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  • dagrommit
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    Just a quick look at the various TD2 spreadsheets and diagramming on a napkin..... I am sure I have over simplified, but the gist of it is that there are about 48 bytes of actual storage needed to store each item in your inventory. Lets assume that I have covered just half of it, and double that, and round up.

    You would need to add fields for level, recalibration and optimization status. However, the original point wasn't how much space inventory currently requires, but that they would need to provision sufficient storage to support an "unlimited" item count - even if most players wouldn't try to test that claim. Point being, having a limit allows them to better model how much storage to plan for.

    Anyhow, Yannick once stated that "latency" was the reason they couldn't expand any further. I took this to mean that the responsiveness of the UI would be negatively impacted. That could be because of the inventory query itself, or the negative impact it had on other game systems. Nobody outside of massive knows for sure.

  • Sircowdog1
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    @metal_greg Such as?

    Show me a non-Pestilence build using an LMG that can perform as well as an AR.

  • Merphee
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    Remove all limits on inventory, or at least the limits on the stash. This way, if I feel like dealing with inventory, I can. If I don't feel like dealing with inventory, I can put it off. This is the only way I can stand to play Bethesda games, by modding out inventory management. Does not seem to be an option in Division 2.

    Do you mean quantity?

    Because that will be worse. Having to sift through upwards of 1000 items doesn't sound very fun.

    Simplify inventory. Get rid of half the armor, most of these armor sets are not really viable for high-end play so what is the point. All those guns with the same specs should just be the same guns.

    By which you create a meta based on quantity, affecting build diversity.

    Do statistical analysis of the inventory items in the game. Anything that is useless, ditch it. Armor that nobody uses, ditch it. Streamline.

    By which you create a meta based on quantity, affecting build diversity.

    I am aware that pacing player progress through game content is necessary. I would rather grind than sort doodads, so take that into account.

    Sorting your inventory in a loot based game is a natural result of grinding in said loot based game.

  • N3mB0t
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    @metal_greg Such as?

    Show me a non-Pestilence build using an LMG that can perform as well as an AR.

  • RichardOshea
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    @n3mb0t All hail Weaopon Handling 👍

    I really like to run the full ND set with my LMG build in groups as it wrecks. I like to run my Pesty/TP/Healer solo because it keeps me up, debuffs and still kills reasonably quickly and I like to run my Carnage OD solo or group because it's effective too. I think LMG builds are as good as any other really.

  • Sircowdog1
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    @n3mb0t It's certainly an interesting build. But the damage output is kind of not that great. 3 striker + memento is literally the beginner/starter build I recommend to people to use while farming for better builds.

    But by all means, use whatever you find entertaining. I'm not some kind of build-police to tell you what to do. But for me LMGs besides pestilence still go in the trash.

  • N3mB0t
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    @sircowdog1 damage output is low compared to a really red build , but the gun goes BRRRRRRRRRRRR like you saw so it ends up being almost the same DPS , 100 bullets in 5 seconds with laser accuracy is something very fun to use.

    just posted it because you said they aren´t viable but for me they are , i also use the pesti on this build when i feel like it but its so much better to have that perfect frenzy proc.

  • Sircowdog1
    77 posts

    @n3mb0t I didn't say they weren't viable. I said non-Pestilence didn't perform as well as an AR build. There's a world of difference between those two concepts.

  • N3mB0t
    899 posts

    @richardoshea AMEN at the WH.

    i also use a stoner in my ND set , its like a poor man bullet king that does decent damage , its great for making groups of rushers rethink their life.

  • N3mB0t
    899 posts

    @sircowdog1 ok ok , fair game , still i dont share your view on it though , lmg builds can perform as good as AR´s in the long run, IMO of course.

  • Virtual-Chris
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    I’ve just got back into TD2 after a bit of a break and now playing occasional coop with a couple of close friends that I got into the game. After the first couple sessions, they noted that the game is a blast but the inventory management is too time consuming. I can’t disagree. It’s necessary with a game like this, but there are things that could be done to streamline or automate it.

    I think they could allow you to build simple rules to tag gear (similar to how you can build rules in your fav email program to filter incoming Mail)…

    If __________ is __________ then ________

    For example…

    If quality is purple then tag to sell
    If brand is Providence tag as fav
    If loot is repeat then tag to deconstruct
    If type is rifle then tag to deconstruct
    If item is none of the above then tag to review

    Thet could make this as flexible and powerful as they want with multiple conditions like…

    If item is duplicate and all stats are better then equip.

    This would automatically sort most loot into buckets which you could then review later (to make sure it didn’t mis-categorize anything) and once you trust it’s working as intended you can one-click deal with it all… sell, deconstruct, stash, keep in inventory, etc.

  • Sgt-Clubba
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    @cazbot If your main character has reached 1000 SHD or more then why not start another character, get it to level 40 with SHD watch from Keener do all the neccessary back at Haven then visit blueprint vendor and buy the share blueprints (SHD level, stash etc).
    You can share the 300 item stash with up to 4 characters but the bonus is each character has it's own 150 slot inventory. Although you have to log out to change character you could assign each character to certain specializations / builds.
    The reason for getting the new characters to SHD level is simple, any SHD earned is mirrored on each character thus giving you 4x more SHD to use at optimization.

  • BT3241
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    I find it very easy 99% of the loot picked up is garbage takes about 30 seconds to go through it and pick out the one or 2 good items that might be there. Actually its 100% garbage most of the time with the odd mission paying off with a item. I don't see what the BFD is.

  • CazBot
    Original poster 21 posts

    Sorry it took me to respond, I only found your post during Settlers Beta.

    I didn't spin up visual studio for our discussion, I never turn it off. It doesn't make sense to bother closing it, I use it all the time. As for being useless, Visual Studio is my favorite development environment. Most of my commercial work is MS related. Or Ruby, which I just do in MS Word (with an add-in).

    As to the LOL about your reference material being about the MS Server OS and not T-SQL, I already explained that T-SQL is resident in MS Server and that the code shown was clearly T-SQL stored procedures. Just look at the code, you can see that the syntax is T-SQL.

    Anyway, let's let this thread die. I have demonstrated that inventory limitations are arbitrary, used to slow down progression in the game. Data is incredibly cheap, and all the player inventory in the world would not add up to a pimple on T-SQL's butt.

  • AngriusMaximus
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    Just wish they would expand our storage capacities further.

    I tend to be a hoarder but even minimizing this tendency by only keeping Guns / Gear with god-rolls, it STILL leaves me with a full shared storage crate and less than 5 slots free in all 4 of my characters after taking into account the gear I actively use in my builds.

    And it's probably gonna get WORSE if they introduce new guns / gear / brands with the next update...

    If the shared storage is an issue, why not just increase the personal character inventory?

    Unless we are expected to get rid of our hard-farmed god-roll items that is? (although given how Ubi treats us, not just in Div2 but their other games, I wouldn't be surprised...)

  • Noxious81
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    (...) If the shared storage is an issue, why not just increase the personal character inventory? (...)

    The bigger issue is that the game still has to run on older hardware (not up-to-date PCs or last-gen consoles), which would not be able to process larger inventory sizes without creating considerable longer loading times, maybe even lags while browsing the inventory, and thus heavily reducing QoL.

  • AngriusMaximus
    41 posts


    I can see the limitations in that, but I was actually wondering why not increase the personal CHARACTER inventory rather than the shared storage box inventory.

    The shared inventory can currently store 300 items, so I was wondering if it would be impossible to increase character inventory to maybe 200?

  • trikibasey2
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    This post is deleted!
  • desrocchi
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    The shared inventory can currently store 300 items, so I was wondering if it would be impossible to increase character inventory to maybe 200?

    If you read the previous messages you'd know that the inventory is way more difficult to increase because of consoles' memory limitations.

    The easiest thing to do IMHO is to remove all skill/gear mods from the inventory and make them become just a selection, like the weapon mods are.
    To keep the "chase" for the perfect mods alive, we could just add a tab to the optimization station where we register the best mod we've dropped and then stop having them uselessly fill up inventory.

  • dagrommit
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    Laughing at the person who bumped the thread after seven months saying it should die 🤦

    The shared inventory can currently store 300 items, so I was wondering if it would be impossible to increase character inventory to maybe 200?

    All of your items, whether in inventory or stash, are stored on Ubi's servers. It's why someone can log out of their PS4 and login to a PS5 and still have the same gear. And as noted earlier, it's not just about storage space. It's about striking a balance across multiple sub-systems to ensure a consistent experience on all platforms, including the base versions of previous-gen consoles (which use 2013-era hardware).

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