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    Any updates as to if this will be fixed? It sounds like I'm listening through broken headphones.

  • Zorek67
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    yes it starts to be annoying, 4 days and nothing on the "known issues" thread 🙂

  • TudorSuta1
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    I too am having the same issues. The audio quality is really low and its immersion breaking.

  • Dark-Coco
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    @pauldelestrac I agree. I think it wise that it's updated, because people will just keep making threads about known issue or talking about them in other threads people created, like the Sons of Ragnar bug I have. Something to think about.

  • WaTcHyOiZ
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    I had a audio problem so I changed from bitstream to pcm and it worked perfect sound.
    I hope this helps someone out there.

  • Brad2707
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    First, let me say thank you so very much for putting so much time and effort into this.

    I first noticed the abysmal audio in the opening moments of the game, during the cutscenes as a child. I heard some of the characters talk and was completely confused about the audio quality. Some characters sound like they're talking through a tin can. It's not all terrible, but sometimes I'll be greeted by some random person in a town somewhere and I legitimately have to ask myself, "Did Ubisoft have to have some of these voice actors work from home? Recorded with a $10 webcam? Then compress all their dialogue into a 1 MB zip so they could email it?" I honestly didn't notice the balance or ambient sound quality issues until I saw this post, now I can never unhear it. Props to @xrayspex_73 for pointing out the issue with the cutting out of audio with the Hybrid controls selection, turned that off and haven't had an issue since. I hope Ubisoft takes this seriously and can give this gorgeous game and beautiful soundtrack the presentation it deserves.

  • KAER__
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    @spektrumgg I've played for 1 hour and turned the game off. I won't turn it on until there is no fix. It's unacceptable to release a AAA game that costs 50$ with such audio quality. Ubisoft has been messing with players for so long and yet they still manage to get away with it. I really hoped for some great adventure in the nordic world but I forgot it's Ubisoft.

  • Shuar
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    @tadiian already asked for my refund, but I don't see that many people doing it, so again, it's a win for Ubisoft

  • VanixLH
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    @palpyisback Yeah, we should probably be mindful that the devs are most likely taking it easy and trying to recover from that scare. I'm really glad nothing worse happened, but a situation like that can be pretty traumatising and exhausting either way. I hope they respond to this as soon as they're able and address the issue at hand (which is still significant and inexcusable), but their physical and mental health comes first. I guess this is just a reminder to keep it civil and remember that those are humans in the dev team too. I saw some really disturbing responses to the situation on Friday and I don't think anyone deserves to receive messages like that.

  • PalpyIsBack
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    @watchyoiz where exactly you changed that?

  • halcyonrift
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    @shuar I've requested one. If it were fixed, I'd move on but this is on a new level of unacceptable.

  • azazel140
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    And then i wonder how none of the gaming media outlets out there that review the game mentioned this ... There is no way no one noticed this at least on the PC port.

  • Raski0611
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    Maybe they have different Audiofiles Like some streamers who played the Game before official Release to hype and dazzle us

  • pxel89
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    I'm wondering if it's something wrong with my settings or sound in game is dull/flat. Game sounds terrible, my phone has better audio quality when recording sounds...
    Why is there no information on this topic from game devepoers?
    How was this game released in this state?
    Why there is patch to fix it?
    No words... someone should loose his job...

  • speedynl21
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    nothing wrong with your setting, footsteps disapear from time to time, game have almost no sounds, song on ship very soft
    its just the game that is borked

  • PaulDelestrac
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    @dark-coco They actually added a lot of quests in the "known issues" post even if they haven't looked into most of them so that's better than before I think 👍

  • CaptainStarPaw
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    @watchyoiz Just so people are not mistaken, this does not fix all sound issues. The low bitrate issue is inherent to the sound files provided on the disc/download.

    @palpyisback He is referring to the sound options set within the console's settings menu. There is no such option available on the PC because the audio is automatically processed as PCM.

    @raski0611Hah, yes I have also done the same. Deleted and validate the soundfiles folder hoping someone with the power of Odin fixed it behind the scenes 😆

    @brad2707 A pleasure. Game audio is integral to the experience. I love games that I can put my headphones on and completely lose myself, without distraction. When I say distraction, I mean, without having to worry about fundamental audio problems. I didn't invest money in my sound system to receive this kind of kick in the teeth.

    On the topic of how game audio is actually produced, the first process is Foley. Its origins are with film, but it is also used by the gaming industry. It is a very subjective and difficult job to execute with flair, but incredibly fun. It's also worth going on a YouTube binge watching all the hilarious videos demonstrating all the different approaches. You have post-processing to worry about, and then you have to mix it into the game so that it ties properly to the game engine.

    A lot of sound engineers within the gaming industry now have scripting experience due to the complexity of integrating sound. E.g. FMOD Studio scripting. Foley can be very time consuming, so to cut corners/save money companies will re-use previously recorded assets or seek out pre-recorded sound libraries.

    The aim of this thread is to encourage everyone to speak up against the sloppy integration and mixing of sound for this game. Sound is not an afterthought. This thread is for those of you who truly care about getting your money's worth, the full package, not just narrowingly focusing on gameplay and graphics. Ubisoft need to admit and fix the tragic audio problems within this game. I have also been trying my best to explain the technicalities and complexities of the problem as more and more people speak up.

  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 53 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • CaptainStarPaw
    Original poster 53 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Raski0611
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    Rumors are ,because of covid, they recorded the audio at Home with iPhone and send them per WhatsApp to Trainee who Mixed everything and made the qualitycontrol by himself. He is now hired because He get the Job done in time.

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