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    I just started playing today on the PS5 and had to immediately turn the game off and try for a refund on the PS Store to no avail. The audio immediately gave me a headache and pulled me 100% out of enjoying the game. Valhalla will probably remain unplayed until they've fixed this. It sounds N64 era bad. I can't believe it shipped like this.

  • RomaVictor09
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    Please god someone tell me when this is going to be fixed. Ubisoft ... are you listening? You haven't even listed these audio problems on your official list of bugs.

  • Vishmaw
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    Valhalla has the worst audio I have heard in a video game in YEARS. Everything has a weird echo on it and sounds low quality.

    Using a Audio Technica R70x that is EQed along with the Geshell Audio Archel 2.5 and JNOG DAC and its just awful.

    Everything in this game sets off tinnitus and the mix is all over the place.

    This needs to be addressed as it completely kills the game for me. I bought it from Ubistore so I cant get a refund, feels like I got ripped off. I cannot play it more than a hour or so before I have to take a break as my ears cant take it. Really disappointing to not see any clear acknowledgement nor any pledge to resolve it.

  • cdytoby
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    My Devices:
    DAC: Toppping D50s
    Amp: JDS Labs Atom
    Headphone: AKG K712 Pro
    OS: Windows 10
    Additional: I have both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Softwares purchased on windows

    I know video games always have less audio quality than music and movie industries, but this kind of Audio Quality is not acceptable in AAA game standard. I rather sacrifice additional 30GB Harddrive space for audio assets with higher quality in order to get better experience.

  • Currywurst120
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    So after I created a support ticket why the problem has not yet been officially recognized I got the following message. For the question why there was no feedback in the thread here, I did not get an answer...

    "Hello Currywurst120,
    Thank you for your feedback. Please excuse the waiting time.
    We have already forwarded the problems from your request to the developers for further investigation. Unfortunately, we cannot say exactly when this problem will appear on the "ISSUES CURRENTLY UNDER INVESTIGATION" page.
    Please rest assured that we will of course work on a solution to your problem.
    If you have any further questions on this or any other topic, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.
    With best regards
    Ubisoft support"

    [REMOVED 01/07/2021 by @Ubi-Woofer]

  • Psy_ko_007
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    I subscribed to Ubisoft+ for a month to play this game, after about 5 minutes I could not bear to the listen the poor sample rate of the audio, the immersion was completely ruined.

    Fortunately for me I tested out Fenyx and quite liked it so my subscription did not go to waste.

    I will not be buying this game until the audio has been fixed, I keep checking here periodically just in case, eagerly waiting to part with my cash.

    It appears that they have enough people's cash to say tough we are not going to fix this issue and I cannot find the issue mentioned in one review (shame on them).

    I have spent a lot of money on my audio equipment and it really does expose the ridiculously bad audio quality of this game.

    I will check back in a months time to see if there is any good news but with how silent Ubi are being about the issue I doubt there will be any progress.

  • xrayspex_73
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    I can scarcely believe that they have completely ignored the audio quality concerns...

  • Raenith
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    Safe to say this is never going to be fixed, Ubisoft? Kicked under the fridge like a dropped ice-cube?

  • CarvalhoPT
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    @raenith They already did their money on the game, so why would they bother? If they released it like this, is because they intended to... Only thing to do is to stay away from Ubi in the future, unless u wanna get ripped off again.
    Only thing i don't understand is how in the hell no reviewer commented on this on their review... Either they are deaf or played with the sound off....

  • Klamhest
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    Yeah, i don't think Ubisoft cares. I have waited months now. so I'm gonna do my best to finish the story. safe to say I'm never preordering another assassin's creed game.

  • Raenith
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    @carvalhopt Yeah, it's such a shame. I feel bad for all the people that put all the effort into recording the sound, music and voices... just to have Ubisoft say dilligaf -_-

  • tomjfm
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    My feelings exactly:

  • AstroCat
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    Any updates? I tried playing again yesterday after waiting months, and the audio is still unbearably awful. I can only move around for like 30seconds before I just can't stand how bad it sounds. It's beyond immersion breaking and totally distracting.

  • Raenith
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    @astrocat Sorry to say; even after 448 Replies and 15,889 views, there is still no update from Ubisoft.

  • HieromAlex
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    I mean... are they deaf ?!
    the echo can be heard on the VOD of their last stream they made a few hours ago
    so the problem is not us, it's not our hardware, it's not our sound devices or whatever

  • Dworkin_CZ
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    With the first larger DLC Ubisoft can include HD sound pack, effectively fixing the issue. They can even brand it as a bonus for hi-fi enthusiasts, I don't care. I think the problem might be that if they admitted they had crippled the game to shrink installation size, they'd have to pay for the larger install space retrospectively. If they include HD sound in a DLC and brand it as an addition, not a fix, they will probably get away with it. Not a nice thing to do to your business partners, mind you, but as I consumer I care for _my_ needs and I let the big boys to sort it out between them.

    I also want to friendly remind Ubisoft that there's no way this doesn't get fixed eventually. No. Freaking. Way. If someone at Ubi thinks we will eventually give up and it will somehow go away... well... we started in November and we're still here, demanding a game that isn't broken. Go figure.

  • Shuar
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    @dworkin_cz U do realise that AC Unity has the same issue, and was not fixed right?

  • HieromAlex
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    what do you mean ? I don't remember AC Unity had sound issues

  • carpetmonster88
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    Title update 1.2.0
    no one in Ubi cares about users.

  • AstroCat
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    New big patch, audio still sucks. Can't they do anything?

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