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    I did just talk to Ubisoft Support via chat and they said their dev team is aware of it and working on it, so hopefully this will be resolved soon.

  • ReznoRMichael
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    The high frequencies are tinny and washed out, similarly to what a 64-96 kbps MP3 sounds like.

    I agree with you on this. I am not an audio producer, I am just a person who has decent quality headphones and normal hearing. I watched Valhalla recorded on gameplays and these really show all the audio problems mentioned.

    This is just sad and I don't know what went wrong in the process of creating audio for this game. I hope they will at least reexport all the audio in a higher bitrate.
    I have a feeling that just talking through my phone has better quality audio than the voice recordings playing in this game.

    Bad audio quality really brings me out of immersion from a game.
    That is also unacceptable that the reviewers didn't even mention these obvious (to us at least it seems...) problems.
    I played and completed every AC game (I didn't only complete Odyssey), and they had always at least decent sound quality (with few minor exceptions here and there). I think it is not unreasonable to expect that the audio quality will get better in Ubisoft games over the years, not worse!
    Why are the graphics improving every year, but at the expense of audio quality? I've seen this issue in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice as well (very low bitrates of audio, ~70kb/s average OGG for 44.1/48 kHz stereo files). It really doesn't even take so much disk space nor any difference in calculation time to play it to justify all those bitrate savings for such a detrimental player experience. Especially now when the PS5 and XBSX are both advertising improved audio immersion and quality...

    Even Youtube and Spotify have almost 2x better quality audio files than Valhalla (128 kb/s and 160 kb/s). The major difference is Youtube and Spotify are free, not $60-$90.
    If they will not fix it (and it doesn't seem like it, as they didn't add this to the "Known Issues" list at the time of writing this post, despite so many threads about it) I will wait for a really major discount, because I still would like to try out this game one day for myself.

  • SpektrumGG
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    @lynx_maeglin I really do hope for the same thing.

    I am bit awed they haven't heard this issue before they released the game.

    It's not just a small thing, like it's every single audio sounding horrid.

  • Lukensen87
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    I have 9.1 Atmos Soundbar and use ''full range audio'' option on my PC, and the audio quality is superb, so I don't know if that's issue on headphones or what, I wish the rest of the game had such high quality (looking especially at you quests bugs lol)

  • Zorek67
    13 posts

    totally agree, I was out of my mind when I didn't saw this issue on the last patch note. I just can't play the game with this horrible audio. Come on people, if you have the same audio issues, just reply or comment on a thread to make this a "known issue"... This is a scandal.

  • CrazyDonkey88
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    @zorek67 Audio issues? Dude i can't go pass [censored] UbiConnect error... and [censored] don't care about either

  • Zorek67
    13 posts

    @crazydonkey88 I don't know what is worst, being unable to play the game or being able to play the game and being so disappointed by all the bugs and trash audio that you just alt + F4 the game after an hour. Anyway we are all on the same disappointment boat so let's hope they fix their [censored] ASAP.

  • Lynx_Maeglin
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    The thing is: this game has really brilliant audio! Tons of sounds, voices, brilliant music, interactive systems...

    It's just the compression that's messing it up!

  • CrazyDonkey88
    100 posts

    @zorek67 we will see...

  • Zorek67
    13 posts

    @lynx_maeglin sure I don't think it's a big deal to fix that but it needs to be fixed urgently. It's so frustating to barely hear an Einor Selvik epic song during a boss fight or when you swing a 2-handed axe in the skull of an enemy and not hearing any impact...

  • Doopi1
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    @doctormcbatman Yes to everything what OP is saying, please for the love of god give us an updated HD audio pack.
    The audio quality is horrendous.

  • Shuar
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    I also seem to be having this issue. Well, everyone is having this issue, but some are far more sensitive to it than others!
    Does anyone have a clue, about a coming fix for this? Else I do believe we kinda feel entitled to a refund right?

  • Shuar
    34 posts

    @carvalhopt Mas tu és um put0 dum burr0 também!

  • TOMatXL
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    (PS4 Pro) Audio in conversation is OK, but terribly bad in any other (ambient effects, fighting effects, world environmental sounds, ...) It's flat and sounds like it's playing from a very cheap speakerset.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 420 posts

    Hey folks,

    Issues with the Audio has been raised to the team and they are looking into it further.

    The known issues list gets updates as the team work through, if an issue is not listed in there, it doesn't mean the team are not looking into it.

    Official Response
  • Clark_e_poo
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    Just sent a detailed complaint of the issue to support including the screenshot from the audio files when they were found how low quality they actually were. Hoping to find out if a fix is incoming. Will let you all know what they tell me

  • Shuar
    34 posts

    @shuar Just so everyone knows, I was able to request a refund (I was illegible for it), and Ill wait for a future fix, that was stated on the chat is being worked on by the devs.
    I just requested the refund since Ubisoft aren't willing to use the "Known Issues" thread to add that KNOWN AUDIO issue!

  • CrazyDonkey88
    100 posts

    @ubi-swaggins So what can u tell me about this issue mr swagginsundefined

  • TOMatXL
    3 posts

    Audio on PS4 Pro sounds flat and terrible too, like it's coming from a cheap speakerset or cardbox with holes in it.
    But that's what I've been experiencing with Odyssey too ...

    Especially when compared to what other AAA games bring nowadays.

  • Klamhest
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    Another good example -

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