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    Ubisoft Support Staff 1334 posts

    @SHADOW2KK - Hey there, thanks for your reply. 🙂 As I said previously, I have seen that parts of the information we requested had already been provided, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could fill out the template in full and provide as much of the information as you can, in as much detail as you can. Especially as you have mentioned that this is an issue that you are noticing across multiple Ubisoft titles, I'd also like to look at the system files previously mentioned in order to fully understand the set-up you are using and identify any possible extended troubleshooting that we could try in case we can alleviate your issues even a little. If you are finding that you cannot open a support case, or are otherwise struggling to submit the files to us, please let me know and I'll open a case on your account for you to try and make the process a little smoother. Thank you!

    @CaptainStarPaw - I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by the chat system being disabled. It has been temporarily disabled while the development team review its functionality, and we're waiting to hear more from them about if/when it will be re-enabled. I'll try to keep you and everyone else updated as best I can. 🙂

    @x_Raziel_x - Welcome to Discussions! I am sorry to hear that you are also encountering poor quality audio when playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Can you please fill in the template I've previously provided above so that I can forward your report? It would also be helpful if you could clarify if this issue has been continuous since you started playing, or if it only started happening after a certain point. Thank you!

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  • br0chael
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    So I'll add my 2 cents:

    First of all, Thank you for the amazing game Valhalla is, however, I (and the community) would really appreciate if you could fix the sound issues, especially the unbalanced sound.
    !!! If it is possible, please provide us with at least the option to set % on voice volume (like there was in previous games, incl. Odyssey). It would help alleviate the pain before permanent solution is found. !!!


    - What platform(s) do you play Assassin's Creed Valhalla on?

    -  Can you please describe the nature of the audio issues you are facing and their severity (e.g. compression, low bitrate, poor quality).
    The audio is very varied in quality and especially unequal volume/loudness. Even with 100 % volume, the music is barely noticeable compared to voice sounds - very noticeable during sailing (can barely hear the singer). Mainly voice - dialog and fighting sounds/grunts, etc. Even at 100/100/100 with dialogue enhancements off, the voice is too loud compared to other sounds. Getting noticeable echoes too.

    -  Did you start to play Valhalla before the initial game updates were released in November 2020?
    No, I started Sep 2021.

    -  Can you recall during which quests / cutscenes you first noticed these audio issues?
    Present all the time in the game (from start to around 40+ hrs clocked now).

    -   What is your audio set-up? Are you using a headset (wired or wireless?), a speaker system, a surround sound system, etc.? Please list the exact devices and their model numbers / names if possible. What type of audio output is in use? (i.e. 7.1, 5.1, Surround, Stereo?)

    I troubleshooted the sound a lot and have tried several set-ups: 1) default laptop soundsystem, 2) wired headset, 3) Logitech 5.1 speaker system = same issues across all.

    -    (PC) Provide your system specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.) and your MSINFO and DXDIAG files in a support case
    CPU   Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz  2.80 GHz
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    RAM   8.00 GB
    Microsoft Windows 10 Home v. 21H1 build 19043.1237, 64bit, CPU x64
    Realtek Audio 22/01/2019 (should be the latest)
    Otherwise, PC is fully updated incl. OS, firmware, all (game-relevant and other) drivers. I work in cybersecurity, so I do care about my system. 🙂
    Providing diagnostic info to a game company is off limits to me, sorry. 😉

    - Provide details of any troubleshooting steps already attempted, including the make / model numbers of any alternative audio devices tested

    Troubleshooting done:
    - re-verified updates of all system components and drivers (UEFI, OS, audio card, video card, etc.) and verified game files BEFORE all steps below:

    1) several different settings - both ingame and sound EQ (see below) - not helping, so it is not a feature, but a bug 🙂
    2) tried using several alternative sound devices (default laptop audio, headset, Logitech 5.1 sound system) - Applicable all across, so we can cross an issue with individual periphery.
    3) Compared audio to other AC games (Ezio trilogy, Odyssey), Rainbow Six Siege (which is very sound dependent btw) and several non-Ubisoft games = all working very well. We can say that the issue is thus clearly with Valhalla (also supports that otherwise my system is working fine, see point 2)).

     - in-game audio settings
    Voice language - English
    Total volume - 100 %
    Music volume - 100 %
    Other sounds - 30 %, otherwise too loud.
    Dialogue enhancement - OFF (ON is ear-crashing)
    Dynamic audio - Night (unplayable at Full, a tad better at Night so I switched to that)
    Collision sound - OFF

    Video - as per this and other discussions, I am really not alone in this regard, so it is clearly not related to my individual PC, but rather to the game. So no, don't ask me for this 🙂

    Many thanks, I (can relate and thus) really appreciate how it is hard to create bug-free software! 🙂

    EDIT: case number 15401827

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6078 posts

    Hello there @br0chael! Welcome to the forums 🙂

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us, and for including a full report of the audio issues you've been encountering. I've passed all the information you've provided for us to the development team for use in the ongoing investigation. I've also checked out your support ticket, and I can see that you haven't yet uploading a copy of your system files. Would you be able to upload a copy of your MSinfo and DxDiag files for us to include in your report to the development team?

    Once you've attached these files to your support ticket, please let us know within this thread so we can ensure they're passed along to the development team for a closer look.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
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    My apologies for my posts, my frustration mastered me.

    And kudos to you in not responding to it but in respect.

    To answer you fully, here goes.

    • What platform(s) do you play Assassin's Creed Valhalla on?
    • = PC

    • Can you please describe the nature of the audio issues you are facing and their severity (e.g. compression, low bitrate, poor quality).
    • = All, muffled raid music in particular, rest of the audio is relatively fine, although music cuts out here and there, and ship music while roaming seems to be whenever it feels like it.

    • Did you start to play Valhalla before the initial game updates were released in November 2020?
    • = Since release, audio was mostly fine for me, more importantly the raid music:p

    • Can you recall during which quests / cutscenes you first noticed these audio issues?
    • = Not relevant.

    • What is your audio set-up? Are you using a headset (wired or wireless?), a speaker system, a surround sound system, etc.? Please list the exact devices and their model numbers / names if possible.
    • = Logitech G35 Surround Sound 7:1 Wired Gaming Headset
    • If using a headset, do you notice any difference if you are using it wired or wireless?
    • = Using Wired headset.
    • What type of audio output is in use? (i.e. 7.1, 5.1, Surround, Stereo?)
    • = 7.1

    • (PC) Provide your system specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.) and your MSINFO and DXDIAG files in a support case
    • I do have my MSINFO & DXDIAG files on standby but support seems to not work when trying to upload them
    • PC Specs are CPU Ryzen 5900 X, GPU RTX 3080 OC, RAM, Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro @3600 MhZ.

    • Provide details of any troubleshooting steps already attempted, including the make / model numbers of any alternative audio devices tested
    • = Numerous steps including reparing game install, reinstalling sound drivers, swapping sound to everything but the kitchen sink, only thing that seems to be of use is using Sonic Studio 3, wherein I can actually hear the raid music properly, althought still tinkering with it to not distort other parts of the sound track, which makes me think that the actual quality of the raid music is to be quite frank compressed, and of very poor quality.
    • Provide a screenshot of your in-game audio settings
    • = Uploading anything does not seem to work, but audio is at max for everything, tried lowering volume on FX and others to properly hear the music, nothing seems to really work.

    • Provide a video demonstrating the issue(s) you are experiencing (please upload this to an external site such as YouTube, and provide the link here in the thread)
    • = Not really necessary, as going by what I have read over just this thread plus numerous other related audio issues here and elsewhere, many people across all platforms are experiencing the same issues or indeed even worse, maybe play the game yourself and see? hehe.

    And @Ubi-Woofer, I am going on holiday very soon, but am definitely up for the case being opened on my account to try and alleviate this issue, will let you know when I return home from holidays.

  • Freeman_067
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    @Ubi-Borealis @Ubi-Woofer
    Any news from the dev team ? Does they need more informations ? Any ETA ?

    I provided a lot of informations, to help them reproduce and / or understand the problems.
    But it seems it was unuseful, since it was more than a month ago and nothing has changed.

    If they don't have enough informations, why didn't ask more ?
    You said that the dev team may come back to me for more informations. But it never happened, so they must have enough informations to resolve the problems.
    But if they have enough informations, why do we have zero news ? Why is it not marked as "Know Issue" and "Currently under investigation" (https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/76980/assassin-s-creed-valhalla-known-issues-updated-sep-7?lang=en-US) ?

    I buy the Ultimate Pack at the launch, and the audio was a mess, so i decided to came back to the game later.
    I totaly understand that a game have a lot a bugs at launch and in the few following month.
    Soon it will be one year after launch and so, one year that i paid for a game i can't play.
    You have to find a solution or provide us a workaround.
    Or a least give us news, workaround, ask for more informations...etc

    The feeling I have with the current informations and situation, is that this problem is not in active investigation, and the dev team don't care, and will continue to ask the same informations in loop until the end of the times.

  • Attanno_
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    Patch 1.3.2 is here and nothing about the audio ( https://www.ubisoft.com/fr-fr/game/assassins-creed/valhalla/news-updates/1xpuIUJm06avDf4hqBkBUG/assassins-creed-valhalla-mise-jour-du-jeu-132)

    This is a joke... and not a very good one.

    Your lack of consideration for your customers is appalling.

  • Ubi-Nacho
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1736 posts

    Hi there everyone.

    @Freeman_067 Thank you for providing the team with the information requested of you. As you have mentioned, we will be reporting back to this thread should the game team want additional information.

    At this point in time, the game team have asked for the information as outlined in Ubi-Woofer's information request here: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/post/594811
    If however you encounter any further sound issues, or have new information that you feel may be useful, we'd be more than happy to forward this to the team also. Please be assured that the ACV team are actively investigating, and continue to gather reports. Each and every report made is greatly appreciated!

    @Attanno_ Regrettably as you have pointed out, this particular issue has not seen a resolution in the most recent patch. We do want to urge any additional players having problems with distorted or compressed audio to reach out to us with their reports.

    Apologies for any frustration caused, by the 1.3.2 update not pushing through a fix for the audio. As soon as additional information becomes available, we'll be sure to update you all.

    Official Response
  • Freeman_067
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    Today, I tried to plug my headset in "jack to jack", and nothing has changed with default configuration.

    But with this configuration, i had the feeling that the problems (except echoes) are more noticeable.

    And with this configuration, i had the feeling that the problems (except echoes) are less noticeable

    I know nothing at audio, so i don't know what has changed, but it may be a clue ?
    I want to insist that this is just a feeling I had and I'm sure that the core problem (voice echo) wasn't fix with that workaround.

  • Freeman_067
    11 posts

    And here is some details about my motherboard and audio spec :
    https://rog.asus.com/fr/motherboards/rog-strix/rog-strix-z390-f-gaming-model/spec: (https://rog.asus.com/fr/motherboards/rog-strix/rog-strix-z390-f-gaming-model/spec)
    The "Supports up to..." and the "Due to limitations in HDA bandwith..." may be some clues too ?

  • Zoopels
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    So it's been almost a year since release. Is this problem ever going to be fixed or are the devs just going to keep promising and never delivering? Everyone I know who played this game complained about the low quality audio that sounds like it was recorded on a tin can in a cave.

  • Ubi-Nacho
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1736 posts

    @zoopels Hello there!

    I can confirm that this is still an ongoing issue, and the team is actively continuing their investigation on the audio within AC Valhalla.

    If you've not already done so, you're welcome to create a report for us to pass on the team to aid in their investigation. If any players experiencing this could let us know the answers to the questions outlined in the linked post, it would be much appreciated.

    If you have any further questions, please get in touch!

    Official Response
  • Attanno_
    35 posts

    @ubi-nacho Can you please at least admit that the issue won't be fixed ?! The hope of a fix is preventing me from moving on.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1334 posts

    The reported issues with audio quality are under active investigation, @attanno_ - we will communicate any news we receive from the development team as soon as we receive it. I hope to be able to share some updates soon, however for now we do not have any additional information to share. Thank you for your understanding in the meantime, as I fully appreciate that for you and many other players, experiencing the game with high-quality audio is a core part of the experience you want to have.

    @SHADOW2KK - Don't worry too much about your previous posts - I'm aware of how frustrating this issue is for many of you, and I'm happy to help in any way I can. Thank you for the detailed information you shared above, and please accept my apologies that your post was not responded to directly until now. I've forwarded the list of details provided to the development team; if you are able to provide images or videos at any point, they'd be greatly appreciated, as would your MSINFO and DXDIAG files. I'm more than happy to manually open a case on your account for you once you're back from your holiday, to make sure it doesn't close while you're away. I hope that you have a great time, and let me know when you're back!

    P.S. I have played all of Valhalla myself - I think my current playtime is in excess of 300 hours! I did not notice any glaring audio issues myself, but want to do my best to ensure everyone else has the same great experience I had in that regard, so more than happy to do my best to help everyone here in this thread.

    @Freeman_067 - Just to add to what @Ubi-Nacho replied to you above; the Known Issues list is curated and updated by the Community Team, and we have no direct influence over what appears on it I'm afraid. This thread is listed on our own reported issue megathread list to be highlighted to players who may be interested in it, however this is just a collective list for reference, and is not the same as the Known Issues list. Neither list is exhaustive, though, so please do not be concerned if an issue does not appear on either; it does not mean that that issue is not being investigated.

    To confirm in reference to the images you have provided above as well - have you been able to somewhat alleviate the issues you have been experiencing through adjusting your own personal audio-set up? Which issues remain, and what is their severity now?

    Official Response
  • Zoopels
    18 posts


    Let's be honest here (and no hate, because I know you're just the messenger): if it hasn't been fixed in the last year, me adding a report to an issue that we all know the cause of, isn't going to make a difference.

    The audio files were compressed/lowered in quality to save on disk space. We all know that this is the problem. Like I said, nobody I know who has played the game, has not complained about the poor quality of the audio. This isn't something the developers need to investigate or attempt to reproduce. They just need to fire up the game and they'll hear it for themselves. The only thing that the developers have to do at this point, is release an optional HD Audio pack with higher quality sound files. That's it. There's no investigation needed, because the issue is apparent and has been known since the game's release. The issue can't be fixed on the client's side. It's just unnecessary time-wasting to suggest that people try.

    All we need from Ubisoft at this point is an acknowledgement of whether you're going to fix this or not. And by the fact that Ubisoft is still "investigating" the issue a year later (when Ubisoft is probably already on the verge of dropping support for the game), I think most of us already know the answer to that question. We just need official confirmation that it is not financially worth it to Ubisoft to fix the problem, so that we can move on from this and decide whether to ever buy Ubisoft games again. Stringing us along like this is not doing us or Ubisoft any favors.

  • HieromAlex
    40 posts

    It seems there is no echo on the voice of the female narrator in the very beginning of the Discovery Tour

  • conan429
    34 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • sekzlol
    1 posts

    I too have the audio issues explained earlier in this thread almost a year ago. I have hifi equipment with external sound card and DAC - the audio in this game is absolutely dreadful and will most likely not be fixed.
    It has been a year and I've revisited this thread several times hoping there will be a solution so that I can actually buy the game instead of trying it once with Ubi+ only to uninstall promptly after. It's a shame developers think audio this bad is accepted in an AAA-title, but here we are.

    Vote with your wallets people.

  • ooblix_
    3 posts

    It's super fascinating this never got fixed. In a related note, Far Cry 6 doesn't really suffer from the same issue. So, at least one team at Ubi knows how to make a good sounding game. That at least gives me hope the next AC will sound better.

    But I think we can consider Valhalla's audio issue as permanent. Not to be overly negative but they have no reason to fix it after its been this long. 😥

  • Dworkin_CZ
    7 posts

    I already voted with my wallet. I didn't buy any of the Valhalla DLCs, I didn't buy Far Cry 6 and I until this issue is fixed I won't be buying any more Ubisoft games. I'm okay with this being an indefinite state.

  • R6Viper
    16 posts

    Its disapointing, a game like this, with the amazing combat a decent history and alot of good things have thoose problems, guys were speaking about audio, its one of the most important point of the multimedia world, were on 2021 what the hell is wrong with that audio, i just turn off the audioand pmay only with voices (thoose sounds terrible too)

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