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    i´m having the same issues with the echo and weird/bad Audio, really destroys my Experience, i would love to play this game, but not like this 😞

    i´m using a 5.1 Headset with an Soundblaster Z on PC if thats helps. Hope there will be a fix asap.

  • LoneMetalWolf
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    I have the same issues with the audio. Here´s my recording of the intro sequence that I barely managed to get through without ripping my headphones off my ears:

  • ardently338
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    So glad someone took the time to document this. The horribly tinny audio was one of the first issues that I noticed in the game. Here’s hoping they acknowledge this as a know issue and ultimate release an HD sound patch.

  • Morrandirr
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    Sound is really weak.

    I was just attending the Harald's Althing. So we have a longhouse full of vikings listening to a speach of a king unifying the clans. This should have pathos and emotion.

    It sounded like a boring meeting in the office at 8am when eveyone's still half asleep.

  • DoctorMcBatman
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    I mean, almost anything will sound good on $1,000 equipment @Lukensen87 . Clearly though the audio issues are real, because the thread on reddit got 840 upvotes and 240 comments, and some gilding. Lots of people chimed in agreeing.

    (huh, @-ing someone automatically does a line break... another stupid thing on this forum) (also, does anyone know how to change your avatar? I can't seem to find it)

  • Lukensen87
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    Actually it's much easier to hear very low sound quality on good hardware, the overall audio of AC Valhalla is amazing and very crispy and pounching, much better than in AC Origins or AC Odyssey (my own experience)

    I don't say that other people don't have issues, again I'm just sharing my own experience, maybe it's a problem with headphones or game has some incompability with them which Ubisoft needs to fix.
    To the folks having issues, did you try changing your Windows sound settings? I heard that sometimes changing headphones to ''stereo'' or ''5.1'' helps, also game has many options for sound, maybe try to change ''dynamic range'' to light/low or to normal/medium, also there is dialogue enhancer option, try to turn it off or on.
    Best of luck until they fix it.

  • shaft_06
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    I play on PC with Audeze headphones. Ive tried 7.1, stereo, and hi-res. It all sounds horrible. Zoom call sitting in a cave bad.

  • TheRealDaemon
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    I'm a bit afraid this is going to go unfixed. I've spoken to a lot of people who seem to think that the audio is fine, or that claim that my sound setup is broken.

    I messaged support about it but they're yet to get back to me. Hopefully enough people contact them that they fix it. I'm also afraid that they'll release an optional HQ audio pack for the PC but leave the console players with crappy audio.

  • DoctorMcBatman
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    @lukensen87 That is situational and depends on a number of variables, but generally, good gear does improve the tonal quality vs. lower spec gear. I doubt it's a bug only on some people's games. It just seems some people either get used to the poor quality over their playing, or they can't really tell the difference. I have actual audio engineers chiming on my reddit thread who agree with my fairly harsh appraisal of Valhalla's sound; not to mention hundreds of comments from regular players.

    Things for you to examine specifically if you want to check again: walking through snow's mix and tonal quality, landing from a jump's vapid thud, certain sounds being obviously too loud or too quiet for the situation, water flowing that sounds like a faucet, etc.

  • VanixLH
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    @captainstarpaw I linked this thread as well as other threads in my initial support ticket, the support person went away for a few minutes to investigate and came back to say that this issue is something they're aware of and that the dev team are working on resolving it.

    I think the best thing to do would be for everyone to be vocal about it on these forums but also create a support ticket/bug report just so they know there is demand for this in their ticketing system. More tickets = more visibility. Also if you filter these forums by votes, the audio issues are among the most voted posts on the Player Support forum so they definitely can't miss it. Support for Odyssey was really good post release, so I am hopeful that this will get sorted soon as well.

    Of course, there's no excuse that this was released in the state it has been. I am considering asking for a refund until this is resolved as well, just to prove a point.

  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 51 posts

    @vanixlh Thank you for the support. Yeah we definitely need to be vocal about it, and I do have optimism that they will fix it.

    The game is absolutely beautiful and deserves to be presented in the best way possible.

    Not addressing this simple mistake would be avoiding an easy win for them, and it would earn trust back with the gamers who care about sound, image along with gameplay and storytelling. It's about the full package.

  • Exotic_Valkyrie
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    I can only add my voice to the mix, saying that I can not bear the incredibly compressed audio of this game. I want to play it, but every time I try, I can not seem to get immersed due to the low quality of sound effects in this game. It's not even a bug, it's just bad compression. I would love to see a HD Sound pack for FREE come out for PC, at the least. Additionally, not having the ability to select speaker type in options is a terrible idea.

  • FlexedBunny
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    @captainstarpaw Bro I have the same problem Im not even having any of the other huge bugs in the game. Atm the audio is ruinnin this game 100% for me. I just want crisp audio. Like they can do it with other games so it shouldnt be hard. I believe another ubi studio could easily help them.

  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 51 posts

    @flexedbunny Really glad you joined the thread. Same feelings here. I'd love to play this game on headphones to completely immerse myself, but I need to protect my ears from the vomit sound quality.

    If I worked at Ubisoft I would literally do the work for free, just to get this out to all the gamers that want a crisp audio experience.

  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 51 posts

    More and more people are chiming in on Reddit voicing their opinion. Another thread cropped up and already has 72 upvotes.

    We have seen three threads appear in the last 48 hours, now totalling over 300 upvotes.

    It would be great if a media publication would cover this issue. I've tried contacting writers at RPS, but we need more help from users here to achieve that.

    I also wanted to bring this thread to attention: Are you really not going to make the audio a known issue...?

    It does a great job providing links in the OP to all the other reports out there.

    Here is also another thread on Reddit that was posted 3 days ago which managed to gain 176 upvotes.

  • Dworkin_CZ
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    And just how would you formulate the issue?

    Consumers unfortunately finding out the audio is compressed beyond belief? That's the only issue here for them and obviously the're not going to add that to the list.

    The audio itself being [censored]*y isn't an issue.

    It's a FEATURE.

  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 51 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Last4SSN
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    I couldn't get past the intro. As said above, I'm hearing possibly one of the worst soundscapes of any game in the last 10 years that I've played. Tinny, scratchy, reverby, character dialog is all over the place. This is unsatisfactory for any game at this price point.

    I am using a set of Beyerdynamic DT 770s with a FiiO E10K amplifier/DAC. Sometimes it hurts to be an audiophile... =\

  • LordPhoenix82nd
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    @last4ssn I don't even consider myself an audiophile and I can barely get through the awful low bitrate audio. I can't even fathom what you have to deal with here as an audiophile! Please acknowledge this issue Ubisoft, or I am definitely returning the game

  • PaulDelestrac
    14 posts

    @ubi-swaggins Thanks for the answer... But what is the purpose of a known issues list if that doesn't list the known issues? 🤔

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