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  • CrazyDonkey88
    100 posts

    @klamhest Widzę kolega polak, witam witam. Zazdroszczę, że możesz pograć. Wersja cyfrowa czy fizyczna?

  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 50 posts

    @vanixlh I hope that chat support wasn't just broadly addressing audio, because there are a number of issues. In the chat were you specifically discussing the audio quality? If so, this makes me happy that they are aknowledging it and working on producing a fix.

  • Shuar
    34 posts

    @captainstarpaw I refered the advisor to this thread, and yes it was certainly related to the low audio quality and high compression amount. Either way, cant quite understand how on earth this got through QA in this state, but well, thats Ubisoft on a nutshell for me!
    If they handle the issue, I'll certainly re-buy the game, until then I'll keep an eye on this thread!

  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 50 posts

    @shuar This definitely needs to be listed in the Known Issues thread. @Ubi-Swaggins Can we please get official confirmation that the low bitrate audio is a Known Issue among the development and production team? Thank you so much.

  • Doopi1
    3 posts

    Spoke to Ubisoft Support and they told me to follow this guide to "fix" the issue - this did not work.....
    They also said they knew about the issue..

    They promptly closed the chat afterwards 🙂

    In order to fully troubleshoot the problem that you are having, please try the steps below:

    1. Disabling your background applications:

    Go to the Start menu on your Desktop. Press the Windows key and the letter R at the same time.
    Type in MSCONFIG and press Enter.
    Go to the Startup tab, and click Open Task Manager.
    For each Startup item in the Task Manager, select the item then click Disable.
    Close Task Manager.
    On the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialog box, click OK, then restart the computer.

    Note: For Windows 7, you can simply click Disable All on the Startup tab within the System Configuration window.

    2. Clearing your temporary files:

    Go to the Start menu on your Desktop. Press the Windows key and the letter R at the same time.
    Type in %TEMP% and press Enter.
    Select All (Edit > Select All or Ctrl+A).
    Click the Delete key.

    Note: If you are using Windows 7, you will need to press Ctrl + A together to highlight the files. Once the files are highlighted, you will need to press the Delete key.

    3. Make sure the drivers for your video card, sound card, motherboard and processor are up-to-date. Running 2 cards in SLI or running 2 screens can also cause issues. Deactivate SLI or unplug any additional screens you may be using. If you are overclocking, try running at the stock clock settings.

    4. Make sure that any antivirus or firewall software on your system is disabled.

    5. Install Windows Updates:
    Click on the Windows Start button and go to All Programs --> Windows Update. In the left pane, click "Check for updates" and if any are found choose "Install updates."

    Please upload your MSINFO file which can be found by performing the following steps. This file will allow me to take a better look at your system and may help to diagnose the problem.

    1. Press the Windows key and the "R" key at the same time.
    2. In the Open box, type 'msinfo32' (without the quotes) and click OK.
    3. When the program comes up, open the Software Environment section on the left side and select Windows Error Reporting.
    4. Make sure that the Windows Error Reporting has also completely loaded prior to saving.
    5. At the top, click on File and click on Save.
    6. Click the 'save' button to save the file as an .nfo file to your Desktop.
    7. Click the following link: https://support.ubi.com/en-US/Cases
    8. Enter your Ubisoft Account credentials and click Login.
    9. Click on the question that you wish to update.
    10. Click "Attach documents"
    11. Find the ".nfo" file to attach the MSINFO32 file and click Open.
    12. Click "SUBMIT ATTACHMENTS" to complete the incident.

    If you receive an error stating that the file is too large, you will need to compress it.

    1. Right-click the file.
    2. Hover over the Send to option, and then select the Compressed (zipped) folder.
    3. A new ZIP file will be created.

    Once received, we will examine your system information and get back to you as soon as we can with a possible solution to your problem.
  • Shuar
    34 posts

    @doopi1 Ofc it didn't work! The issue only has one possible fix! They need to release the HD quality files for download! When I saw that the game was only about 50gbs I knew that something was kinda fishy xD

  • Doopi1
    3 posts

    @shuar Yea, I saw the download size and was amazed at how they managed to make it so small - alas that was me being ignorant as [censored]...

    It's such a bummer because the game is fun, but the audio quality makes me want to stop playing and refund.

  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 50 posts

    @reznormichael All my thoughts about the AC series lately, you have echoed precisely with your post. I cannot stress enough, and thank you for saying it, bad audio quality really brings me out of immersion from a game.

    You are correct regarding your phone producing better quality audio than the voice recordings in the game.

    YouTube actually have very specific upload requirements and expect the sound quality to be a minimum of 48000 Hz. They also state that stereo audio should be uploaded with a minimum bitrate of 384 kbps. Check out their upload requirements support page.

    The audio quality standard that Ubisoft is following should never be allowed to become any sort of acceptable standard. It is a complete failure on their part to provide an engaging experience, and an insult to those of us who care about an immersive, quality experience. People do not want to pay a $60 price tag and experience 1990's KaZaA/Limewire quality audio because of size limitations and distribution woes. That is just pathetic.

    I took Audio Tech as a degree and I remember about 15 years ago, when I was in class studying psychoacoustics and the negative impact of lossy compression, we had to sample all the industry standard codecs and provide our own comparitive feedback. We also read a paper that talks about how constant exposure to heavily compressed audio is damaging to our ears, and hurts our ability to process and recognise sounds during our day to day. It dulls our senses. I'll try to dig up the details if I can. I'm sure this field of study is more prevalent today.

  • Tadiian
    16 posts

    This topic needs more attention and needs to be acknowledged and adressed asap by the devs.
    IMO it's the biggest problem Valhalla hast at the moment.

  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 50 posts

    @doopi1 Do it. Explain to their chat support that you want to refund because of this issue. Refunds are worth more grain in salt, especially so if you are able to provide feedback for their team.

  • Klamhest
    10 posts

    Widzę kolega polak, witam witam. Zazdroszczę, że możesz pograć. Wersja cyfrowa czy fizyczna?

    It's not my video. i dont understand polish sorry.

  • azazel140
    10 posts

    @klamhest THats exactly how my game sounds OMG and IT IS KILLING IT FOR ME...... the sound on the snow and the wood plank seems to be from a 16 bit game on the superNES..... i cannot understand how Ubisoft is just not even acknowledging this massive game immersion killer.....

  • azazel140
    10 posts

    @spektrumgg I simply dont understand how Ubisoft is not even acknowledging this as a known issue ...This is by far the biggest problem at least PC version has in my opinion..... I just played for 30 minutes and turned off.. i cannot bear this horrible sound quality....

  • azazel140
    10 posts

    @ubi-swaggins Than you for the response... Appreciate it....

  • TheZonk88
    57 posts

    Posting here too to have one spot so gather all Information regarding this.

    i am havíng the same problem; but only for some NPC Voices and the playable Character Voice, all "other" Sound are OK~ish; in AC Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla, on both my PC with different Hardware and Software, except both (Mainboards) have a "Realtek ALC1220" Soundchip... i am trying to fix this since the release of AC:Origins...

    I don't have 5.1 or 7.1 Hardware also i don't have any "soundeffects" active, software wise.
    My Stereo Speaker are "Edifier P17", my Headset is a Beyerdynamic DT 770PRO (250 OHM) tho nothing special

    i am cluless so far... guess its time for a real "Soundcard"...

  • azazel140
    10 posts

    @thezonk88 You should not buy a sound card just because the developers either use too high quality sound or simply messed up the audio on PC... Just ask yourself this question out of all your games why is only ACV the one with the issues ... I dont have a sound card either my MOBO is an already old MSI X470 and with dedicated audio chip but still my games all sound perfect to me... this one is the issue not your hardware....

  • Ryusennin
    93 posts


    Funny that they mention Windows 7 (which is not even supported by Valhalla). First class tech support there.

  • zhead_
    31 posts

    people are starting to post content on youtube without even realizing the audio is pretty bad. I'll just drop an example here:

    Just after the jump at 1:02, pretty easy to notice the very loud and muffled landing sound. The video includes runing, climbing, fights and everything that we have been reporting lately

  • Klamhest
    10 posts


    Yeah, the echo is totally ruining the experience for me as well. 😕

  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 50 posts

    @zhead_ That video does not have any narration, but it serves as a good example of how bad the sound is. There is a slight problem with YouTube though.

    People have a different mentality when they watch YouTube videos, because we already know that watching a video online can sometimes be subject to compression artifacts. Sub-consciously, we are more forgiving in that environment. YouTube has an intelligent algorithmn that automatically switches the stream to lower quality options whenever a user experiences slow internet speeds.

    People need to critique it with audio in the forefront of their mind.

    When you install and play the game for real, that is when you realise that they have totally mugged you off in the audio department.

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