
    I will wait. I'm not hurry. and maybe one day I will play it without audio

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Hello, where patch? I bought game november 2020, i want to play it but with normal sound, maybe next year?

  • Attanno_
    32 posts

    @hieromalex I still have hopes for this game but it seems like this forum has been abandoned by the devs.

    This game is flawed in so many ways that I don't think the audio will be fixed this soon (even tho it's been half a year since this problem was brought to the devs ears).

    I think that we need to bring our complaints on REDDIT aswell as on this forum. Last time I saw a topic about broken stealth that received more that 2,6k likes (which is a lot compared to the other topics) and it's very likely that the devs heard about it.

    We can only hope that by being publicly loud the devs will be obliged to do something about the state of the game as it is now.

  • Raenith
    10 posts

    This issue appears to be listed under tech issues here: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/81608/reported-issue-megathread-list-please-check-here-for-your-issue-updated-12-04
    Does this mean its actually being investigated?

  • ThreePinkApples
    1 posts

    @raenith Sadly, no. That list is for issues that Ubisoft Support is "looking into", but not officially acknowledged by actual dev team (yet). The "Known issues" thread is the one that lists issues the dev team is working on

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Hallo? Wo patch?

  • Yesin069
    554 posts


    27ter April!

  • Kinkslyy
    1 posts

    So, I started to play AC Valhalla 2 days before and I decided to stop. Audio in this game is biggest trash in games ever. Iam audio guy, got expensive speakers and headphones and its simple. Music in this game is too too quiet, combat is a little quiet and voice of main character is too loud. This problem have many people, i checked on the reddit and other forums and much much more forums with people who have problem with this. I know most of people (mainstream) have bad speakers and they cant hear it. Its very annoying to play this and common fix this, its fiasco.

  • katzenkrimis71
    162 posts

    I am audio guy


    My friend and I worked in the sound department. We were sound mixers/boom ops in the film industry. In fact, my friend still does it today.

    Rick would laugh his butt off if he ever played this game.

    We would have been fired if our standards were this low. No questions asked.

    Big budget productions don't mess around. We'd never work again. It's that simple.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1009 posts

    Hello everyone,

    I sincerely apologise for the delay in our update of this thread. We have been monitoring these reports of issues with the audio of Assassin's Creed Valhalla closely, and having passed the information presented to the developers, they would like us to investigate each type of issue separately with anyone affected and gather additional information for their review.

    As such, what I intend to do is break this thread down into several smaller threads, more accurately labelled for the different types of audio issues you are all experiencing, e.g. unbalanced sound effect levels, missing sound effects / dialogue / background music, etc. This will take me some time, and in order to do it as quickly as possible, I'll be locking this thread to new replies.

    I'll list each of the new threads I create below, so that they can easily be accessed. I apologise if at any point I misunderstand the focus of any posts, and move them to the wrong individual thread(s). Please just tag me and let me know, and we can sort those out!

    Thank you all for your patience regarding the audio issues you have been experiencing so far, and looking forward to digging into these even closer with you all when the split has been done. This original thread I'd like to leave as a general discussion of the audio quality in Assassin's Creed Valhalla; once I've moved the various reports out, and have unlocked the thread again, please don't hesitate to continue discussing this here in this thread. Do however post in one of the specific threads if wanting to report your particular issue with audio to us. Thank you! 🙂

    New Audio Threads Created:

    Update: Hello everyone! I have finished splitting off the separate issues into new threads, as you can read and visit above.

    I have remerged the "compressed / low bitrate / poor quality" thread into the original thread, and this is the thread you are now reading. The thread is now reopened, and renamed to focus specifically on the issues originally raised by @CaptainStarPaw.

    Please make sure to use the appropriate thread for the appropriate issue you are encountering.

    Updated 01/07/2021

    Official Response
  • Attanno_
    32 posts

    As CaptainStarPaw stated in his orginal post, the game audio is still to this date very compressed and of horrible overall quality.

    Artifactfs of compression are clearly audible on every of the plateforms. The audio sounds cheap and flat, mostly on the dialogues where the voices sound like if they were compressed in bad mp3 format.

  • Currywurst120
    7 posts

    I agree with @Attanno_

    As already mentioned months ago, this video describes everything:

  • Attanno_
    32 posts

    Okay so I launched the game today after patching it and it is still clear that all the sounds (not only the voices, even tho it is more obvious on the voices) suffer terrible compression. The audio is muffled and sizzling/crackling it really is not clear and crisp. All is due to the terrible compression of the audio files. I'm sure that replacing the actual files with less compressed files should solve a lot of the problems people have with the audio.

    The problem seems really obvious.

  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 50 posts

    The core issue brought up right from the beginning was the awful bitrate and compression, which incidentally was the central topic of the now-locked thread https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/78569/audio-issues-bitrate-dynamics-balance-muffled-sounds-stuttering-volume-etc-post-here/2?lang=en-US&sort=newest_to_oldest

    @Ubi-Woofer I understand the need to split out issues so that they can be clearly identified, but judging from the lack of involvement from the Ubi team, [months had already passed since your last official correspondence], I have yet to evidence of this issue being taken seriously.

    When can we expect it to be investigated, and is there some sort of timeline or plan that you can communicate to us?

    Thank you.

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