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  • Adrian-11
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    I, for one, I would place a big bet that at least at the moment Hyenas are more aggressive and hit harder than the other factions... which is the opposite to my previous experience where the Hyenas were the easy ones to take on. Tables have turned.

    I don't complain about the NPCs changes, I actually like it.
    It's just the silence treatment that annoys me to no end, especially when they screw up, like with this Marauder thing. It's a principle thing.
    I don't care one bit about the Marauder, but there are people that can't finish a mission when they get to that final battle. That must be very frustrating and disappointing. Imagine doing the Legendary just to get kicked out at the very end.

    Curious that you didn't get the error, perhaps the change / bug is localized to some servers, and not to others?

  • N3mB0t
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    one very simple way to verify that dificulty was indeed ramped up is the uzi side walking guys that everyone complained about as being completly unbalanced damage wise compared to the rest of the enemies , months ago they were balanced and eveything was ok , now try to stand in front of one of those and see how he has again that legendary type of damage that melts you at any distance.

  • the_Kettle
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    on that note , not everyone is having that stress , i can assure you i killed quite a few aerial drones in the LZ and missions , namely the pentagon at least 3 or 4 times, since friday and never had one single delta , lag or anything related, i must be a lucky one.

    not doubting many people are suffering with this , the reports are more than enough to realize this is a very widespread issue.

    You're actually the first person I've heard report NOT having the issue (although I guess players won't find the threads about it if they're not looking because they had the same problem). On a rerun of Pentagon yesterday on Challenging I did manage to go several minutes before the first delta, if I'd had a pure damage build or been on a lower difficulty I probably would have managed to kill it outright in the time. Then a second delta a few seconds after logging back in, before I could even climb back into that final area. It really seems quite random.
    Anyhow, server maintenance tomorrow so hopefully that will fix it. I do feel sorry for those that didn't attempt the weekly legendary until yesterday though, that's a lot of time and effort to put into a mission then have it crash at the end.

  • Adrian-11
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    The Uzi guys are exactly what I'm talking about. Engineers with turrets too.

    Did they buff up the Hyenas because the seasonal activities and objectives are focused on this faction? I would...

  • Sircowdog1
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    @aspoiu Marauder bug? What?
    I take it you didn't attempt the daily project yesterday (or the weekly project or weekly legendary either yesterday or today).
    Take a look in the support forum, there's a whole bunch of threads about it.

    I tend to not pay any attention to daily or weekly projects except for the ones that give exotics. They seem kind of pointless to me. But no, I didn't get around to the legendary run for the week.

    Anyway, I don't know why I was brain farting. For some reason Marauder wasn't equating to "big drone" that I call those things.

    But to get back on topic: I don't believe that NPCs have been buffed or changed somehow. They seem the same as always to me.

  • RaciaIAdhesive-
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    Put together a better build.

  • KraziAgent
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    what i think happens is the Hit box gets glitched or doesn't register the "HITS" from your weapons so to speak, so its server issues not responding correctly... but there is definitely something going we are not be told about..

    i think its odd that @ level 30 World tiers 1-5 we have more ARMOR BARS @ especially Level 30 than we do @ Level 40, IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SINCE UBISOFT??? TAKE OUT THE WORLD TIERS, AND PRING THE MAX LEVEL 40 back down to the WORLD tiers Levels 1 (being leve l31) & 5 being level 40??? .. and remove World tiers, I hate this system... and i hate we can't select the tier we want to play in like in Division 1 😞

    WHY. ??

    since WONY the level 30 world tiers 1-5 feel pointless???
    what is the point?
    remove it please!! it just takes us longer to get to level 40 going through a pointless LEVEING system that is heavily "OUTDATED NOW",
    UR REVAMPING THE SPECIALIZAION TREES, And adding the new gear proficiency, fix the level 30 - 40 armor bar discrepancy???? remove World teirs....... since WONY ther is no point now!

  • Noxious81
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    (...) since WONY the level 30 world tiers 1-5 feel pointless???
    what is the point?

    Well, the World Tiers are the endgame of the base game. In case you do not own the expansion, this is where the endgame still takes place. Additionally, the World Tiers unlocked new story content upon the first playthrough, thus they are a part of the game's narrative.

    (...) it just takes us longer to get to level 40 going through a pointless LEVEING system that is heavily "OUTDATED NOW",

    In case you want to play the expansion, you can directly start with a fresh level 30 agent at World Tier 1. You don't need Gear Score 515 in order to start WoNY. Especially as you will be receiving level 31 gear pretty quickly, making your level 30 gear obsolete pretty fast (no matter whether it was WT1 or WT5 gear).

    (...) fix the level 30 - 40 armor bar discrepancy????

    The armor bars shown in the HUD are just for quicker visualization of how much of your armor has been depleted. Take a look at the stats and you will see that agents at level 40 with level 40 gear will have much more armor than a level 30 agent with level 30.

    remove World teirs....... since WONY ther is no point now!

    They do make sense for people that only own the base game, as previously explained. In case you do own WoNY you don't need to worry about the World Tiers anymore, especially as you may choose a global difficulty for your whole map. Which by the way is basically what World Tiers back in TD1 were all about. So we still have that functionality at level 40 endgame, it's just a different system.

  • WrecK3rr
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    @adrian-11 Wait until you have a close up encounter with the toy car hyena chick. Her SMG has an RPM of 3000 at least. 😁

  • Safari_87
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    AI definitely got buffed this week.

  • Adrian-11
    896 posts


    Oh, I know 😨

    They actually made me look very close at their weapons for that reason. The worst have some sort of tactical Vector .45 which has the precision and range of a MMR.
    The usual for them is run away for half block and shred you from there.
    But, with the new update, that seems be toned down a bit (or maybe is just in my head).
    Being sniped with a grenade launcher is still there tho... if you let them get in position, those gals will land three or more nades right in your lap in quick succession.
    Some times, Hyenas feel like they are worse than BT.

    The most annoying part to me is that range drop off does not exist for any NPCs.

    Btw, made the video below in early July. I was around SHD 800, watch still not maxed out, and no godrolled gear. Heroic with 4 directives. While far from "mastery" and some clunky moments, it wasn't a problem.
    Now, with a full watch, everything maxed out and no directives... and feels harder.

  • WrecK3rr
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    Have a look at this website: https://thedivision.fandom.com/wiki/Hyenas: (https://thedivision.fandom.com/wiki/Hyenas)
    It has incredible details on these factions. Their weapon types and all.

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